The Success of Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is an established private equity firm that focuses on controlling investments in growing middle market companies. This private equity firm has invested in over 85 acquisitions in 30 years. This firm was founded in 1986 and is now one of the top-ranking equity firms in the world. Lincolnshire Management has approximately 1.7 billion dollars in capital that are currently under management. Lincolnshire Management has been working with a ton of successful businesses and help these businesses grow tremendously. The headquarters for this private equity firm is located in New York, along with a regional office located in Chicago. Lincolnshire Management has invested in corporate recapitalizations, management buyouts, and growth equity for private companies. This private equity firm has helped so many organizations develop and expand.

There was a recent article released by Cision PR Newswire, that talks about Lincolnshire Management and their decision to sell Holley Performance Parts. Holley is a leader of performance automotive aftermarket parts and has been around for a long time. This company is being sold to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners, which has merged Driven Performance Brands with Holley. With the merger of these two products, Sentinel Capital Partners will be a leader in the automotive industry. Holley has created many successful brands, like MSD, Accel, Edge, and many more.

Lincolnshire Management has been working with Holley for many years and together these two organizations created exponential growth. This was a very well written article and gives great testimony, that Lincolnshire Management is a successful private equity firm that knows how to grow a business. This company has certainly earned the well-established reputation that this firm is known for. This article shows the success and diversity that Lincolnshire management possesses. This is also a great article demonstrating the successful partnership between Lincolnshire Management and Holley Performance Parts.

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Fortress Investment Group As One Of Randal Nardone’s Most Successful Ventures

When it comes to the World’s leading investment firm, Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone must be mentioned as the pioneer and the man behind its continued success. He started the company alongside his two colleagues, Wesley Edens and Rob Kauffman in 1998 after a long while of working with financial institutions. Randal, who began his career path as a lawyer in Thatcher Proffitt and Wood developed an interest in financial investments while still in the firm’s legal department and immediately moved to a financial institution, Blackrock, where he was the principal. Later, he earned himself a high-profile role in the Union Bank of Switzerland where he occupied the office of the banks managing director.

Randal Nardone has a doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Boston law school and a bachelor of arts degree in English and a minor in biology from Connecticut University. The investment bigwig is among the wealthiest men in the world and was listed by the Forbes magazine as the 557th billionaire with a net worth of about 1.8 billion dollars. Outside of Fortress Investment Group, Randal has other distinctive responsibilities in 8 different organizations across 20 industries. In Springleaf Holdings Ltd and Spring life Reit Inc, he is the acting director. Randal Nardone is still the chairman of Euro Castle investment Ltd and Florida East Coast holdings among other various companies.

Randal’s employees consider him a team player and each of the 2500 individuals working under him can attest to the fact that he is among the best patrons to work with. Together with his team, he has managed to get recognition from various institutions commending Fortress Investment Group for maintaining high standards in the asset management industry. For instance, the HFMWeek awarded them with the best management firm of the year award while the institutional investor honored them with the Hedge Fund award.Late last year, 2017, the SoftBank Group finished the paperwork involved in acquiring Fortress Investment Group. All their common stocks were pulled down from the New York Stock Exchange, and their statements would henceforth reflect in the SBG’s financial statements. According to Randal Nardone, giving up the Fortress Investment at a time when their private equity assets were not doing so well was a calculated scheme to maintain their clients’ confidence in them. He entirely supported the idea and passionately kept working for Fortress even under SBG.

IC System and Helpful Accounts Receivable Management Guidance

IC System, Inc. is a trustworthy accounts receivable firm. Jack and Ruth Erickson established the business back in 1938. Their goal at that time was to provide all customers with assistance that was both sincere and right-minded. IC System has remained a family business since that time. Its main office is located just outside of the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota. It’s a collections business that strives to do exactly what it always has. It works to enhance financial destinies. IC System concentrates on various concepts that drive its team members day in and day out. The company believes in providing all individuals with experiences that are centered around dignity. It believes in going above and beyond for customers and in surpassing their wishes at all times. It believes in creativity and in devising answers that are smoother and more efficient, too.

IC System accommodates the requirements of quite a few different industries. These industries are dental, medical care, financial services, government, utilities, communications and commercial options. It works with entities that focus on business collections that are medium and small.

IC System is a business that’s privately owned. Its accounts receivable management specialties are suitable for clients that are located in all different parts of the United States. IC System has clients that number in the thousands. The company backs the power of social media marketing and because of that has established a Twitter presence. It’s been on Twitter since March of 2010. The IC System staff posts Twitter messages that go into all types of pertinent subjects. These messages talk about healthcare clinics, employee searches, patient billing dilemmas, compliance rules, debt collection and beyond (

People who want to find out more about IC System can turn to yet another famed social media platform on the Internet. This one is Facebook. Individuals who want more information about IC System can always contact the firm via Facebook. Its staff members respond rapidly to Facebook communications.

Although IC System’s primary office is situated in St. Paul, it actually has two different branches located in the Midwestern region of the United States.