Shafik Sachedina: Sussex Healthcare is changing the healthcare industry

For the last twenty years, Sussex Healthcare has been providing quality services to seniors and young people with physical and mental disabilities. The main aim when they started the company was to improve how these groups of people receive services. It has worked since they are changing the healthcare industry in several ways. The industry is a competitive one, but the organization has managed to outshine others because of the commitment of the leaders and staff members to offer quality services to the patients. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at CompanyCheck

Successful operations

Since the entry of the company into the industry, it has been looking for a way to expand. Today it has expanded, and it has over twenty homes to take care of patients. They have ensured they have modern facilities whereby there is a modern gym, proper housing, and daycare units to ensure the senior people are cared for. The main aim of establishment of these centers is to ensure they improve the lives of those who seek their services. Sussex Healthcare is not all about money and doing business, but it is about caring for its patients. They understand that these patients need proper care and that is why they have worked hard to ensure everyone is happy with the services they get.

The best part with Sussex Healthcare is that leaders who are professionals run it and they have done all they can to ensure the organization is running smoothly. They have employed a team of staff members who are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the best treatment. The management has ensured there is competitive compensation and the staff members enjoy a friendly working environment. Sussex Healthcare  is always looking for new qualified caregivers and healthcare professionals to add to their team. If you are qualified and have the requirements, you can apply for the available jobs. Before the staff members start working, they are appropriately trained first. You will receive proper education on how to handle the patients. Due to the delivery of quality services, there is an increased number of patients, and that is why staff members are needed to deal with the increased patients. Visit:




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