The strategies that Luke Lazarus uses to start businesses

Starting a business is not something that you can take lightly. Even when it is just a small investment, you have to consider several factors to ensure that it survives the tough time that are associated with startups. Luke Lazarus, a Melbourne based startup consultant, says that everyone has to come up with the right strategy. This is the underlying factor that will determine how you approach every situation. Unfortunately, many people invest without a strategy hoping that things will somehow work out automatically. They get the shock of their lives when they get stuck and their investments go down the drain. Here are some of the strategies that Luke uses whether he is starting his own business or helping a client start one.



Focusing on telling a story



The most important thing, according to Luke Lazarus, is to ensure that your business tells a story. It should not just tell a story, but a unique one too. Telling a story means that you have connected to the needs of your customers and therefore, you are helping the, to overcome their problems. Most products that are doing well in the markets can be linked to a story in one way or another. Therefore, take time to research the markets s that you can position to your products in such a way that your customers can connect to them.



Creating an identity for your products



If you products lack an identity, it will be difficult to make any impact in the market. Remember that the markets are already awash with solutions that are similar to what you are offering. Therefore, if you do not create an identity, they will only overshadow you. It will be very difficult to be noticed without an identity. Luke Lazarus says that creating an identity should not be a difficult task because you only need to know the markets that have been uncharted. Think of that unique characteristic that is likely to make your products stand out from the rest.



Working with the right people



Luke Lazarus also says that you have to surround yourself with the right talent to be successful. When hiring for your new business, make sure that you know the value that the new employees will bring on board. You need creative people who will help in propelling the startup to the next level. In addition to that, you need people who will contribute positively to your operations, and help in devising solutions whenever there are challenges.



Based in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus is one of the most experienced startup consultants. He offers consultancy services to a wide variety of business, and owns several companies too. He started this career after graduating from the Melbourne Business School where he studies an MBA.

Article Title: Eric Lefkosfsky: The Businessman With People In Mind

Article Text:

Eric Lefkosfsky is a businessman with multiple pursuits. In all of his business ventures he is a leader of over 11,000 employees. One of such businesses is Tempus, a company which he co-founded and is the current Chief Executive Officer.

Tempus is a technology company that hopes to change the way cancer research is done through the way information is gathered. They strive to put the information in client’s hands so that they have more control over their own treatments. They test “a patient’s tumor at the molecular level so we can identify treatment options tailored to each and every patient”. This will lead treatment in a direction away from generalized to specific, thus giving each patient more hope for their future.

Lefkosfsky and his wife also founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charitable foundation, which enhances the lives of children within the community. They provide education, pursuit of human rights, and more work with medical, and the arts all to heal and strengthen the people that they help through the foundation. He also works with the arts through The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, as board member to those and other similar entities.

Lefkosfsky is also a published author, and a college instructor for several business courses. He and his wife have three children. He was from Michigan, the son of a structural engineer and a school teacher. He fell in love with business early. He went on to graduate the University of Michigan Law School and received Juris Doctor in 1993. From then on his life took a turn that would touch the lives of millions, at the very least. He continues to strive to better the lives of many around the world. There is no doubt that his plate is full, but his cup runeth over.

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Todd Levine an International Professional Lawyer

Todd Levine is an experienced and a commercial litigator based in Miami law firm called Kluger Kaplan. His significant activities involve handling different categories of complicated business issues since he has a strong drive to real estate and commercial litigation. His main role e include representing properties managers to brokers and developers, lending farms to firms buyers, sellers investors as well s contractors in disputes that may result due to real estate projects.

Todd Levine has handled many cases related to sports and entertainment industries and also cases regarding partnership investment and arrangement of finances. While handling such disputes, Todd Levine uses analytical and creative skills that help him to strategize the cases. Levine has also become famous in his skills of handling disputes, and this has enabled him to face different challenges and pressure that come on his way.

Todd Levine uses critical, and analytical unique skills to solve any case that other lawyers may not be able to handle. It is clear that Todd does thorough research on any dispute that he will be resolved by finding hidden evidence that will impact the case positively. He also employs a legal argument that helps in certainty through the analytical skills to develop strategies of tackling complicates disputes.

Todd Levine is a graduate from the University of Florida where he majored in finance and later studied law at Levin College of law and graduated in 1991. Besides being a talented attorney, Todd Levine is also an artist and musician. It is Todd Levine creativity that enables him to take unique roles and practices in different fields. Todd Levine as a Kluger Kaplan attorney won the best lawyer award for litigation in real estate in 2018; in addition to that, Kluger Kaplan has also been recognized as by a Florida magazine a super layer for his achievements and accomplishments. Finally, Kluger Kaplan was recognized by Florida’s top lawyer due to his litigation process by Martindale leaders in 2012.

Todd Levine therefore as a Kluger Kaplan attorney focuses on the practice of the major principles of his work that are based on deep understanding of the law. He has consequently presented the country in different ranks and individuals in complex cases because of the passion from his family.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong & Double Down On Transparency

Article Text:

Over the past decade or so, more and more consumers have been becoming more skeptical of certain business practices; this has been especially true when it comes to the likes of large national and international companies. Because of that, the majority of these companies have been going above and beyond to help build and maintain trust with their customers. Over the past few years, one notable company that has been doing so has been, the largest e-commerce retailer in China, which has been frequently called China’s equivalent of Amazon. Because of this, the retail giant has recently doubled down on its efforts to improve transparency and a variety of other areas in the past few years.

Some of the most significant of these areas also include the likes of sustainability, as well as reducing the overall impact that has on the environment. To that end, Richard Liu Qiangdong has frequently announced a variety of different measures that have helped to improve  company in these areas. However, this isn’t the only time that Richard Liu has had to navigate an increasingly complex and changing market. Furthermore, it’s also not the first time that he’s had to overcome a hurdle that may not have been expected.

This is because was initially started as a small, traditional store in Beijing that sold a limited range of products. Because of his dedication to ensuring high-quality service, however, Richard Liu was able to grow the business to include stores in over a dozen locations across Beijing. However, an unexpected and significant challenge made itself known when a SARS outbreak began spreading across China. This meant that contact with customers became increasingly more difficult and complicated. As a result, Richard Liu Qiangdong realized he needed to change approach to the business. With that in mind, he slowly began moving his products online.

After the space of a few short years, Richard Liu Qiangdong had closed each of his stores and pivoted into an online-only retailers. Noting the increased profits and popularity of such an endeavor, more companies began partnering with Richard Liu, helping turn into what it’s known as today.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Leading in Joint Replacement Technology Use

Technology is here to help. Almost every industry is benefiting from the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. In the medical industry, the possibilities are nothing short of miraculous.

In the past, a surgeon required to cut through a patient to correct even minor problems. According to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, times have changed tremendously. In his practice, he can now use a sophisticated robotic system that makes laparoscopy possible.

This technology allows the doctor to magnify the surgical area. Doing so makes it possible for the orthopedic surgeon to operate even microscopic joints and ligaments.

The technology is coming at the right time. The increasing levels of obesity and life expectancy are here with us. While the latter is a good sign, it also means that more and people who have weakling joints increase. The former is serious as it points out to the growing need for nutritional education.

Ira Kirschenbaum is aware of emerging needs. Apart from robotics, 3D printing and other technologies are helping surgeons in different ways. For example, 3D printed implants are accurate. They fit snugly into the patient’s body without risks of complications. It is also possible to use a variety of raw materials to make implants.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a specialist in joints. Patients who have joint problems have chronic medical conditions such as arthritis and obesity. An excellent orthopedic surgeon knows that patient care should go beyond the bones.

For a person who has treatable chronic conditions, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum prefers a comprehensive patient management regime that will ensure that the patient’s condition does not recur.

To be effective in this style of treatment, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a member of a team at the Bronxcare Health System where he is also the president. He also collaborates with other healthcare agencies within the region.

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Hylands Teething Tablets: Rebranded for a Larger Market

Hyland’s is one of the largest producers of homeopathic medicines in the world, and the company traces its humble beginnings in the streets of Los Angeles back in the year 1903. The company was named Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy back then, and it was established by a group of physicians who wanted to provide an alternative medicine to the public. George Hyland was recruited by the founders to join the business, and the chemist will leave a lasting legacy as the business will be named after him. George Hyland successfully created products for the company that is aimed primarily to children, and through the years, Hyland’s will be reaching new milestones that would define their business strategy.

Today, Hyland’s continues to manufacture homeopathic medicines. One of their most successful products targeted to children is the Hyland’s Teething Tablets. The Hyland’s Teething Tablets has a formulation which includes belladonna as a primary ingredient. Despite the success of the Hyland’s Teething Tablets, the FDA issued a recall for the products because of the presence of belladonna. Hyland’s Teething Tablets were recalled and the customers who have paid for the products were refunded. Despite the recall, Hyland’s continues to defend their product, saying that the belladonna found in Hyland’s Teething Tablets is safe to consume. The recall did not affect the company fully, as they were still able to sell different products. To address the issue faced by the Hyland’s Teething Tablets, the company decided to change its formulation and removed belladonna.

The product was remarketed as the Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief, and it was approved by the FDA. This new product provides the same relief to children who experience teething. In addition to the relief provided for children, the new product is also responsible for preventing any oral discomfort and soreness of the gums. The additional benefits of using the Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief allowed it to become a more popular product, and parents are confident that this new homeopathic medicine from Hyland’s will resolve the problems that their children are having with their oral health. The company stated that more innovative products will be released in the years to come, and advised their customers to watch out for official announcements.

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Serge Belamant’s Favorite Marketing Strategy

Serge Belamant is perhaps best known as being a patent holder in blockchain technology; he’s also been extremely successful in a variety of different IT and finance niches over the past few years. However, it’s probably the skill and passion for coding digital financial transaction software that has brought him considerable attention, even though he’s also worked in a variety of other areas. Much of this success came after founding his first company, Net1 UEPS Technologies, in 1989. This company went on to specialize in the creation of universal electronic payment systems, the majority of which were designed by Serge Belamant.

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This ended up leading Mr. Belamant to other successes, such as a chip offline pre-authorized card for VISA, which ended up becoming an industry standard with only a few minor improvements. However, the most significant thing that both he and Net1 were tasked with was developing a digital payment system that would allow for the transfer of welfare funds. This was done during the turn of the millennium and in South Africa. Because of that, the company had quite a mammoth task ahead of them. However, not only did Net1 and Serge Belamant manage to do this successfully, but they’ve also managed to replicate its success in a variety of other countries; some of the more notable of these include the likes of Iraq and Russia.

However, Mr. Belamant has spent the last few years focusing on a new business; Zilch Technologies, based in the United Kingdom. Because of all of this experience, Mr. Belamant has gotten experience in almost every area of growing a business; one of the most significant of these has been in marketing. However, that doesn’t mean that Serge Belamant has been as technologically advanced with marketing as he had been with other areas of his business. Instead, Mr. Belamant has focused on the likes of word-of-mouth, which he has always seen as the most effective form of advertising. With that in mind, this is the most notable ways that he’s marketed his businesses. With how successful his businesses have been so far, it seems as though he’s been right.

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The Success of Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is an established private equity firm that focuses on controlling investments in growing middle market companies. This private equity firm has invested in over 85 acquisitions in 30 years. This firm was founded in 1986 and is now one of the top-ranking equity firms in the world. Lincolnshire Management has approximately 1.7 billion dollars in capital that are currently under management. Lincolnshire Management has been working with a ton of successful businesses and help these businesses grow tremendously. The headquarters for this private equity firm is located in New York, along with a regional office located in Chicago. Lincolnshire Management has invested in corporate recapitalizations, management buyouts, and growth equity for private companies. This private equity firm has helped so many organizations develop and expand.

There was a recent article released by Cision PR Newswire, that talks about Lincolnshire Management and their decision to sell Holley Performance Parts. Holley is a leader of performance automotive aftermarket parts and has been around for a long time. This company is being sold to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners, which has merged Driven Performance Brands with Holley. With the merger of these two products, Sentinel Capital Partners will be a leader in the automotive industry. Holley has created many successful brands, like MSD, Accel, Edge, and many more.

Lincolnshire Management has been working with Holley for many years and together these two organizations created exponential growth. This was a very well written article and gives great testimony, that Lincolnshire Management is a successful private equity firm that knows how to grow a business. This company has certainly earned the well-established reputation that this firm is known for. This article shows the success and diversity that Lincolnshire management possesses. This is also a great article demonstrating the successful partnership between Lincolnshire Management and Holley Performance Parts.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: Water And Electricity Are Big Sectors For Growth In The Middle East

Bhanu Choudhrie comes from one of the first billionaire families in India and he is showing the world that talent for entrepreneurship and business certainly did not skip a generation. Currently, Bhanu Choudhrie is a director for his family’s business, C&C Alpha Group and has been a vital part of the company’s expansion in the Middle East. They do business in many different sectors such as utilities, aviation, and even care homes among several others.

Alpha Utilities is based in Dubai and owned by C&C Alpha Group. The company and Bhanu Choudhrie have announced big plans in Saudi Arabia as they plan to enter the market of water desalination. This will allow them to provide suitable drinking water to people across the country. While they already produce half a million gallons of water at their play in Sharjah every day, they have plans to expand these operations as demand for their product continues to grow. They are the exclusive provider of desalinated water for the Free Trade Zone Authority of Hamriyah. Eventually, there are plans to produce 2 million gallons of water per day.

Bhanu Choudhrie and his family are known throughout the world of some the savviest names in business today. In addition to the water sector in the Middle East, there are plans to invest more in providing power for the region as well. Throughout the United Arab Emirates, there has been a lot of progress when it comes to building infrastructure in the area. With all of this development, he knows that there will continue to be an increase in demand for both electricity and water in the near future and beyond.

Bhanu Choudhrie and C&C Alpha Group have been involved with talks with officials from Saudi Arabia concerning expanding their presence in the area. The opportunities that Saudi Arabia offers when it comes to desalination are record-breaking. The government entity that controls the process in the country earned a Guinness World Record for being the biggest plant for water desalination throughout the entire world. Even with this large plant that is already in operation, there is still room for more expansion.



Nitin Khanna: With Mergertech and Saber President

Nitin Khanna was born in 1971 and attended a school in India. His father served as an Army officer and the other members of his family were business men and women. He was raised up in a household where business was well known and was one of the greatest source of income in the household. In the year 1988, he did his bachelors and mastered the degree of industrial engineering in Purdue in United States.

While he was doing his Ph.D. program for robotics, Nitin Khanna saw it was good for him to leave education and do something to cater for his needs. His brother joined him in U.S in the year 1999 and launched a software by the name Saber software. They developed this software for 10 years. This software was used in elections. It was useful during big Bush and Gore debacle in Florida.

The government implemented a law known as the Help America Vote Act stated that all the States should improve their systems before 2006. The first state to do the modernization of the election system was Oregon proceeded to do all this to all the 21 states.

Nowadays, all the 21 states use Saber software in managing their elections. The system was more developed and many aspects were added to ease interaction of the government and the citizens. Nitin Khanna went ahead and sold the software and started doing many investing. His goal was directed boosting many firms located in Portland grow as well. Nitin Khanna and his brother were the robust company in the state by building Mergertech. The two brothers focused in mobile technology and boost those interested in mobile firms.

Nitin Khanna had planned one strategy about the companies he had worked for. He had to accomplish the mission and vision of the companies before resigning. Nitin Khanna believed that the difference between different firms are brought by its people. Nitin Khanna used a lot of time and ensured that his companies had the right workers for the not to fail. His partner at Saber and Mergertech was his brother who worked very hard in increasing the operational skills of the company.

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