Malcolm CasSelle’s Early Career and Current Ventures

OPSkins is the number one place for players of games like PUBG and H1Z1 to purchase skins and overrides. Malcolm CasSelle is OPSkin’s CIO, and now he has created his own company called WAX, which is also in the business of trading virtual video game assets.

WAX is the newest cryptocurrency company created for video game players. WAX enables players to tokenize their gaming assets, trade, and purchase other assets.

WAX is a lot different than OPSkins. OPSkins is a central market place that purchases and sells items directly; WAX is a marketplace that enables gamers to set up their own shops. WAX hopes to even have their competitors implemented in their system. Malcolm CasSelle has created a system that is so seamless even his competitors must join.

WAX was also able to find solutions for geographical issues. With WAX Tokens, it doesn’t matter which country a gamer is from, WAX can exchange their currency for WAX tokens to enable individuals to purchase anything available on WAX.

“The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream,” said Malcolm CasSelle. Others may believe that the future of cryptocurrency is with industries such as banking, stock trading, and other investment options. CasSelle has the experience to know that cryptocurrency and video games have an intertwined future.

Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle earned degrees in Computer Science from both MIT and Stanford. He has been an entrepreneur for much of his career and has been previously involved in everything from the newspaper industry to video game multimedia businesses. SeaChange International, Tronc and Xfire have all called Malcolm CasSelle leader, either currently or formally. CasSelle was also an early investor of Facebook and Zynga.

NetNoir was one of CasSelle’s earlier creations. NetNoir was an early attempt at an Afrocentric culture website. It was created in 1996, a time when a search for “African American” on Yahoo’s search engine only created 129 hyperlinks.

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