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Securus Technologies, an information technology communication firm, has recently been under fire by GTL. GTL has stated that Securus Technologies no longer has valid patents for its products, which means that their product base is no longer under any sort of legal protection. This information is based upon a report that was released to the media a few months ago. What this means for Securus is that different companies would have access to their product information, which would lead to a major issue with future developmental projects. These accusations have recently been proven as inaccurate, meaning that Securus no longer has anything to worry about in terms of its products falling into the wrong hands.


Securus is an interesting technology corporation, in that it focuses on a particular niche for its customer base. Securus customers are incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. This means that these individuals do not have as much access to the outside world as their friends and family. This also means that they require a certain level of communications technology that they would not have access to without certain products. In order to meet customer needs Securus has provided inmates with reliable forms of technology, such as free mobile applications that allow inmates to communicate with their loved ones over video chat conferences.


The issues with Securus in terms of its patent content and validity is being put to rest finally. After months of accusations being brought upon them by GTL it would seem that things are finally starting to quiet down. The future looks bright for Securus, which continues to provide excellent customer service and reliable products of high quality to its customers. This means that they can continue to do business as they have been without further fear generation.


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