Francisco Domenech Of Politank

Francisco Domenech is a managing partner at a government affairs law firm. Politank creates strategies for companies wanting their private interests represented to legal governments. The company works to provide an array of consulting services. The company links government and business with mutual understanding and consulting. The Puerto Rico based business works with business and organizations on public policy, knowledge of the law and an understanding of how government affairs play out. Read more about Domenech at

Francisco Domenech leads this minoring owned business. Politank is an instrumental firm in its community as it supports the causes and interests of its people. Francisco has made sure his firm is a big supporter of other foundations that share similar causes and interests of the businesses his firm represents. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Foundation, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and the Washington Center. All of these groups work to see a better future in the relationships between commerce, business owners and government officials.

The University of Puerto Rico has been the university Francisco Domenech has graduated from twice. He has studied comparative law at the University College of London. Ever since graduating, he always been very involved in the community and with politics. He has been apart of the Democratic National Committee. He has been a delegate at the National Democratic Convention. He has worked with major political figures like Hillary Clinton. He has been a campaign manager for the first female and youngest person in Puerto Rico to be the Resident Commissioner.

While Francisco Domenech fights for the causes and missions of his fellow Puerto Ricans, he also makes sure Politank is well involved in philanthropy. He makes sure his firm supports organizations and events that benefit the needs and desires of the residents of Puerto Rico. Additionally, he makes sure Puerto Rico is fairly represented to the United States government. His work with Politank has accomplished many great things for people in Puerto Rico. He plans to continue to serve his community with justice in the courts, by creating lasting relationships and by advocating for the law. Visit:


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