Clay Siegall, CEO and Founder of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of Seattle Genetics. He founded the Seattle-based biotech in 1998. The firm is focused on developing therapeutic drugs for chronic illnesses that have not experienced improvement in mortality for several years. Dr. Clay has grown Seattle from a group of few researchers to a big firm dealing with cancers related sicknesses. He believes that the contributions that are being made by Seattle will replace old cancer treatment methods like systematic chemotherapies.

Dr. Clay Siegall talked about how he has overcome challenges in his profession in an interview. When asked about how he started the business He said that he wanted to bring a better treatment for cancer patients. He witnessed people face brutal medical procedures all to do away with cancer.

Seattle makes a profit by selling their products, ADCETRICS is one of the drugs that they make a lot of sales from. They also make revenue from licensing technologies that they produce and from production partnership. Dr. Clay says that he penetrated the market by bringing to board qualified salespeople who understood the product. The drugs were also high quality, and they didn’t need to spend a lot of time adverting. The business has all along been generating new businesses by negotiating with prospective customers.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay received a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland and proceeded to George Washington University where he received his PH.D. in Genetics. He worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for two years before moving to National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute.

He developed Seattle in 1998. His agenda was to help the patients by carrying out rigorous research and performing scientific innovations. He collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to produce ADCETRIS a drug that has been approved by more than 65 countries.

He serves on Boards of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. He has been honored by several awards with include University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Math, Natural Sciences, and Computer which he received in 2013. Dr. Clay has also developed a working relationship with drug manufacturers such as Genentech, Pfizer, and Bayer among others.

Neurocore Sheds More Light to the Depression Disorder for Public Sensitization

Depression can affect anyone irrespective of their age, social status, or gender. While people who seek treatment may gain full remission from the disorder, many who struggle with it do not bother to seek for help. This may be due to stigma that’s often associated with the disorder and mental health, in general. Read more at about Neurocore.

Experts at Neurocore believe that depression is a serious medical condition, and seeking help is not a personal weakness or an issue that one should shrug off. To help educate the public about the disorder, the following are some of the facts that they need you to know about depression:

Depression Has Varying CauseVaried Signs and SymptomsDepression Has Huge Economic ImpactThe Disorder Can Be TreatedAbout Neurocore

  • Depression Has Varying Causes: while many people have higher risk of developing the disorder after undergoing stressful life events such as divorce, unemployment, death of loved one, or financial problems, there is no one single cause of the disorder.
  • Varied Signs and Symptoms: besides common signs of depression such as feelings of emptiness, irritability, and fatigue among others, there are cases where you may seem to be functioning normally, but actually battling with inner negative thoughts and turmoil. This is called high functioning depression.
  •  Depression Has Huge Economic Impact: being one of the top workplace problems in the United States, approximately $80,000,000,000 is spent annually on the disorder due to associated health care issues and lost productivity.
  • The Disorder Can Be Treated: All forms of depression are treatable through a combination of medical and therapy. However, it can be frustrating to even those who understand it. The most important thing to remember, therefore, is the fact that you are not alone. By leveraging on more exposure and education, the society can work together to put an end to the stigma surrounding the disorder and other health disorders.

Neurocore is a brain performance center focused on helping individuals manage stress and improve their concentration through brain-based assessments and data-driven trainings. Follow Neurocore on

The center utilizes technology to identify their client’s problems or symptoms, and based on the assessments create safe and personalized programs that match the client’s brain map and problems. The company has nine subsidiaries in Florida and Michigan.

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Greg Secker Talks About The Importance Of Forex Trading

Greg Secker believes the time for investors to begin trading on the foreign exchange market is now. According to the financial expert, there are numerous reasons why one should join forex trading. First, with stagnating wage growth, there is need for one to look for additional income generating avenues. Forex trading provides one of the best opportunities for such needs. Secondly, the skyrocketing inflation rates across the globe are continuously reducing people’s spending power. For individuals to continue enjoying a lifestyle that is equivalent to the one that they are living presently, they must increase their incomes. Lastly, increasing interests rates have made loans too expensive to use as a source of money, whether for starting a business or personal needs.

Many people are reluctant to join forex trading since they believe that one needs a mathematical mind to succeed in the business. Although there are graphs that help one to make strategic trades, experts have developed software to help individuals who are not good with graphs and curves. The software tells one when to buy or sell given currencies.

Forex trading has several advantages. First, it is an easy to start business. Most brokers allow one to begin trading with as little as $250. This makes the option accessible to loads of people. Secondly, new traders can practice with demo accounts. These demo accounts enables people to comprehend how to trade without risking their hard-earned cash. Thirdly, provided that one has a trading account, he or she can make trades anywhere and anytime. All one needs is a device connected to the internet such as a Smartphone, tablet or computer. Lastly, unlike stocks where one can make money only when the market is moving up, forex trading provides a flexible system where a trader can make money both from rising and falling market.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a forex trader, financial expert and a shrewd entrepreneur. Secker is a popular name in the world of forex trading. He is credited for creating the world’s first web-based real time forex trading platform.

Secker was brought up in Norfolk, England. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and food science at the University of Nottingham. The forex trading expert began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the company, he learned about trading foreign currencies. He managed to combine his trading expertise with his software development skills to create Virtual Trading Desk. Presently, he manages his company, Learn to Trade. The company is the creator of SmartCharts software.

Wikipedia defines Equities First Holding

There are so many margin loans out there that offer high-interest rates, and they are hard to pay back. Equities First Holdings ahave a different approach. According to Wikipedia, they have figured out a new and innovative way to provide fixed interest rates on the loans they offer. Equities First Holdings can use business stocks as collateral! This is great news because all businesses have a stock value. This way everybody wins. They use a more distinctive funding method. This is why they have been able to complete over 600 transactions since they started this privately owned company in 2002.


Might Fortress International: The most Beautiful Churches In Minnesota

After reading an article entitled Top 25 Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota I found myself in awe at how incredible some of the churches in the country of USA really are. These churches are an expression of humanity’s love for god and every church on that list is amazing to see. Although it could not cover every list in Minnesota the list did a good job showing some of the more physically stunning churches in the state of minnesota. A few churches did however stick out more than others and are quickly making their way to the top of my “places to visit list”.

The Cathedral of Holy Trinity is a large cathedral in in New Ulm minessota that was built all the way back in 1896. The Cathedral of Holy Trinity is among the most stunning on this list and definetely a place you should look into visiting. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Another church that caught my eye was the Cathederal of St. Paul. The Cathederal of St. Paul is arguably the most beautiful church in minnesota and one of the most beautiful churches in the country.

One church that I believe should have made the list is Mighty Fortress International; beauty is not measured only in apearance, especially not when speaking of places of worship. The key beauty of a church is in the message it brings to its people.


Mighty Fortress International’s main concern is helping you to connect with Christ in the most comfortable manner possible. Mighty Fortress is innnovative in the way that it wants you to come to service “as you are” and tries to maintain a non-judgemental atmosphere. The team at Mighty Fortress is dedicated to helping you on your spiritual journey and include topics that apply to modern day life.

Mighty Fortress Church welcomes everybody to come and worship Christ. The team at Mighty Fortress have seen the word change the lives of thousands of people. strengthening your faith and understanding Christ and the trinity is of an importance that is trancendent.

If I were to make a list of the top 25 most beautiful church in minnesota I wouldn’t make it all about apearances. Churches are not only places of worship, they are a symbolic expression of humanity’s love for God. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

George Soros Knows a Thing or Two About Generosity

It’s not every day you see someone just give away $18 billion dollars for charitable causes. But that is exactly what billionaire philanthropist and champion human rights fighter George Soros did a few months back. The founder of high profile and highly respected civil and human rights group, Open Society Foundations, gave $18 billion dollars for the foundation.

Some may ask “why is Mr. Soros so keen on helping with causes related human rights?” The answer is simple. He himself was a refugee at one time and saw first-hand how humans can treat their fellow humans badly. This happened when his home country of Hungary was overrun by a Nazi invasion. It took the legal smarts of his father to stay one step ahead of them before they packed their bags and moved to England.

After moving to England, he did various jobs, including working as a waiter and porter, and put himself through college. He attended the prestigious London School of Economics and worked in various banking and finance related jobs in England. He moved once again this time to the US and started his own hedge fund company. The company started with $12 million in assets and eventually grew to become a $25 billion company. A lion’s share of this belonged Soros himself.

While working in the hedge fund markets he felt the need to get involved in philanthropy related human rights causes. His venture into this field was in 1979 when he got involved with human rights causes in South Africa. His work there allowed many South African children who were suffering under the discrimination of apartheid get scholarships to attend school. As Communism began to collapse in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, he did his share of work in making sure parts of Europe would witness a peaceful transition from Communism to Capitalism.


The Open Society Foundation is involved in five main areas. They are; rights and justice, education and youth, health, governance, and accountability. The foundation has a presence in over 100 countries on all five continents. As mentioned, Mr. Soros is passionate about education and he has given generously to Central European University, based in his home country of Hungary. Read more at CNN Money.

Ultimately, he is most passionate about fighting human rights abuses and racism. This includes some of the things that happened in his home country, the US. This past election, he was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, because he was alarmed by the outbreak of discrimination and blatant racism that has surfaced during the election campaign as well as what happened afterward.

To date, George Soros has given away close to $32 billion of his personal fortune for philanthropic causes. At 87, he is showing no signs of slowing down as he crisscrosses the globe taking part in meetings, and various events connected with Open Society Foundation. He has also written numerous books and articles related to finance and investing as well as geopolitical matters. Read this story about George at

How Mike Baur left the banking industry to venture in tech entrepreneurship

According to Wall Street Journal, Mike Baur joined banking at an early age of 16 years after graduating from Bern and Rochester Universities. The Freiburg born Swiss has led his life in business and entrepreneurship. There are not many people who started their working careers as Mike Baur did because he was an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1991 at I6 years. Baur worked in the banking Industry for the better part of the 1990’s and even before hitting 30 years, he was already promoted to the Advisory Board. He would offer wise advice to many wealthy Swiss investors including then country’s wealthiest people. However, in 2008, Mike Baur left Union Bank of Switzerland for Clariden Leu Bank having propelled UBS to high levels of success. He was posted to Zurich Office. During his tenure at Clariden, Mike worked for six years in a senior position at the bank. The wealth management advisor decided to throw in the towel in banking in 2014. He decided to follow his dream of helping new tech entrepreneurs.



Through his partnership with Max Meister, they founded Swiss Startup Factory in the same year he left banking, 2014. They had graduated together from Bern University. The reason behind forming the incubator program was to assist young business owners and technology startups to achieve their goals through mentorship and training. The incubator also helps the startup with funding and has benefited much from the availability of rent-free offices where it accommodates the trainees. The training program takes three months where the startups are educated on marketing techniques. Apart from being taught on how to get funds from top investors, they also connect with other tech entrepreneurs. The training programs benefit them on a long-term basis. Mike Baur ensures that his trainees come out of his mentorship program so much better than they were when joining incubator. He assures participants that they ideas are worth as long as they follow his mentorship program.



During the START Summiteer a pitching contest which was held in 2014 in one of the universities, Mike was a juror, and since then he encourages young startups to participate as a way of getting funding. The participants are given a chance to present their business ideas and the jurors rate them and decide the winner. However, the qualifying firms are those that have less than $1 Million in their project funding. Through Baur’s participation, Swiss Startup Factory won confidence from many investors.



The Extreme Importance Of Sentient AI Ecommerce Personalization In Competitive Business

Since mass media was invented, marketing has been increasing their personalization levels. This is where Sentient AI ecommerce personalization becomes a factor by providing a tailored experience, a personal touch, and customized recommendations. Personalization is available for mobile apps and websites. This gives marketers an edge because when the tools are connected to customer segments, analytics can be defined.

Another advantage of Sentient AI ecommerce personalization is a marketers site or apps can be updated directly. Different messages can be published without support from IT. The optimal variation for every segment can be found through machine learning algorithms while the campaign is still running. The optimal personal experience is an interaction between the customer, and an employee who is personal and friendly. This dialogue can now be simulated with AI using a voice-activated application or chatbot to simulate this dialogue. A chatbot can be constructed to answer questions by integrating with existing messaging platforms. This allows a customer interaction through customer apps already on their phone.

Sentient AI ecommerce personalization is a simple approach to a marketing platform capable of personalization. The complicated, PhD-level mathematics required have already been abstracted. The machine learning algorithms are now intelligent API’s the average developer can use. There are entire suites of machine learning API’s offering cognitive services. These can handle natural language processing, computer vision, and production recommendations. These services can be custom designed so the preferences of a customer are provided. This enables the content to be personalized for the specific needs of the customers.

There are machine learning API’s for ecommerce personalization. They can recognize images, languages, and generate speech that is lifelike. This provides the ability to literally speak digitally to customers with personalization. Sentient AI ecommerce personalization uses a working knowledge based on the real-world. There are a wide range of options available and ready for marketers who need to begin the incorporation of personalization and AI into their digital experiences. Although the consistent growth of AI in marketing may appear daunting it is critical to remain effective in the modern world. The best possible way to begin using this technology is with Sentient AI ecommerce personalization. A small investment into this technology results in a competitive edge tomorrow. Customers will inevitably gravitate to this digital ecosystem because the business has a personal feel. When a customer is comfortable it provides the business with a distinct advantage over their competition.

Rocketship Education Skyrockets Students

Rocketship is a network of elementary schools opened mainly for low-income students, in neighborhoods with no access to quality education. The schools are non-profitable. The creation of the Rocketship schools aims to give children from suburb and country communities the chance for a good education, create an inspirational ground for teachers to work upon, engage parents into the lives of their children, and develop communities.

Rocketship Schools began opening in 2007, and now there are 18 schools in three regions of the United States. Most of these schools are located in the Bay Area, California. In the center of the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area is a center of innovation and technology. Opportunity and potential of the area, through education, can become accessible its diverse ethnic and immigrant population. Due to the significant demand for Rocketship Schools in the area and large waiting lists, there will be more schools opened up in the future.

The schools are not meant only for the children attending them. Parents are encouraged to participate actively in the school activities of their children and in events within the community. These are organized constantly for them to attend. When opening up a new school, the parents of future children participate in the choosing of staff members and teachers. Rocketship schools usually open up buildings in troubled neighborhoods to transform the community by offering a fresh start for young children, some of which go on to become the first college attendees in their families.

Rocketship School’s idea began in 1999 when Mateo Sheedy, a pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, started the Juan Diego Scholarship for the Santa Clara University. He found out that most of the children attending his parish did not meet the requirements to attend college. He passed away, but in 2006 two people from his parish and two educational entrepreneurs started an elementary school in a low-income neighborhood. This was the first Rocketship School.

Rocketship schools have certain values which make them so progressive. Rocketship schools invest in excellent teachers and professionals who can engage the community to work together with its children. Each child is given the opportunity for instructional education as well as education through technology and tutoring. Most important of all, Rocketship schools encourage parents to participate in their children’s education and achievements in every possible way.