Jose Auriemo Neto: The Brains Behind JHFS’s Global Recognition

JHFS is a leading company in the Brazilian real estate industry with several residential and commercial properties. Under its brand is a number of shopping malls, luxury hotels, and business airports.

Since its inception in 1972, the firm has shown its prowess in identifying market opportunities. Its ability to create innovative, quality and sustainable solutions to real estate problems has enabled the company top to scour the industry’s helm.

During the verge of its growth, the company had already established its name in the real estate industry, having developed parts of Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. JHSF is a globally recognized company. Under its belt is a line of properties in Uruguay, New York, and Miami.

Nonetheless, JHFS has managed to establish its name in the high-end industrial sector. It has earned a wide reputation of building Brazils prominent malls including Sao Paolo’s Shopping Cidade Jardim, Shopping Bella Vista in Salvador, Catarina Fashion Outlet in Sao Roque, and Ponta Negra in Manaus. Shopping Cidade Jardim was the first to establish its prominence as the first restaurant to have lighting shops facing beautiful gardens. In fact, it boasts of hosting big apparel brands including Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and Hermes.

After two years of Cidade’s construction, the company was able to complete two other major projects: Shopping Bela Vista and Metro Tucuruvi. The former was the first shopping mall with the widest variety of real estate developments that include schools, commercial retail stores, clubs, and residential apartments.

About Jose Neto Auriemo

He is the Chairman of JHFS Participacoes SA, a company that was founded by his father. Since its establishment, JHFS has scoured the real estate industry all over the world with properties in New York and Miami. Auriemo Neto has contributed a great deal to the growth of the company. He has overseen development project od corporate offices, hotels, and other public infrastructural projects.

Jose Auriemo Neto was the first executive of the company to invest in high-end retail markets. He was the brains behind Shopping Cidade Jardim and the Valentino stores in Brazil. He has played a critical role in steering the company existence and viability during the economic collapse in real estate markets during 2016/ 17 year.

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Michael Nierenberg among the Executives at New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is a highly rated real estate investment firm based in New York with different mortgage plans and models for advancing loans even purchasing securities. This rarity has made this company popular with this virtue firmly attributed to successful market penetration. While the appreciation goes to all stakeholder, there are those whose contribution has been immense and deserving. Michael Nierenberg is one of the top executives at the company who has selflessly dedicated his time, expertise and resource to see the company excel.

Through, the joint effort of Nick Santoro, the Chief Financial Officer, Mandy Cheuk Chief Investor Relations officer and David Schneider the Chief Accounting Officer alongside other board members. This liaison, Michael Nierenberg has been able to develop effective strategies, identify the market needs, provide timely solutions and implement policies. He has been able to recreate mortgage REITs that other companies are not offering hence yielding more rates.

Michael Nierenberg will long be remembered to spearheading the acquisition of Shellpoint Partners during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer. This is one of his expansion strategies that has made the company absorb new customers as well as cast their nets deeper into a new market segment. He holds his prospects growth for the company with now a range of MSR portfolio services it can seamlessly offer.

About Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the President and Chairman to the Board at New Residential Investment Corp. He is also the Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized products and Managing Director at the Bank of America. He has good mortgage acumen thanks to his broad expertise that has enabled him to know how to manage various mortgage products including the unique opportunities therein effectively.

His mortgage professional has worked in many esteemed financial services providers. Michael Nierenberg for years worked at Lehman Brother, tasked with the role to build the mortgage business adjustable rate. He later joined the Bear Stearns as a member of the board; sailing through ranks to become the Co-head of the Mortgage-backed Securities. Elsewhere, he has also worked for Merrill Lynch & Co. and JP Morgan.

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Jojo Heyda Introduces Product That Eliminates Junk Email

Email is a standard form of communication between both individuals and businesses. It has been an integral part of relaying messages and providing information to people in an instant. While email has a lot of benefits, there are also some hassles that are associated with email. One of the most common hassles is junk mail or spam. Many people and businesses often get dozens of junk email messages everyday. As a result, they are likely to be annoyed with this and miss out on getting important email messages. While this has been an issues for many email account holders, a solution has been introduced. Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya co founded a company called Unroll.Me which specializes in gathering and then eliminating all junk email messages.

The 24 year old entrepreneur put together his company after experiencing the hassles of junk email himself. On a number of occasions, Jojo would send emails to his business partner and not get a response. He wondered why this was the case and it was because of a saturation of junk emails. In order to resolve this problem, Hedaya introduced Unroll.Me. This is a product that will allow users to get all of their emails gathered and then choose to unsubscribe to unwanted emails. In recent years, it has been a highly effective methods of getting rid of excess junk email messages.

Unroll.Me would eventually merge with a company called Slice. The two companies would come together to help consumers manage purchases and also eliminate junk email messages. Slice and Unroll.Me would help consumers track orders, organize purchases and also know about all of the available discounts. For a few years, the two companies would work together to serve customers. However, Unroll.Me would eventually leave it up to Slice to handle customer orders while it focuses on handling emails.

In order to help consumers avoid junk email, Unroll.Me and Slice will gather all of the emails on a customer’s account. They then sort out all of the junk emails and analyze them. The two companies then inform the customer and request a decision on what the customer wants to do. In most case, Unroll.Me will erase the junk emails and allow customers to get the emails that are most important.

Meet Heather Parry, President of Live Nation Production

When Heather Parry joined the Live Nation Production as the president on

December 01, 2015, those who were familiar with her incredible work ethic

knew that great things were about to happen. And true to their prediction,

the seasoned creative made sure that she was living up to the hype by

dropping a brand new project about the return of the eagles of death to

Paris after their infamous 2015 tragedy.

This was in collaboration with actor/director Colin Hanks. And needless to

say, the project attracted enough eyeballs to be deemed a commercial

success. In her, well over twenty years in the industry, Heather Parry has

managed to build quite an impressive resume.

From working with MTV for 12 years and the legendary Adam Sandler for

another decade, Heather Parry has without a doubt earned the right to be

referred to as a mogul. But she never does it for the glory, but for the

sake of both the artists and their adoring fans all over the world.

Heather Parry’s most recent project, A Star Is Born, features some of the

entertainment industry’s heavyweights. The Live Nation affiliated movie is

about a legendary singer (Jackson main (played by Bradley Cooper) who not

only discovers a struggling artist named Ally (played by Lady Gaga) but

falls in love with her as well.

What makes this project a success is because of how relatable it is to the

day to day struggles we all face as humans. Some of the cast in the movie

include legendary comedian Dave Chappelle, Alec Baldwin, Sam Elliot, and

Greg Grunberg among others.

Besides already working with some of the biggest names in the industry,

Heather Parry still has a few names she wants to add to her catalog. Some

of these big names in pop culture include Jay Z, Beyoncé, Stevie Nicks

especially covering his return to touring, the Beastie Boys, and David Bowe

just to mention a few.

“Marc Beer Renovia fight against pelvic disorders “

Apart from being the CEO, Marc Beer is also the chairman and co-founder of Renovia Inc. Marc Beer is an experienced manager having twenty-five years specializing in commercialization and development in both pharmaceutical, diagnostic and device industries.


Marc Beer was the former Avegerion pharmaceuticals CEO. After leaving Aegerion where he had worked for five years, Renovia Inc. was his first venture. Marc Beer stated that he thought of the company after meeting Dr. Ray Iglesias. Dr. Ray is a gynecologist who had done pelvic floor surgeries for the last thirty years.


He had spent the last seven to ten years discovering how he could help women with pelvic disorders without using surgery. It was then that Marc Beer decided he had found the right person to think about innovation to develop products to keep women with pelvic disorders from going through unnecessary surgeries.


Renovia Inc. was formed to create new products for pelvic floor disorders. According to researchers, pelvic disorders affect nearly two fifty million worldwide. Marc beer renovia is a medtech company that is focused on creating and developing different diagnostic as well as therapeutic products to heal pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is an example of and a common pelvic floor disorder.


The first product that Marc Beer Renovia created to battle with pelvic disorders was Leva which received FDA approval back in April 2018. Leva has gone on to attract funding for its further development. Longwood fund which is an investment firm that is focused on health care investments had invested in Leva’s early production and trials.


The firm has decided to further invest in the series b round. The series B round will be headed by perspective advisors from New York and Ascension Ventures who are based in Missouri. The funding that Marc Beer Renovia will receive will be used to develop and test four more rounds of therapeutic and diagnostic products which will include a new generation of leva. The series B managed to get $32 million and $10 million regarding venture debt.


Mr. Marc Beer said that he was very excited to have the support of leading health care investors who share the same goal and vision as him of having better diagnosis and treatment methods so that they can improve the lives of women affected by pelvic disorders.


He added that he was confident that by combining his’ firms innovative and sensor technology and forming a digital health platform they would be able to give customers important information regarding new treatment options. By doing this, they will also improve the understanding and knowledge that people have on pelvic disorders and lower health care costs. Learn more:


Interesting HGGC Investment Fund Facts

HGGC is a company founded in 2007 located in Palo Alto, CA by Richard Lawson, Robert Gay and Steven Young. They involve themselves in a variety of financial transactions such as public and private equity, recapitalization, or leveraged buyout investments.

Industries represented by this investment firm include business and services, healthcare, industrial and chemical, and information technology. Although many of the opportunities HGGC has taken advantage of are found in North America, many of the investments are made with corporations around the world.

Some Monetary Statistics

A typical investment made by HGGC is between $25 million-$125 million oftentimes offered to companies with revenues ranging from $100 million-$1 billion. They also strive to find companies that have a value of at least $100 million-$75 million before interest, taxes and amortization. In addition, they often seek to place funds in companies that have an enterprise value of $100 million-$500 million. The EV is calculated as common stock plus preferred equity market value, debt market value, and minority interest minus cash and investments.

Fundraising Reports

Some of the most notable investments by HGGC are three made with MyWebGrocer, Denodo Technologies and FPX. MyWebGrocer funds raised totals more than $48 million by 2014, with a total of $64 million including the $13 million also raised by 2009. In 2016, more than $200 million has already been raised for FPX, and Denodo received $1.84 billion by 2017.

HGGC also has made three additional notable investments (not including the second MyWebGrocer one): The acquisition of MotoFuze, which became an add-on for AutoAlert, The backing of Integrity Marketing Group, and The investment in Hybris along with other funders.

The types of Investments

HGGC often prefers to invest in a way that gives them the majority of company ownership. Otherwise, they at the very least usually negotiate for control rights of a company to which they provide funds.

Talos Energy

Talos energy has been spearheading energy production in Mexico since 2014. The country has reforming its’ infrastructure in energy field. Sometimes when large energy companies come into an area they tend to monopolize and ignore the surrounding community. In Talos’ case, this may not be the issue.

At the moment they are assisting Mexico with developing oil production processes. Talos has been using the most advanced methods of extracting oil with a reduced carbon footprint. Mexico economy will benefit greatly from the companies’ help. In 2015 Talos was one of the first foreign companies to win a contract for oil extraction and processing.

The Zama-1 block was put together by them and a consortium of other companies such as Sierra oil and gas, and U.K. oil. Talos energy also became the privately owned company to drill for oil off the coast of Mexico.

Great Leadership

One man, Tim Duncan the founder of the company leads with intuitive skill. He was born into the industry. You could say he cut his teeth in oil. His father having passed his oil wisdom onto Tim has greatly enhanced his leadership qualities. In 2012 he was honored at Mississippi State University.

He was recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the College of Engineering. Here he also earned his bachelor’s degree. Tim Duncan also has an MBA from the University of Houston the Bauer Executive Program. One of his first positions was a manager for reservoir evaluations and engineering at Gryphon Explorations.

The Mexican government provided an easy in for Talos. They had welcoming arms wide open. At that time the company was searching for ways to branch out and expand. When Mexico opened its’ doors it was a welcoming sight for them. This helped them to not put all their eggs into one basket. The move to do the site work in Mexico benefited both Talos and Mexico.

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Jeremy Goldstein Hosts A Fundraising Wine Dinner In Support Of Fountain Houses

Established over seven decades ago, Fountain House remains one of the most popular mental health institutes in New York City. The facility is dedicated to helping men and women around the city overcome different mental illnesses and transition back to community service.

It achieves this by helping with the treatment and rehabilitation programs that involve treating these individuals and helping them bounce back to their normal life by providing them access to housing and employment services. Having been recently appointed a board member to the institute, Jeremy Goldstein hosted its supporters to a lavish wine dinner that sought to raise funds to help advance the institutes projects.

Fountain house operations and success

Apart from offering rehabilitation services to its in-house patients, Fountain house also partners with several other institutions. For instance, it has come up with community based mental health awareness and treatment programs that it oversees across the New York in partnership with the city authorities. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire and Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House

It also partners with regional and international mental health organizations in advancing research in the field as well as coming up with different rehabilitative and treatment programs for mental health patients.

Over the years, its unique approach to the mental health problem has yielded a lot of success. For instance, its patients report the lowest rates of re-hospitalization compared to others from the rest of the institutions. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein:

According to Jeremy Goldstein, this is made possible by the fact that Fountain House eases the transition back to the society by helping their patients secure jobs and housing facilities in addition to following up on their progress.

More about Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy runs the prestigious Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm in New York that specializes in corporate management affairs.

He is particularly adept with executive compensation, governance, and compensation committees advisory as well as mergers and acquisition. He takes credit for overseeing some record-setting mergers and acquisition deals such as Truven Health Analytics’ take over by JP Morgan Chase.

A New CEO For Sussex Healthcare

Amanda Morgan Taylor was recently unveiled as the new Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Healthcare. The company specializes in providing services to patients suffering from various types of neurological disorders. Amanda brings to the company more than three decades of experience and is expected to play a role in chattering the future of the company. Before entirely taking on her new role, she arranged several meetings with the management team to plan for the tasks ahead. She seemed to hit the road running by starting with a lot of functions and announcing major plans both for the short term and long term.

Amanda’s contribution

Just a short time after her arrival at Sussex Healthcare, Amanda created a new post that is meant to promote quality of service. She also is focusing on compliance tasks. The company is known for providing innovative services to patients and therefore, this strategy seems to be in line with their position as an industry leader when it comes to the holistic concept of care. Although Amanda is keen on finding better ways to enrich the lives of the resident, there is no doubt that she also wants to preserve the company’s long-standing approach.

An important step

While announcing the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer, Sussex Healthcare said that it was an important step. They said that the arrival of Amanda underlines their commitment to providing quality services to residents. Indeed, her experience and former leadership positions at many other leading companies support this fact. In addition to that, she is a leader who has enjoyed tremendous success in the many positions that she held before joining the company. After taking the job, she made visits to every home location and met the staffs and family members of the residents.

Sussex Healthcare has been looking for ways to improve the lives of residents by helping them with the most important things to manage neurological problems and dementia. Recently, they opened the doors to a state-of-the-art gym facility that will be used for exercises because patients need regular workouts to stimulate the body to produce enough hormones that will contribute to their mental and physical stability.

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Boraie Developments Development Agenda for Newark and New Jersey as a Whole

Inspire to The Aspire is a slogan that has now become common in New Brunswick after The Aspire was inaugurated in 2015. The Aspire is a luxury rental tower that has residential spaces, office spaces and other commercial spaces. It was developed by Boraie Development, a prominent New Brunswick property developer. The luxury tower has the needs of fancy and trendy renters taken care of with convenience meeting modern design.

The Boraie Development’s The Aspire is located near New Brunswick train station for convenience for commuters. It is close to necessary social amenities and even more. It is surrounded by Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Robert Wood Johnson University and Rutgers University’s Downtown City Center.

The interior design of the residential spaces took a lot of insight, thought and investments. They were designed to meet the needs of trendy renters. They have an option of staying in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom designer apartments. The security of the building has not been left to chance given the affinity of robbers to well-off people. It also prides itself on ample parking space with direct access to the building.

The tower has a lounge with state-of-art-facilities providing high-class services. This is one of Boraie Development’s phenomenal properties in the area. It has continued to press on the path of property development in New Brunswick, Newark and even New Jersey as a whole.

In 2015, Boraie Development hit business news headlines for partnering with Shaquille O’Neal, a prominent basketball star, to develop properties in Newark. The partnership came in the wake of Mr. O’Neal’s intention to give back to the community he grew up in. They have so far done a lot of projects together. They injected $7 million into an old theater in Springfield Avenue now known as CityPlex12 Newark.

They duo are looking to take housing projects to distressed areas of New Jersey. Shaquille O’Neal utilizes his star power and financial muscle to realize the development agenda. On the hand, Boraie Development brings years of experience and expertise in property development.

About Boraie Development

Boraie is a property development company based in New Brunswick which has developed more than one million square feet of residential as well as commercial property in New Jersey. The company has developed properties targeting different income targets with The Aspire, its recent venture, targeting high income earners. Omar Boraie is the company’s patriarch who was initially an Egyptian chemist. The companies looks to impact the community it operates in.