Inside the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Ryan Seacrest and run by the Seacrest family: Ryan, his parents Gary and Connie, and his sister Meredith. Their mission is to inspire youth with education-focused initiatives through entertainment and media. Ryan was inspired to create this foundation by the many hospitals that he visited throughout his own career, and being humbled by the bravery and dedication of the child patients and the people who care for them.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation first initiative is to build and spread the reach of Seacrest Studios, which are broadcast media centers within pediatric hospitals that allow patients to interact with and experience what it is like to be involved in radio, television, and new media. The first Seacrest Studios opened in 2010 at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia and has now spread to ten different hospitals across the United States of America. The children and families at these medical centers are both entertained and uplifted by their adventures in these studios. This encourages the creation of a more optimistic environment in the hospital, and aids in the healing processes of the children. Students from local journalism schools are also invited to get involved by getting hands-on experience in broadcasting, programming and operating a multimedia center.

Seacrest Studios produces and broadcasts a multitude of programming, including interviews and live performances by celebrities and artists, live music and radio shows hosted by a combination of interns and patients, classes on how to use green screen and create music videos, education presentations about a variety of subjects like science or history, and talk shows about sports, entertainment, and from doctors interacting with their hospital community. Patients, their families, and interns are all urged to participate in these programs and have fun while they learn.

In a post from, it says that Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are the celebrity ambassadors to first sponsor the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and they were followed by a flood of others. Some of the celebrity sponsorships include Taylor Swift, Aziz Ansari, Britney Spears, Chris Pratt, and many more. Coca-cola and E! Entertainment are the founding corporate sponsors, and many companies like WWE and iHeart Media have also supported and sponsored the foundation. People can help the Ryan Seacrest foundation by donating through their website, interning or volunteering at one of the studios, or spreading the positive message of their work.

Here’s an article from The New York Times featuring Ryan Seacrest.

Sightsavers Is Providing Sight To Third World Counties

In 2017 many private and public investors developed The Cameroon Cataract Development Impact Loan to provide funding to restore rural sub-Saharan African and Asian citizens with cataract surgery to restore their eyesight. The organization Sightsavers led this campaign through the use of social impact bonds.

The loan bonds have been used in the United States and the United Kingdom. The loans are designed to help create a new eye hospital through renowned eye institutes like the African Eye Foundation. The hospital will provide cataract surgeries and train eye health professionals.


The loan was set-up to be paid back in around five years or less with all investors being paid with a nice return based on how well the new hospital would meet its targeted surgical outcome. Under the Aid Match program, the UK government would match money donated for specific causes like Sightsavers Million Miracles cataract operations.

Prime Minister May stated that they were able to reach the target in just three years with successful sight saving and restoring cataract operations performed. The Sightsavers campaign was the first non-governmental organization selected for this campaign.

It was Sightsavers goal to provide a million cataract operations in Africa and Asia and this feat was accomplished with many sight-restoring miracle stories from individuals and their families. At a recent reception with Prime Minister Theresa May as the guest speaker, the Sightsaver organization was singled out as an honoree for their cataract surgical work in Africa and Asia.

The Sightsavers CEO, Dr. Carolina Harper and other international organizations under the banner of the Department for International Development’s Aid Match program were acknowledged. The Prime Minister spoke about the work and funding that Aid Match has accomplished for initiatives in 20 countries including the many successful cataract surgery procedures in Africa.

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, praised the impact of the Sightsavers’ Million Miracles campaign which enabled the investors and health organizations to reach their three-year target sooner than expected and to give people a new vision on life. Dr Harper from Sightsavers stated that the main cause of blindness around the world are cataracts which can be cured with an operation. Aid Match enabled the organization to help millions of individuals from the continents of Africa and Asia.

Dr. Harper said that even though Sightsavers is joyous about hitting the surgical target, there is still many millions more who need this life changing operation and so there is still more work to do.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff-An Intriguing Read

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff isn’t your average read. If you like twists and unpredictable events, this book is a good choice. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a fictitious book, but many think that it parallels life somewhat. That’s simply a matter of opinion, and the reader will get out of the book what the reader will get from the book.

There is no right or wrong way to read it but depending on your perception of it, you may feel that it is a lot like life or that it is simply a great beach read. It is a book that you will want to take your time with as it is a book that does contain many unfamiliar words and which some may find to be a more advanced read. It also references the president which is a rather bold move. The book is a serious read yet it has its moments of humor and hope.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff will have you reflecting on many things, and the main character of the book has many layers. The book was originally an audiobook that was released under the name of Pappy Pariah back in 2016. Penn’s been wanting to write such a book for a long time and he’s finally had the time to do it.


Sean Penn is more well-known for his career as an actor but he’s done many things with his life, and he can add author to that list. He is also a producer, director an has interviewed some big names such as Hugo Chávez, and Raúl Castro. He is also quick to help out his fellow man, and when the Haiti earthquake hit in 2010, he didn’t hesitate to respond. His J/P Haitian Relief Organization is still in place and continues to help those in need.


The main character of his book is a septic-tank salesman who has many adventures, one of them being a killer for the U.S. government. The book is somewhat of a riddle, but it makes a great read. The poem that he wrote for the book has stirred up a lot of controversies as well. Penn’s book has gotten a lot of attention, but it has also helped to promote the book.


NGP VAN Helps Democrats Spread The Word

Back in the 1950s, candidates running campaign ads via television and radio was sufficient enough to spread the word and gain supporters. Nowadays, however, technology has evolved to the point where advertising via social media is essential to running a successful campaign. Fortunately, NGP VAN was established to provide Democrats with all the tools they need to ensure their campaigns are as successful as can be. One of the most prominent examples of this was President Obama’s historic run for the white house in 2008 and subsequent reelection in 2012. Established in 1997, NGP VAN served as a voter database and web-hosting company that aids democrats and liberals in their various political campaigns.

One of the reasons President Obama’s campaign was so successful was because he used a web-based platform which enabled constituents to meet with each other and perform digital canvassing for his campaign. By engaging with voters, he was able to reach the common person and relate to their struggles. During his reelection campaign, he launched a new app called ORCA powered by NGP VAN. Because the majority of people have an iPhone in this day and age, the app has proven its effectiveness in the art of campaigning. The rise of the internet has effectively cemented the role of tech-savvy programmers in the campaign advertising industry.

While the rise of the internet does add a certain element of convenience to the art of campaigning, it also comes with the added expense of hiring, training and retaining skilled employees who can effectively advertise for campaigns via social media. As a result, NGP VAN has developed multiple tools that make it easier than ever for Democrats to efficiently canvass as many areas as possible and spread the word about their campaigns. With the midterm elections looming large over Washington DC and the rest of the world, all eyes have turned towards NGP VAN as a possible method of turning the tides in the Democrat’s favor as they seek to take back the house, senate, and Congress. This year is particularly pivotal as Republicans continue to push their bigoted agenda and all 435 seats in the house are currently up for reelection. NPG VAN was recently recognized as having one of the best company cultures in the nation. So we wish them the best of luck in their political endeavors and hope they are successful in turning the government blue.

Jeunesse’s AM and PM Essentials

Apart from producing skin care products, Jeunesse is also known for its line of nutritional supplements that form from part of its Youth Enhance System. The AM and PM essentials are dietary supplements containing essential vitamins, various nutritional extracts and key minerals that form the innovative formula. The AM and PM essentials are meant to help you wake up happy and sleep restfully. The innovative dietary supplements guarantee you a healthy body composition and a youthful look to make you feel good about yourself.

As mentioned earlier, the AM and PM dietary supplements contain important vitamins and essential minerals that help in meeting your body’s nutritional needs. Examples of vitamins that form part of these dietary supplements include; Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, and Biotin. Also, the AM and PM Essentials comprise of essential minerals such as; Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Molybdenum, Chromium, Manganese, and Selenium. It is not easy to find a dietary supplement with almost all the essential minerals. It is interesting to know that all these essential minerals are available in AM and PM dietary supplements.

In addition, the supplements have proprietary blends that contribute to its nutritional composition. Some of the components of these proprietary blends include; soybean lecithin, Evening primrose oil, Guarana seed extract, Green barley grass, Cayenne pepper fruit, fish body oil, green tea leaf extract, as well as the Cordy cepts sinensis mushroom extract. Other key ingredients include Quatrefolic, soy, fish, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, N-Acetyl-cysteine, Neutral protease, and Amylase.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is global company that produces and sells supplements and youth enhancement skin care products. The company is based in Lake Mary; Florida and began its operation in 2009. Jeunesse manufactures and produces a wide range of natural health products, skin care goods, and cosmetics. Examples of the company’s products that are currently available in the market include: the Luminesce product line that includes Luminesce advanced night repair, Luminesce flawless skin brightener Luminesce daily moisturizing complex, Luminesce daily moisturizing complex, and Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum; AM & PM Essentials dietary supplements; RESERVE, ZEN BODI, RESERVE, and the NV cosmetics line.

Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group is a Respected Business Leader

Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group is a Respected Business Leader

Peter Briger is a co-principal at Fortress Investment Group. Over the years, he has rendered his leadership services as the co-chairman of the company since 2009. Moreover, he holds different executive positions in the corporation. Being a high-end investment company situated in America, Fortress Investment Group relies on Peter Briger’s expertise to serve in diligence and utmost protection especially when it comes to providing the right services to the client.

More on Briger

Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University where he majored in arts. Moreover, he attended the University of Pennsylvania for an MBA.

His Roles and Duties at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a revered investment manager. Therefore, the firm has a large asset base of about $43.6 billion. Moreover, the company has an extensive client base including corporate officials, private groups as well as institutions. Other than that it serves more than 1700 corporations across different sectors of the world. More often when the company deals with clients, it focuses on developing low-risk investment businesses for its people. In such cases, Mr. Briger comes in handy not only as a leader but also the man behind the operations of the company.

As the co-principal of the company, Briger has always recruited qualified investment experts to serve as advisors. For that reason, Fortress has always offered the right advice to its clients. Moreover, given the fact that he is a trained investment advisor, he understands the basis of developing slightly affordable rates of payment to his clients. Because he has been highly supportive of the firm and its activities, Briger contributed to the new contract between his company and Softbank. For that reason, the company was successfully purchased by Softbank Group. To make matters even better for both parties, Peter Briger and his teammates retained their leadership roles thanks to their input in the banking institution.

More on Briger and his Investments

Besides supporting investors by providing them with financial services, Briger is a renowned philanthropist who helps the less fortunate by donating extra resources including money to shelters. With his alumnus from the Princeton University, he has majored in multiple charity activities. Moreover, he uses his position in the community to empower entrepreneurs. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

The Outline

Peter Briger is a revered investment manager and business leader. For that reason, he has often been consulted to provide several investment insights. It is right to conclude that Peter Briger applies wise investment strategies to excel in business. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale


Igor Cornelsen Evolves with the Investment World

Igor Cornelsen is a gifted individual. He was born at a time when being admitted to an engineering school was a rare feat for many of his peers. Despite the difficulty in achieving such a feat, he was one of the students that were admitted into the Federal University of Parana. He pursued an engineering course for two years and changed his course to Economics. Soon after completing his Economics degree, he joined investment banking in Brazil. The investment banking sector preferred employees with an engineering background because they were endowed with the ability to calculate accurately long complex compound interest computations with changing bases. He was one of such employees. Cornelsen was brilliant at what he did and was soon promoted to management responsibilities. Igor was appointed the CEO of Multibanco sometime in 1976. He later moved to Unibanco, after his former employer was bought by the American Bank.

Career Movement

After joining Unibanco, Igor worked and stayed on until 1985, at a time when banks and countries had to cope with inflation hitting the roof and interest rates forced to an all-time high. He decided to move to Libra Bank where he was to be paid in USD. Libra bank was a merchant bank run from London. Igor Cornelsen was excited because it was the first time in his life that he was being paid in dollars. He grabbed the opportunity that had emerged and decided to invest with whatever he could save. He formed friends with some investors in London and moved to the Standard Chartered Merchant Banking where he was made a member of the board of Directors.

Igor Cornelsen Interview

Igor was interviewed regarding his insightful advice on the market trends and investment choices. He was quick to point out that he does not rely on popular analysis of the markets. He says that he tries to remain as independent in his analysis as it can get. He emphasizes that he tries not to pollute his mind with opinions. He asserts that his analysis is always based on the facts. He says that it is the only way to provide sound financial markets with advice that does not evaporate as soon as one closes their mouth. Igor was born in Curitiba Brazil in 1947.

The success of Randal Nardone

The success and life of Randal Nardone
A closer look at the success of Randal Nardone

The co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group is among the few individuals who have succeeded in the service industry despite the many challenges. Randal Nordone is one of the co-founders who have professional experience for an in-service sector for more than 30 years. His abilities arise from the quality education he received from the various institutions of higher learning he attended. For instance, Randal Nardone earned his first bachelor’s degrees in English and biology from the University of Connecticut. He later enrolled in School of Law at Boston University earning a Juris doctor. After his graduation, Randal Nardone was hired by Thacher Proffitt and Wood where he becomes an executive committee member and a partner. After some time his interest turned to financial service industry where he joined Blackrock Financial Management. Randal Nardone operated as a principal with Blackrock Financial Management until 1997 when he jumped ship and joined UBS to become a managing director. During his stay in the UBS for more than one year, he became one of the co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group LCC. Nardone journey at Fortress Investment Group began in 1998 where he became the CEO in 2013.

In his stay at the Fortress Investment, he has brought significant impacts to the performance of the company as well as the employees. Fortress Investment Group comprises several subsidiaries that mainly deal with providing financial services to clients. For the case of Nardone, he is the co-founder and a principal at Fortress Credit Corporation, CEO, and COO of Fortress Investment Fund and Investment Fund. Besides the Randal Nardone played a significant role in co-founding of Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he went on to serve as its vice president, COO, and secretary. Thus he is the company principal and CEO. Due to the passion he has for the delivery of financial services to the clients, he holds numerous positions in other firms. For instance, he is the president of Springleaf Financial Holdings as well as the chairman. He has set the bar in the service industry very high that other individuals will find it difficult to break. Therefore the vast experience in the service industry has enabled him to become an expert in management, credit, private and equity finance. All his effort and determination in service delivery has positively impacted Randal net worth. According to the Forbes list of billionaires, the worth of the husband and father of one is at 1.8billion dollars ranking him at position 557 and to know more

Agora Financial Is a Proper Investment Company

There is a reason why compound interest is known as the eighth wonder of the world. It is responsible for retiring millions of people every year. When it comes to investing, many people fear it which is quite odd. If you look at the historical background of the markets, you can see that for the majority of the time it has been on a tremendous bull run. If you don’t want to learn investing, Agora financial can help you with your goals. When it comes to investing, there are a few things you have to do. We are going to be going over these things in today’s article.

  1. Set goals

You have to set goals for investing. You have to set a goal of how much you are going to invest every month, by what figure do you want that money to grow, and what are you going to invest in to get that money to grow. I’d recommend writing all of this down as it will help you track your investments and keep you focused.

  1. Short-term options

For short-term options, I’d recommend learning how to effectively swing trade for a profit. When it comes to trading, you must know what you are investing in. However, if you do this right, you can see average returns of 5% every week. That can add up and multiply really fast if you stay consistent! I wouldn’t recommend investing in any cryptocurrencies as it is a relatively new market and they are very volatile. Know your investment and stick to a plan when executing your trade.

  1. Long-term options

For long-term options, I’d recommend a Roth IRA and a 401k if your company offers it. These will compound over time, allowing you to have a good amount of money when retirement comes. A Roth IRA grows tax-free and a 401k is matched by your employer.

  1. Playing it safe

In the end, there is nothing wrong with playing it safe with low-risk investments. As long as you are comfortable with the investments, that’s all that matters in the long run. Start investing in your retirement today with Agora Financial.

William Saito: Tips for Business Startups

Today it is possible to launch your own company far more easily than it has been at any other point in history. If you are able to approach the market with the right attitude and ideas you could potentially be your own boss and influence the economy in ways that you may not think possible. The information that you need in order to approach and endeavor such as this successfully is far more accessible than it ever has been.


There is an individual from Japan who first began to code professionally at the age of 10 years old. This man is known as a William Saito. He is an incredibly successful investor and businessman. He has launched several companies and has a significant amount of experience assisting businesses during the startup phase. He has been considered one of the most influential individuals in Japan and has also been awarded the entrepreneur of the year award in 1998.

William Saito has recently commented on the ideas that you believe are most important to the success of business during the startup phase. He says that the most important thing for business during the startup phase is to focus on expansion. For a business to be successful at the beginning of their existence, they must pursue expansion aggressively. In addition to aggressively pursuing expansion, they must also continuously look for areas that they could improve on. It is this idea of continual improvement that will ensure that you become successful despite changing market conditions.

In order to expand your organization aggressively during the beginning of its existence, William Saito believes that you must place a significant emphasis on the marketing of your company. You could have the most incredible product in the world but if people do not know that it exists they will not purchase it. For this reason, William Saito recommends that you should look for holes with marketing experience to assist your Corporation during their startup phase.

William Saito also comments that it is very important for you to look for ways to attract potential investors and venture capitalists. These individuals can supply the capital that your Corporation needs in order to become successful. The easiest way for you to attract these individuals is to demonstrate that you have a niche that you are trying to fill with your Corporation. If you are able to demonstrate this, then it will be much easier for your business to attract potential investors.