Wengie Shows Some Different Ways to Wear your Hair


One unique way to braid your hair is to make a Triple Cascade ponytail. Take the top section of hair and tie with a clear band. Make a hole in the middle and tuck your ponytail in it. Next, separate your hair into three sections and grab the middle section to make a new ponytail. You secure that ponytail with a band, make another hole with your fingers and tuck that ponytail through the hole and secure it with a band. Take the two remaining sections of hair and bring them into a ponytail. Tie a bow around the remaining hair. This video has has complete instructions.


Once you mastered the Triple Cascade, or not you can try the Double Tuck. You start with a ponytail, from the top section of hair that can be tied up with a decorative band. Next make another ponytail the middle section of hair, a few inches lower than the first ponytail, and tie that with a clear band. Make another hole and tuck the second ponytail in. Take the next section of hair and tuck that in.


A third way to do your hair is called a Side Twist. Divide your hair into two sections and make a little ponytail. Take the rest of your hair and divide it into three sections as though you’re going to braid it. Start twisting your hair and then put them one by one into your side ponytail. These hairstyles and others are found in this video.

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