Marcio Alaor Explains Why Australia is on top

Among developed countries, Australia stands alone and tall in its economic data. The country has not experienced any recession the last 25 years and is expected to grow by 2.5% this year.Marcio Alaor, the BMG banker, explains why. The Austatilan economy has maintained its growth thanks to its commodities export economy. It exports goods from minerals to sheep and beef meat.


Despite the 2008 crisis, Marcio reveals that Australia has managed to leverage its interest rates and controlled inflation to create a robust economic system that can survive downturns. According to Marcio; Australia has remained relevant thanks to its ability to leverage itself. According to many economists, the trick Australia uses is betting on a fiscal stimulus whereby small businesses are excluded from tax collection during troubled times and investments are made in the construction sector that is crucial in the creation of jobs and economic development.


The commodities market is a complex environment, and a country must be innovative or face demise. Today, Australia is one of the richest countries on earth thanks to its economic system. It has a highly developed GDP that has seen it became a significant exporter globally.


Marcio Alaor reveals that Brazil could learn a thing or two from Austalia.Brazil has more resources than Australia and more population yet a less developed economy.Marcio believes with good governance; Brazil can reach these levels.Marcio Bemoans the current corruption in the country saying it makes Brazil look weak internationally.


As an example of how robust the Australian economy is, Brazil has experienced annual growth rates averaging 2% since the crisis begun. It is favourable growth rate given countries like Brazil are currently expected to shrink considerably this year.


Marcio further states Austalia has some of the highest life expectancies and ranks high on Human Development Index too.It has used an extremely effective route to success and has grown through that method.


Marcio Alaor works for Banco BMG and is its vice president.Marcio is an award-winning banker who has grown over the years to became the best at what he does.Marcio has recently honoured his hometown, Santo Antonio Do Monte, by helping build a food court.Marcio has also had a plaque engraved his name in the town square.


Banco BMG has grown from a small bank to become one of the largest in the country thanks to the talent of people like Marcio.It has 3000 branches and over 50000 employees from all over the world.


Marcio Alaor is an example of a strong and determined leader. He has achieved a high level of success in a very competitive field, and we wish him all the best.

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Marcio Alaor Honored in his Hometown


During an exhibition held in Santo Antonio do Monte, Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG was honored because of his great role of supporting the city and especially the rural sector. Mr. Alaor has been working closely with his homeland, more so supporting various a number of initiatives that can help improve the lives of residents. During the tribute, the city’s local administrators were present and ensured they have appreciated Marcio Alaor for the great support he has provided to them. He is considered as among the biggest executives in Brazil, and how he attached to his roots.

  1. Alaor, being the executive vice president one of the largest banks in Brazil, BMG, has opened many doors and shown the potential Santo Antonio do Monte can achieve. Through his initiative, the county was the largest producer of milk in the entire region, though it doesn’t have sufficient land for agriculture. His commitment and courage ensured that residents of this area have collaborated so that they can manage to overcome numerous challenges, and make the city achieve its potential. Marcio Alaor was given a plaque representing his relationship with every person in the city.
  2. Alaor was applauded by the head of Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian for his support to the city, and especially his role of encouraging farmers in the rural sectors. The mayor of the town said the establishment of a food court in the area, was an incentive for many residents who want to achieve their goals. Marcio Alaor said he was grateful to be recognized for what he has done to the society, especially his hometown. He encouraged investors, executives and businessmen whose roots are Santo Antonio do Monte, to have a close relationship with the city and feel proud of their homeland.

Marcio Alaor’s take on the world economy

  1. Alaor noted that the Organization for Economic Corporation & Development projected that the global economy would grow by small margin in 2016. He reported that the projection estimated by the organization will be 2.9 percent. The economy is experiencing a slowdown because of China and other emerging economies like Brazil.

Marcio Alaor thinks technology would influence largely the improvement of global economy. In addition, agriculture has shown a slight recovery after new markets were opened. In Brazil, export for beef products hit a record during the month of October. Throughout 2015, this was highest growth in this sector. Info was published on R7

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Make Your Next London Getaway

Choosing a place to stay in London is easy with the endless options of accommodations. There are places that range from the simply hotel environments to hostels and inns. While these options are the most popular, there are also new options like apartment sharing and apartment vacation rental.

Hotels are a great and easy way to stay in London. They have the bare minimum and offer you a place to sleep. You can choose to stay at a hotel for one night or many nights. Some places have restaurants in them that are not included in the price. While they have housekeeping which is a major draw, they do not have many amenities that make you feel like you are truly at home.

Inns provide more of a home feeling. Most inns are created inside of old homes and have several different guest rooms in them. These guest rooms are made to feel less like a hotel and more like you are staying at a friend’s house abroad. These are a great option for people who want meals included because most include the major meals of the day. Inns do not always have private bathrooms for the guest rooms and you may need to share a bathroom with other people depending on the room you have chosen.

Vacation apartment rental is a great option for people who truly want a home away from home experience. You get to essentially stay in a home that is fully equipped with all of the amenities instead of having to stay in a generic hospital or an inn that affords little privacy.

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Experts Speak Out At The New York City Real Estate Expo

As the year ends, people and companies start to reflect on what was accomplished in the old year and what is expected to happen in the coming year. The same is very much true for those who are working in the field of real estate. Real estate can see changes from one year to the next as changes in economic policy happen and people and companies decide where they would like to live or locate the company.

This is very much true for those who live in NYC Apartments for rent, according to a few Town Residential and wish to consider becoming part of the commercial real estate market here. Many experts are not sure where the market for commercial and residential real estate will be headed in the future. Officials at the New Real Estate Expo were very happy to respond to questions and concerns that people asked them during a recent panel devoted to the subject here. Many were happy to speculate whether there would continue to be robust conditions in the future in the area that would continue happen in the coming year ahead and what factors may happen that might influence markets in New York City and possibly push them off course.

Those at TOWN Real Estate understand that those who move to New York City are looking for the chance to have a space that is right for their needs. Like their fellow New York City real experts, they understand the factors that can change the market from year to year and even during a shorter time frame.

They also know that skilled advice is important in order for people to be able to find the right kind of real estate for their needs here in New York. Those who choose to work with TOWN Real Estate will find that doing so provides them with access to a highly skilled team of agents who know this market and know it well. They will also find easy for them to locate the right kind of real estate that is just right for their needs and allows them to discover all that the city has to offer.

This kind of planning and insight is vitally important as people look for help in navigating the markets here in New York City and continue to consider the kind of real estate investment that might be right for their specific needs and plans.

New York Real Estate Growth

The Luxury Daily originally gave this account on October 30, 2015:

The real estate in NYC apartments for sale steady growing. In Manhattan, the growth has risen to 9.5 percent within a seven year period. The primary element that makes the Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate market become luxury is the high prices. Because of popularity of these areas, New York will further see growth.

Manhattan and Brooklyn has seen higher rent rates. Manhattan had an increase of 10.7 percent from last year. Brooklyn had a slower increase of 1.5 percent. The prices of houses also has risen in both cities. Manhattan had rose to 6.3 percent from last year. Brooklyn had rode to 9 percent. Even though New York real estate prices fell 4.5 percent, the real estate has potential to grow.

Town Residential is a real estate company. The firm deals with real estate that is considered luxury. Town Residential was established in 2010. Andrew Heiberger had developed the firm with Joseph Sitt. Their expertise is leasing and marketing of luxury real estate properties. They have two divisions within their company. Town New Development, and Town Marketing and Leasing. The Town New Development is full service of luxury development. Those services are the pre-building planning, market research, and sales. The Town Marketing and Leasing team accommodates services that involve expansive market research, and successful leasing deals.

Town Residential has considered one of New York’s Best Firm to Work for, and one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work at. They have nine offices that are located all around New York.

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