US Money Reserve Revamped the Purchasing of Precious Metals

US Money Reserve just made its new website available to the public. The company has held true to its core values of trust, commitment, and customer service while securing its position as the leader of the precious metal industry. Photography and a new coin gallery by Philip N. Diehl, President of US Money Reserve, has been featured on the redesigned website. Mr. Diehl was previously the US Mint Director and has extensive knowledge on the subject of precious metals.

The revamped website intends to make the process of obtaining precious metals and gold coins into a better and less stressful experience. It also seeks to educate the public on how purchasing government-issued bullion could be beneficial to them.

Ryan Buchanan, VP of Brand and Creative at the US Money Reserve, explains that the website was created as a secure platform to allow the company to assist everyone with quality service and also provide a safe way to buy precious metals online.

Buchanan was in charge of overseeing the redesign; additionally, he is responsible for the implementation of new, educational content and the simplification of the purchasing process.

The new online store features gold and silver bullion and bars with competitive pricing. For those people who are precious metal collectors, the website also offers PCGS certified coins. Customers have the option of acquiring a free gold information kit as well as full access to the Knowledge Center to stay up to date on the current status of coins. The Knowledge Center also defines relevant terms for anyone who is new to the process of buying precious metals and coins.

Thanks to the Client-Connect Advantage, a new implementation on the website, the US Money Reserve is able to stay in contact with clients for exclusive offline releases, in depth consultations, website and purchasing assistance, and safe offline transactions.

The US Money Reserve is one of the country’s largest and most reputable distributors for government issued coins. They work hard to provide the client with exceptional customer service and the best gold coins available on the market.

The US Reserve has helped hundreds of thousands of people and many of these previous clients are now in profitable financial situations due to these investments. All this is thanks to the professionalism of the US Money Reserve and the relationships it builds with all of its clients.

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Diversant LLC And The IT Staffing Genius Of John Goullet

Recruitment and staffing companies have developed laser beam strategic placement of individuals to satisfy the employment needs of their clients.

John Goullet is a well-known successful entrepreneur who specializes in IT staffing. Ursinus College is an independent, private liberal arts college located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, awarded him a B.A. and M.A. in computer science. Goullet began his career with a specialty in IT staffing. He developed an expertise in developing market trends with experience in IT staffing as a consultant with Tsr Consultants, The Constell Group, and 3D Information Services.

Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994. Gullett infused Info Technologies with his knowledge of present day developing businesses in IT staffing. Goullet’s approach to staffing is to provide his client with the best possible person to hire. Info Technologies provided Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions. Info Technologies provided Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions.

By 2000, Goullet’s staffing ingenuity earned Info Technologies thirty million dollars. Inc. Magazine placed Info Technologies in the 8th place of one of the 500 fastest growing firms. Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. a successful staffing IT company, in 2010. Diversasnt Inc. was one of the largest African-American IT staffing companies in the United States. Diversant Inc.’s founder is Gene C. Waddy. Waddy was awarded a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University,

Waddy and Goullet’s new company is Diversant LLC. Gene Waddy is the Chief Executive Officer of Diversant LLC. Goullet acts as the Principal of Diversant LLC. His role is to continue his expertise in the IT market. The character and business model of Diversant LLC will continue with the same business practices of Diversant Inc.

Diversant LLC staffing procedures are diverse. It’s IT staffing services include, IT staff augmentation, contingent, temporary, and directly hiring staff. The new company’s strategy is to promote diversity in its staff solutions.

Diversity includes all categories of worker identity. It is known through social and economic research that there is a direct relationship between diversity and higher productivity. The concept of innovative diversity solutions is changing the marketplace, and the change is good for business.


Beneful at Walmart

Beneful is a brand of food created for dogs. It was developed in 2001 by Nestle Purina Pet care. It includes a variety of wet food and dry food, and even a small variety of dog treats. This brand of food can be found at a number of pet stores, such as Pet Smart or Petco. It can also be found at Wal-Mart on on Wal-Mart’s online store.

Beneful dog food pricing mostly depends on where you live. On Wal-Mart’s online store, Beneful wet dog food costs around $10 for a 6-pack of 10 oz cans, $6.97 for a 12-pack of 3 oz cans, or $15 for a 27-pack of 3 oz cans. Wal-Mart online does not feature Beneful healthy weight with real salmon.

Wal-Mart’s online store feature a variety of Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients. A 15.5 pound bag of dry dog food is $14, while a 3.5 pound bag is $5.48. Wal-Mart does not feature any coupons that could be used to receive discounts for Beneful dog food. Wal-Mart’s online store does not feature any rollback dates for Beneful. To learn more about pricing and for Beneful or to see what’s in stock, go to the Wal-Mart online store at

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Wengie Shows Some Different Ways to Wear your Hair

One unique way to braid your hair is to make a Triple Cascade ponytail. Take the top section of hair and tie with a clear band. Make a hole in the middle and tuck your ponytail in it. Next, separate your hair into three sections and grab the middle section to make a new ponytail. You secure that ponytail with a band, make another hole with your fingers and tuck that ponytail through the hole and secure it with a band. Take the two remaining sections of hair and bring them into a ponytail. Tie a bow around the remaining hair. This video has has complete instructions.


Once you mastered the Triple Cascade, or not you can try the Double Tuck. You start with a ponytail, from the top section of hair that can be tied up with a decorative band. Next make another ponytail the middle section of hair, a few inches lower than the first ponytail, and tie that with a clear band. Make another hole and tuck the second ponytail in. Take the next section of hair and tuck that in.


A third way to do your hair is called a Side Twist. Divide your hair into two sections and make a little ponytail. Take the rest of your hair and divide it into three sections as though you’re going to braid it. Start twisting your hair and then put them one by one into your side ponytail. These hairstyles and others are found in this video.

Exemplary Career of Biotech Magnate Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a biotech investor and entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company specializing in the production of targeted therapy medicine for pathological conditions with a persistently high mortality rate. Siegal has a bachelor of science degree in zoology from the prestigious University of Maryland and a doctorate in genetic studies from George Washington University.

Under Siegall leadership, Seattle Genetics rose to the top of the targeted therapy sector by successfully manufacturing the first-ever antibody-drug conjugate approved by the United States food and drug administration. The company further holds multiple approval patents as well as a strong portfolio of over twenty drugs and strategic partnership string with other biotech players such as Genentech, Bayer, Pfizer and similar players. Seattle Genetics rose from a humble background under the leadership of Dr. Siegall to a major player in the cancer study field.

Clay Siegall traces back his inspiration to set up Seattle Genetics to his experience with people struggling with terminal illnesses such as cancer including his family members. The suffering inflicted by both the disease and burdensome therapy drove him to look for more efficient treatment with minimal or no side effects. Siegall however faithfully confesses that monetary ambitions also inspired his decision to start Seattle Genetics besides his desire to become his boss. He also opens up on the source of the company’s revenue, where he cites the company’s groundbreaking, FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate ADCetrics as their cash cow product. Other sources of income include licensing of patented technology and production partnership with other firms. Siegall, however, underscores the high risk of getting FDA approval, where the chance of approval is 1 out of 10 trials. A biotech company also demands perseverance regarding return on investment. Siegall further cites hard work as necessary to go through the long-term stagnant phase of a biotech business. The success of a Seattle Genetics further depended on a robust and knowledgeable sales staff as well as the company’s unique products. The company further invests in multidisciplinary staff to push deals including negotiators, hospitality and caterers, lawyers and technical staff for successful negotiation of lucrative contracts.