A Detailed Outline Of Financial Stability, Initiated By Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions, created an outline that contains three focal points for financial stability. Wealth Solutions is an advisory service for investors. They provide strategic retirement strategies and fund management services to their clients. They are based out of the Austin, Texas. The process Blair outlines in his proposition includes financial roadmaps, investment strategies and financial goals.

The First Notion

The first notion to Bair’s plan is to design the clients map of goals and investment desires. Blair’s company identifies the client’s preferences and desires regarding their investments. Richard Dwayne Blair hopes that this practice will allow him to create strong relationships with his clients. He also believes this practice will become a theme of longevity within his business.

The Second Notion

The second notion to Blair’s proposal is to draft a long-term plan for his clients. The strategy will include the client’s specific financial goals and preferences regarding assets. Richard Dwayne Blair relocates funds and manages assets for his clients. When the market fluctuates in a manner than will benefit his clients, he repurposes funds.

The Third Notion

The third notion to Blair’s plan is to carry out the devised plan. Action is critical to the success of any idea. In order to build these results in real life, action is necessary. After the plan has been successfully devised, Wealth Solutions will follow up with clients and guide them to complete their financial roadmap. The finical plan will be tracked to ensure their clients expectations are met, and data is collected.

More information regarding Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair has merged his interest of education with his ability to understand and manage funds. He came to the realization that he could make a business that advised others on fund management. Proceeding his college education, he pursued the financial industry. In 1994, he initiated his own firm called Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solution allowed him to offer his financial advice to clients. His goal is to assist clients with their retirement endeavors.

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Graham Edwards Proves His Mettle As CEO of Telereal

Graham Edwards has been the chief executive officer of Telereal since the company’s inception in 2001. And with his first deal, Edwards set the tone for what would become the company philosophies that recognizes the value that may be unseen by others and the importance of fostering growth through partnerships.

A closer look into the deal brokered by Edwards demonstrates the impact he has had on the company. The deal, which was executed in December of 2001 involved British Telecomholdings agreeing to a 30-year partnership agreement with Telereal Trillium. The deal, which had a value of 2.38 British pounds resulted in the transfer of most of the estates owned by BT to Telereal Trillium. The deal also allowed Telereal Trillium to acquire nearly 60 million square feet of property with 6,700 individual locations.

A key component of the deal was the allowance for BT to evacuate the properties to be transferred over a course of time and not on an immediate basis. The deal benefited both parties by allowing BT to greatly reduce the size of their estate which in turn allowed Telereal Trillium to raise the value of their company by the acquisition of the properties.

Graham Edwards Telereal played a vital role in the ability of Telereal Trillium’s ability to realize increased value from the deal as his years of investing experience caused him to be able to see the true value of the properties held by BT.

Edwards, who studied economics at Cambridge University, made it a point to align himself with many of the more forward-thinking individuals and companies in the field of investment. Before joining Telereal, Edwards was employed by Talisman Global Asset Management as the company’s chief investment officer.

Edwards has also worked for Merrill Lynch where he held several positions as well as performed duties for BT’s property department.

The 2001 partnership deal with BT was only the beginning of the impact Edwards would have on Telereal. While executing his duties with the company in a very competent manner, Edwards has been responsible for continuously brokering deals that continue to increase the growth and value of Telereal Trillium.