AIA Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy Receives A Prestigious Noel Polk Award

It was an honor to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to declare that one of their own was going to receive an award. It was none other than the firm’s Executive Vice President, Robert Ivy. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Robert by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL), a non-profit organization that realized the potential in Robert Ivy. The presenting of the Noel Polk Lifetime Award to an architect is in itself a surprise. The prize is only given to living artist and patron who live or are adversely connected to Mississippi.

Robert Ivy is not the only one that was honored with this prestigious Mississippi award. Andrew Cary, a glass-stained artist too received the award. Preparations for the presenting the two guys with their awards started immediately after it was announced that Robert Ivy and Andrew Cary were selected for the honor. When the right time came, June, 2, 2018, the two guys received their awards. MIAL did not miss a point in choosing Robert for the award. Mr. Ivy is a man of many things. He is an accomplished author editor, having written so many educational materials. Until the time Robert was chosen for the award, he was and still is a practicing architect.

Ivy has been presiding over AIA as a Chief Executive Officer since 2011. After the news spread that Robert is the first architect to receive such an honor, Carl Elefante, AIA President, and Ivy’s senior said that it is something that nobody expected. Carl hurled praises at Robert saying he has shown exemplary qualities ever since he stepped foot at American Institute of Architects. “Robert is worth the award. He is indeed a worthy ambassador to spearhead our profession,” Carl said. He added that the award came at a time he would really appreciate it. “This is a truly crowning as well as personal achievement. Because he comes from Mississippi, he is bonafide to have the award. The only thing he surpassed many is that he is the first architect that has received the award. I am truly a happy man,” the President said in congratulating Robert Ivy.

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