Serge Belamant’s Innovative Technologies Have Been Beneficial To The Financial Sector

Serge Belamant is a renowned investor, and he is widely known for founding the blockchain technologies. He is very innovative, and his skill set as a software and applications developer has been beneficial to finance industry. The innovations by Serge Belamant paved the way for the creation of many types of cryptocurrencies. Belamant made use of microcontrollers and smart cards to produce a transaction ledger that was independent and distributed. The technology produced by Belamant has been beneficial to financial institutions such as banks. Private corporations, as well as the government, have been able to process financial transactions faster and in a secure manner.

About Serge Belamant and his Innovative Technology

Serge Pierre Belamant hails from France, but he relocated to South Africa when he was still a young man. Belamant acquired many skills while in South Africa such as learning about reading and writing in English. As a young man, Belamant was fond of sports such as rugby and chess. He also used to excel in his academics. Additionally, he held various leadership positions such as being a house captain while in school. Belamant was also a participant in the African Chess School Championship that was held in 1972. He was playing on behalf of the Sothern Transvaal. Fortunately, he acquired the 6th position at the end of the chess tournament.

At the university, Belamant studied computer science and applied mathematics. This was after he studied engineering for one year before deciding to switch courses. Although Belamant did not complete his studies at the Witwatersrand University, he was privileged to join UNISA, and he completed his studies in information systems successfully. Thereafter, Belamant began working, and he was offered a job at Matrix. He was in charge of handling finite element analysis software, and he would use his expertise to develop applications that would even carry out an analysis of the water levels in dams. Such an application came in handy since it would even help in the prediction of drought in the future.

About Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a list of records that are brought together through cryptography. Each list has some transaction data and an encrypted timestamp. Blockchain technology was initially used to help financial institutions in increasing their transparency. Serge Belamant has been utilizing this form of technology, and financial institutions are now benefiting greatly from his innovations.

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