OSI Food Solutions Utilizes Viable Tools to Expand its Operations in the World

Strategic positioning refers to the positioning of a business in the future while evaluating the changing environment and the systemic realization of the positioning. The strategic position of a business includes creating the desired future positioning in relation to the present as well as foreseeable developments. The strategy determines the character of the company’s activities. One such business that has strategically positioning itself in the food industry is OSI Food Solutions. Visit bloomberg.com

OSI Food Solutions is a competitive value-added food products company. Over the years, it has positioned itself in the industry through the purchasing of invaluable businesses that have primarily increased its responsiveness to client demands by expanding their operations to advantageous locations. One major acquisition that OSI prides itself in making is the purchase of Baho Food in 2016. The acquisition will enable OSI Food Solutions to expand its operations to 18 states in Europe. This includes Netherlands as well as Germany where the company also acquired Baho Foods.

Baho Foods has five additional processing plants besides its five affiliates. In addition to the financial windfall, the plant will help OSI expand its client base and product line. The acquisition is also a move towards expanding the company’s service portfolio. The strategic move to expand its operations was further catapulted by the purchase of Flagship Europe, a UK based plant that specializes in a broad spectrum of value-added products including sauces, frozen poultry and pies among others. The transaction was sealed in 2016 and it meant Flagship Europe and its major affiliates were part of OSI Group. To improve its global presence across the world, OSI Food Solutions doubled its chicken production in Toledo Spain to meet the growing demand.

OSI Food Solutions has embarked on an ambitious plan to become a leader in the market of not only processed foods but value-added and high quality food by implementing viable business strategies for the brand. The company implements polices that make it possible to provide environment friendly practices for clients and the surrounding community. For that reason, OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honour Award that is conferred to companies that observe environmentally friendly management policies.

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