Remarkable Contributions of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman at OSI Group, LLC. He is also the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. OSI Group is the most extensive global food products, supplier. They mainly deal with food production and development, supply chain management and distribution throughout the world. He had a vision while he was young; he wanted to operate a business in which he owned. To facilitate this dream, he studied accounting and finance from a prestigious university.

Sheldon Lavin attained in-depth knowledge of the industry due to his involvement in the financing of the first Otto & Sons Company. This is the first meat processing company, which was established by Kolschowsky in West Chicago. The company later changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Group after it merged with McDonald’s. Under his leadership, Sheldon Lavin has overseen a tremendous growth from a retail meat shop to an internationally recognized company. The company operates in over 17 countries, serving from over 70 facilities. The products are mainly proteins although they also produce sauce snacks, vegetables, and baked foods.

When asked about how he oversaw the growth of OSI Group to its current state, Sheldon Lavin explained that the company, unlike other typical companies, is an entrepreneurial company with rules, strategies, levels of leadership, financial budgets, and a culture. The firm is built on a strong cultural foundation, making it operate like a family, where every stakeholder has a way to air his ideas. The company appreciates every member for his contribution towards its success. At work, everybody is equal to the other employee. This is seen by how they take their lunch in the corporate office and how they address each other by the first names, that is including the CEO, who is named as Sheldon or Shelly. The company is not only concerned by the welfare of the employees only but also their families’ too.

This strategy was the best in venturing into business, and it has proven to be working. Apart from the success in the enterprise, OSI Group also takes part in charitable events as a way of giving back to the community. The vision of Sheldon Lavin for the company is to make sure that its growth does not stop. The goal is to become a leading food industry in the whole world.


Steve Lesnard Explains How Product Marketing Should Happen In The Digital World

The current digital and social platforms have changed the way people are marketing new products. These strategies have many benefits, but they can also be counterproductive if not applied well. For your new product to be successful in the market, it’s important to clearly highlight the benefits and the value it will add to the lives of consumers. Brands that make it always put the needs of clients first. The two principles explained below by Steve Lesnard will help you market your new products well.

  1. Ensure it is simple so it can be memorable

The best way to introduce a new product is to inform clients what makes it better than the rest. Make sure you outline all the benefits and keep in mind what Walt Disney once said about making sure that story line is right. Focus on what is innovative and creative to help you communicate by picking a particular lane and simply go for it. There have been famous campaigns from iPod which benefited customers who wished to listen to music while travelling. This strategy was highly appreciated since it happened at a time when the company was rushing for technological supremacy.

According to Steve Lesnard , Apple has been expanding over the years focusing mostly on their watches. You are able to connect your phone with your watch and use it wherever you are and even have health and wellness through its sports measurements and monitoring features. This is possible for Apple since they keep it simple for their clients and always giving them a motive for upgrading.

  1. Making it real by bringing life to it

The next step is to bring the product to life for the customers. Once you are sure about your storyline, make sure you follow the specific details so you can come up with the best product. Details like how to use the product, what it does and how it looks are elements that can be presented using the medium you decide to work with. Steve Lesnard believes that clients should be your priority especially when it comes to product presentation so you can meet and exceed their expectations.

Bhanu Choudhrie: Water And Electricity Are Big Sectors For Growth In The Middle East

Bhanu Choudhrie comes from one of the first billionaire families in India and he is showing the world that talent for entrepreneurship and business certainly did not skip a generation. Currently, Bhanu Choudhrie is a director for his family’s business, C&C Alpha Group and has been a vital part of the company’s expansion in the Middle East. They do business in many different sectors such as utilities, aviation, and even care homes among several others.

Alpha Utilities is based in Dubai and owned by C&C Alpha Group. The company and Bhanu Choudhrie have announced big plans in Saudi Arabia as they plan to enter the market of water desalination. This will allow them to provide suitable drinking water to people across the country. While they already produce half a million gallons of water at their play in Sharjah every day, they have plans to expand these operations as demand for their product continues to grow. They are the exclusive provider of desalinated water for the Free Trade Zone Authority of Hamriyah. Eventually, there are plans to produce 2 million gallons of water per day.

Bhanu Choudhrie and his family are known throughout the world of some the savviest names in business today. In addition to the water sector in the Middle East, there are plans to invest more in providing power for the region as well. Throughout the United Arab Emirates, there has been a lot of progress when it comes to building infrastructure in the area. With all of this development, he knows that there will continue to be an increase in demand for both electricity and water in the near future and beyond.

Bhanu Choudhrie and C&C Alpha Group have been involved with talks with officials from Saudi Arabia concerning expanding their presence in the area. The opportunities that Saudi Arabia offers when it comes to desalination are record-breaking. The government entity that controls the process in the country earned a Guinness World Record for being the biggest plant for water desalination throughout the entire world. Even with this large plant that is already in operation, there is still room for more expansion.



Nitin Khanna: With Mergertech and Saber President

Nitin Khanna was born in 1971 and attended a school in India. His father served as an Army officer and the other members of his family were business men and women. He was raised up in a household where business was well known and was one of the greatest source of income in the household. In the year 1988, he did his bachelors and mastered the degree of industrial engineering in Purdue in United States.

While he was doing his Ph.D. program for robotics, Nitin Khanna saw it was good for him to leave education and do something to cater for his needs. His brother joined him in U.S in the year 1999 and launched a software by the name Saber software. They developed this software for 10 years. This software was used in elections. It was useful during big Bush and Gore debacle in Florida.

The government implemented a law known as the Help America Vote Act stated that all the States should improve their systems before 2006. The first state to do the modernization of the election system was Oregon proceeded to do all this to all the 21 states.

Nowadays, all the 21 states use Saber software in managing their elections. The system was more developed and many aspects were added to ease interaction of the government and the citizens. Nitin Khanna went ahead and sold the software and started doing many investing. His goal was directed boosting many firms located in Portland grow as well. Nitin Khanna and his brother were the robust company in the state by building Mergertech. The two brothers focused in mobile technology and boost those interested in mobile firms.

Nitin Khanna had planned one strategy about the companies he had worked for. He had to accomplish the mission and vision of the companies before resigning. Nitin Khanna believed that the difference between different firms are brought by its people. Nitin Khanna used a lot of time and ensured that his companies had the right workers for the not to fail. His partner at Saber and Mergertech was his brother who worked very hard in increasing the operational skills of the company.

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Watford: We Expect Better Results This Season

The entire football public is wondering if Watford can achieve something different after the biggest win of the season. To recall, the result of a match against Cardiff was 5-1. That win gave the Hornets the wings to fly to the top of the league.

Watford now has only one defeat in 11 games and has reached the FA Cup quarterfinal and up to seventh in the Premier League.

It is more than obvious that players express their team spirit and help each other.

The coach Javi Gracia is more than satisfied with the results and methods of the game.

Hornets say they have ambitions and they can achieve something completely different in this season. Just to remind you… Watford currently has 40 points and wants to continue to the top of the league in the FA Cup.

Ambitions For The Season

Deulofeu’s hat-trick was the first one since 1986, Mark Falco scored in a match against Aston Villa. Gracia claimes Deulofeu was playing really well and scored three goals. But he was of very good assistance to Troy after he scored.

The team is getting better that is the fact, but they still must improve.

However, Watford matches attract a large number of visitors, and among them are often VIP officials. Among them is also Sir Elton John, the former owner and now the honorary president of the Watford Football Club.

In June 2012, the club was bought by the Italian businessman Gino Pozzo. Pozzo bought the club in a bit of an interesting moment.

That season, Watford had finished in the third place in the Championship. They’ve managed to reach the play-off final but they were defeated by Crystal Palace.

The next season did not bring any success. On the contrary. Giuseppe Sannino replaced Zola as their new manager and the team failed and finished 13th of the end of the season

Afterword, Sannino resigned and Óscar García came but did not stay for long. He left quickly for health reasons.

The club had its ups and downs, but finally, in 2018 they seem to spot the light at the end of the tunnel. Pozzi hired a former Spanish player Javi Garcia and started to score again.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Secret To Success

Bhanu Choudhrie has been active in the investment world for decades and is currently the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd; he’s held this role since 2001 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. During his time with the company, Bhanu Choudhrie has handled a variety of investments across the world. Some of the more notable investments that Mr. Choudhrie was involved in include award-winning spa hotels in India and Mauritius and care homes in the United Kingdom.

Born in Delhi in 1978, Mr. Choudhrie was always focused on international business; so much so that he moved to Boston so that he could study International Business and Marketing at the University of Boston. Rather than stay in the United States, however, Bhanu Choudhrie chose instead to move again, this time to the United Kingdom. In explaining his decision to do so, Mr. Choudhrie said that while an intern with JP Morgan in 1999, he saw an opportunity in London for a variety of new ventures.

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This took up much of his time over the next few years, and in 2008 Bhanu Choudhrie was named Asian Entrepreneur of the Year. He wasn’t expecting the win but said that he was honored to be named as such. In explaining his key to being successful, Mr. Choudhrie has said that is to be supportive of staff and management. This is especially true when dealing with investment opportunities and being supportive of CEOs and upper management during the investment process. This is because many people may feel uncertain or insecure during such a period and may need some support during the timeframe.

Mr. Choudhrie has said that this will help him moving forward and he carried it into 2011 while the company was looking into the hotel and tourism sector, as well as a few other new industries for the investment firm. Since joining C&C Alpha Group Ltd almost two decades ago, Bhanu Choudhrie has brought the company from success to success, growing it from a small, family-run enterprise to somewhat of a juggernaut in the investment world and shows no sign of slowing down.


Ara Chackerian Sees Hope For Postpartum Depression Awareness

Becoming a mother is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of a woman’s life, but sometimes issues with postpartum depression can make it a very scary time as well. Ara Chackerian knows that while we document those happy moments that come with parenthood, a lot of the harder parts are not spoken about. New parents go without much rest and while they are raising their baby in their early stages of life the mother’s hormones are rapidly changing as they attempt to return to pre-pregnancy levels.

Ara Chackerian has noted how important mothers are to the world on many different levels. This is why some of the statistics when it comes to mental illness and motherhood are quite alarming for the entrepreneur and Director of TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian, a graduate of Florida State University, wants more to be done to address the problems with post-partum depression and wants to encourage women to get treatment if they need it instead of being worried about the stigma. While motherhood can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be as riddled with depression and anxiety as it is when battling with post-partum depression.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is the basis of treatment at Ara Chackerian’s TMS Health Solutions which was founded in 2016. and he believes that they have already seen encouraging results in the emergent field in mental health treatment. He wants mothers to feel more encouraged when it comes to talking about mental health issues to their doctors instead of being afraid of the stigma. More people are finding improvement with their depression symptoms and Ara Chackerian and TMS Health Solutions are trying to raise awareness for this treatment. Many see transcranial magnetic stimulation as possibly becoming a new pillar in mental health alongside traditional talk therapy and medication.

Guilherme Paulus Reveals Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Brazil’s leading tourism entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus, was recently interviewed for the Inspirey website in an article titled, “Guilherme Paulus- Founder, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A.” The interview reveals that there is a lot of tourism opportunity in Brazil because the locals don’t know the country that well. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

CVC became the largest travel operator in Brazil, transporting and helping more than 6 million tourists discover the beauty and history of the country. He believes there is still a huge opportunity to grow because there are so many beautiful smaller cities that can provide a unique experience to those looking to explore Brazil. He believes that by 2020, the company will have more than 2,000 stores available throughout the country.

One of the biggest changes Guilherme Paulus has noticed in the past decade is the importance of online presence. Though his company has focused on creating physical stores in almost all of the shopping centers in Brazil, he reveals that an online presence is a necessity of the business. Their online presence provides customers with research, support, and will even close sales. He reveals that the best source that keeps the company productive and up to date on the latest trends is Google. CVC was one of the first companies to develop technological innovations in the tourism market.

Guilherme Paulus also suggests that budding entrepreneurs read “The Greatest Salesmen in the World” by Og Mandino because it provides the best advice on how to sell. Paulus reveals that much of his knowledge of entrepreneurship and business came from this book, even down to how to schedule his week.

One failure he believes the company made was the decision to open a company in France. Though the outlet ended up being very successful and was celebrated by the French government, who were willing to grant visas, they did not see a lot of initial traffic because people didn’t recognize the brand as a tourist company. The signs only said CVC, so they didn’t understand the company had a huge 21-day circuit throughout Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ushuaia, and Foz do Iguacu. He also believes it was a mistake to use Brazilians to meet the French because of the lack of understanding.

One of the biggest successes Guilherme Paulus had was the ability to focus on multiple markets at once. Though they believed in international tourism, Paulus also recommended that the company should focus on domestic tourism. His own experience traveling allowed him to have a greater understanding of the needs of his business.

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Jojo Heyda Introduces Product That Eliminates Junk Email

Email is a standard form of communication between both individuals and businesses. It has been an integral part of relaying messages and providing information to people in an instant. While email has a lot of benefits, there are also some hassles that are associated with email. One of the most common hassles is junk mail or spam. Many people and businesses often get dozens of junk email messages everyday. As a result, they are likely to be annoyed with this and miss out on getting important email messages. While this has been an issues for many email account holders, a solution has been introduced. Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya co founded a company called Unroll.Me which specializes in gathering and then eliminating all junk email messages.

The 24 year old entrepreneur put together his company after experiencing the hassles of junk email himself. On a number of occasions, Jojo would send emails to his business partner and not get a response. He wondered why this was the case and it was because of a saturation of junk emails. In order to resolve this problem, Hedaya introduced Unroll.Me. This is a product that will allow users to get all of their emails gathered and then choose to unsubscribe to unwanted emails. In recent years, it has been a highly effective methods of getting rid of excess junk email messages.

Unroll.Me would eventually merge with a company called Slice. The two companies would come together to help consumers manage purchases and also eliminate junk email messages. Slice and Unroll.Me would help consumers track orders, organize purchases and also know about all of the available discounts. For a few years, the two companies would work together to serve customers. However, Unroll.Me would eventually leave it up to Slice to handle customer orders while it focuses on handling emails.

In order to help consumers avoid junk email, Unroll.Me and Slice will gather all of the emails on a customer’s account. They then sort out all of the junk emails and analyze them. The two companies then inform the customer and request a decision on what the customer wants to do. In most case, Unroll.Me will erase the junk emails and allow customers to get the emails that are most important.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Rocks In The New Year In The Rain

New York City is certainly the place to be to start off the new year. However, someone forgot to tell the rain man that he was about to rain on one of the year’s biggest events. The rain, however, did not stop the crowds from piling into Time Square. It did not seem to stop too many of the stars from joining their favorite hosts either. Hosts such as Ryan Seacrest, who is the host of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, braved the rain and managed to entertain the many viewers tuned in to watch the ball drop. Seacrest did state that he did prefer the rain over the freezing temperatures of the previous year. Secrest stood soaked to the core in a pair of jeans and a white shirt from his own clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction sold exclusively at Macy’s Department store.

At one time, Seacrest had to be reminded not to stand too close to heaters when he managed to back into one and his coat started to smoke. Umbrellas were not allowed in Time Square this year due to safety concerns. This did not stop Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen from trying to stay dry under one while they were hosting their show just steps away from Seacrest. They did eventually have to take down their umbrella. All the hosts claimed that they did have a good time and were not too bothered by the rain.

At least Ryan Seacrest’s other hosting gigs are done in a studio. Seacrest is the co-host of the morning weekday show Live with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. He is also the host of American Idol and hosts two radio shows. Besides his clothing line, he has released a skincare line called Polish. Seacrest also finds time to help others. He has built several multi-media studios in children’s hospitals across the country for children to learn and have fun while in the hospital.