The Rise Of Classdojo Continues As Revenue Plans Finally Announced

The launch of the Classdojo app has been spectacular in terms of the number of individuals the new technology has reached in the U.S. Upon its launch in 2011, the founders of Classdojo stated their belief in the need for a free app designed to provide a community link between students, teachers, and parents. Throughout the development and launch of Classdojo, the app has remained free for educators, students, and families to use and there are no plans to charge educators who use the app.

Classdojo has been growing at an astonishing rate and stated in 2015 that more than 85,000 different educational institutions were already using the app. This gives the developers of the app a potential goldmine of personal information many companies would use to their advantage. Founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have pledged the company will not sell any personal information as this would be a breach of trust, in their eyes and betray the millions of students and families trusting them with their details.

One of the areas of growth the developers of Classdojo are so proud of is the changing face of the app since it was launched in 2011. The initial application of the program was to track and guide the behavior of students throughout each day but this has morphed into a new way of bringing the school community together. In 2018, the app is being used to provide information between parents, students, and educators who can conduct much of the traditional face-to-face communication of school over the app.

2018 finally saw details of how Classdojo is hoping to create the revenue investors are craving after almost a decade of development and no profits made. The “Beyond School” version of the app will be a paid service providing families with the opportunity to use many of the benefits of Classdojo in their daily lives.

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