Bhanu Choudhrie’s Secret To Success

Bhanu Choudhrie has been active in the investment world for decades and is currently the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd; he’s held this role since 2001 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. During his time with the company, Bhanu Choudhrie has handled a variety of investments across the world. Some of the more notable investments that Mr. Choudhrie was involved in include award-winning spa hotels in India and Mauritius and care homes in the United Kingdom.

Born in Delhi in 1978, Mr. Choudhrie was always focused on international business; so much so that he moved to Boston so that he could study International Business and Marketing at the University of Boston. Rather than stay in the United States, however, Bhanu Choudhrie chose instead to move again, this time to the United Kingdom. In explaining his decision to do so, Mr. Choudhrie said that while an intern with JP Morgan in 1999, he saw an opportunity in London for a variety of new ventures.

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This took up much of his time over the next few years, and in 2008 Bhanu Choudhrie was named Asian Entrepreneur of the Year. He wasn’t expecting the win but said that he was honored to be named as such. In explaining his key to being successful, Mr. Choudhrie has said that is to be supportive of staff and management. This is especially true when dealing with investment opportunities and being supportive of CEOs and upper management during the investment process. This is because many people may feel uncertain or insecure during such a period and may need some support during the timeframe.

Mr. Choudhrie has said that this will help him moving forward and he carried it into 2011 while the company was looking into the hotel and tourism sector, as well as a few other new industries for the investment firm. Since joining C&C Alpha Group Ltd almost two decades ago, Bhanu Choudhrie has brought the company from success to success, growing it from a small, family-run enterprise to somewhat of a juggernaut in the investment world and shows no sign of slowing down.


Ashley Brasier from Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ashley Brasier is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners – an investment and management company. According to Ashley Lightspeed, “Prototyping is a key tool in the entrepreneur’s toolkit, as it enables you to ‘fail fast and iterate faster.'” This is the philosophy she lives by which also influences her actions at Lightspeed Venture partners. Ashley wanted to be an architect like her father as a kid, and the drafting process associated with design always stuck with her. Instead of buildings or inventions, however, Ashley Lightspeed works at prototyping ideas and methods for businesses and running them. Related articles at

Ashley Brasier began a career after graduating from Duke doing consulting for a company called Bain. Ultimately, several years at Bain left her unsatisfied, as she yearned to explore and understand the more difficult, operational work of the Silicon Valley. This led to her next job, as the category manager at a company called Thumbtack. At Thumbtack Ashley Lightspeed utilized her personal philosophy of prototyping ideas like an inventor would while working at Thumbtack, specifically in the events and wedding planning departments of the company. Working at Thumbtack was also what led Ashley Brasier to venture capital and investments, which is what she would end up doing at Lightspeed Venture Partners. According to her, “[being able to] see into the future and its proven track record of identifying and supporting trends before they become established [is what makes venture capital an exciting industry].” After leaving Thumbtack to pursue further education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Ashley joined Lightspeed as a member of the consumer investing team. Here, her and her other teammates work with fledgling companies to monitor their development and help them grow quickly and efficiently. Ashley is still upholding her sense of prototype and craftsmanship, even in this line of work.

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Michael Nierenberg among the Executives at New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is a highly rated real estate investment firm based in New York with different mortgage plans and models for advancing loans even purchasing securities. This rarity has made this company popular with this virtue firmly attributed to successful market penetration. While the appreciation goes to all stakeholder, there are those whose contribution has been immense and deserving. Michael Nierenberg is one of the top executives at the company who has selflessly dedicated his time, expertise and resource to see the company excel.

Through, the joint effort of Nick Santoro, the Chief Financial Officer, Mandy Cheuk Chief Investor Relations officer and David Schneider the Chief Accounting Officer alongside other board members. This liaison, Michael Nierenberg has been able to develop effective strategies, identify the market needs, provide timely solutions and implement policies. He has been able to recreate mortgage REITs that other companies are not offering hence yielding more rates.

Michael Nierenberg will long be remembered to spearheading the acquisition of Shellpoint Partners during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer. This is one of his expansion strategies that has made the company absorb new customers as well as cast their nets deeper into a new market segment. He holds his prospects growth for the company with now a range of MSR portfolio services it can seamlessly offer.

About Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the President and Chairman to the Board at New Residential Investment Corp. He is also the Head of Global Mortgages and Securitized products and Managing Director at the Bank of America. He has good mortgage acumen thanks to his broad expertise that has enabled him to know how to manage various mortgage products including the unique opportunities therein effectively.

His mortgage professional has worked in many esteemed financial services providers. Michael Nierenberg for years worked at Lehman Brother, tasked with the role to build the mortgage business adjustable rate. He later joined the Bear Stearns as a member of the board; sailing through ranks to become the Co-head of the Mortgage-backed Securities. Elsewhere, he has also worked for Merrill Lynch & Co. and JP Morgan.

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Jojo Heyda Introduces Product That Eliminates Junk Email

Email is a standard form of communication between both individuals and businesses. It has been an integral part of relaying messages and providing information to people in an instant. While email has a lot of benefits, there are also some hassles that are associated with email. One of the most common hassles is junk mail or spam. Many people and businesses often get dozens of junk email messages everyday. As a result, they are likely to be annoyed with this and miss out on getting important email messages. While this has been an issues for many email account holders, a solution has been introduced. Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya co founded a company called Unroll.Me which specializes in gathering and then eliminating all junk email messages.

The 24 year old entrepreneur put together his company after experiencing the hassles of junk email himself. On a number of occasions, Jojo would send emails to his business partner and not get a response. He wondered why this was the case and it was because of a saturation of junk emails. In order to resolve this problem, Hedaya introduced Unroll.Me. This is a product that will allow users to get all of their emails gathered and then choose to unsubscribe to unwanted emails. In recent years, it has been a highly effective methods of getting rid of excess junk email messages.

Unroll.Me would eventually merge with a company called Slice. The two companies would come together to help consumers manage purchases and also eliminate junk email messages. Slice and Unroll.Me would help consumers track orders, organize purchases and also know about all of the available discounts. For a few years, the two companies would work together to serve customers. However, Unroll.Me would eventually leave it up to Slice to handle customer orders while it focuses on handling emails.

In order to help consumers avoid junk email, Unroll.Me and Slice will gather all of the emails on a customer’s account. They then sort out all of the junk emails and analyze them. The two companies then inform the customer and request a decision on what the customer wants to do. In most case, Unroll.Me will erase the junk emails and allow customers to get the emails that are most important.

InnovaCare Health Adds Two Healthcare Industry Veterans to its Leadership Team

Fort Lee, New Jersey-based InnovaCare Health and its Puerto Rico-based subsidiary MMM Healthcare provides over 500,000 members and over 100,000 dual-eligible beneficiaries with health plans and managed health care services. Specifically, InnovaCare Health provides its members with Medicare and Medicaid government health plans through a sustainable and cost-effective business model. Services are provided through a network of physician groups and hospitals who provide high-quality and affordable health-related services.

InnovaCare Health was founded by the organization’s President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Richard Shinto in 2012. Dr. Shinto began his medical career as an internist and pulmonologist in southern California. He has over 25 years of operational and managed healthcare experience and has had leadership roles for a variety of companies in the healthcare industry. The many positions Dr. Shinto has held over the years prior to InnovaCare Health include being the CEO of NAMM California followed by being the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. He also held the positions of COO and CMO of Medical Pathways Management Company, Corporate Vice President with MedPartners, and CMO for Cal Optima Health Plan at different times. Earlier this year, Dr. Shinto was recognized as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare.

InnovaCare Health added two executives earlier this year to solidify its leadership team and strengthen its position as one of the top value-based healthcare organizations in the country. Peter Zafris is a healthcare industry veteran who has held leadership positions with several companies. Before joining InnovaCare Health as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he held leadership positions with InsightinHealth, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. His specialty is in strategic planning for managed care organizations and business development. As Vice President of Business Development at InsightinHealth, Peter Zafris led the organization’s national business development efforts.

InnovaCare’s new Vice President of Corporate Contracting and Network Development is Frank Izquierdo. He is also a healthcare industry veteran with over 25 years of experience specializing in Medicare and Medicare Advantage. He has worked as a healthcare industry consultant for entrepreneurs in start-up organizations to Fortune 500 companies. He recently held a leadership position with a Hollywood, Florida-based healthcare organization called Vista.

How Entrepreneur Kevin Seawright Has Been Helping The Community Of Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a pretty interesting businessman located in Baltimore, Maryland. He served the public for several years as a high-ranking member of the Baltimore government. He then went into private industry and now helps people with low to moderate incomes find affordable housing where they own the homes they live in. His vision is to see to it that about 2/3rds of the homes in Baltimore are occupied by homeowners rather than renters. Find out more about Kevin at Live Newspaper

He feels that homeownership serves several interests, both for the homeowner and broader society. Homeowners can build equity in the homes they own which greatly benefits their financial positions. Broader society benefits because homeowners are invested in their neighborhoods and usually show a great deal of pride in their homes, boosting not just the value of property in the neighborhood but also the interconnectedness that people in the community feel for one another. Kevin Seawright has a pretty noble goal of building strong communities where everyone benefits by providing affordable housing.

He is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. The RPS stands for Real Property Solutions because he wants to find real solutions when it comes to housing for real people. As the chief operations officer, he oversees all of his company’s day-to-day operations, its network of general contractors and volunteers, and the properties it buys, repairs, and offers to people looking to buy houses.

One example of a person that Kevin Seawright helped is Tyra Hudgins. Tyra really wanted to buy a home but felt priced out of the market. Through RPS Solutions she was finally able to own a home that was newly renovated and really fit her needs. The home is located on Bucknell Road and it is a 1,152 square foot townhouse. As it has three bedrooms and two baths it is perfect for her family and features a mortgage that fits well within her budget.

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Alex Hern: The Serial Entrepreneur

Alex HernAlex Hern is an entrepreneur, the CEO, and founder of Tsunami XR. The company focuses on various virtual reality elements like 3D, 5G, Cross-reality, augmented reality, and Extended Reality abbreviated as XR.

Tsunami XR is a renowned company that handles content solutions and immersive software for its consumers. The virtual reality elements that this company delivers and designs are meant to boost productivity in the workplace, knowledge transfer and collaboration. The virtual reality firm has an illustrative client base which includes renowned companies from all over the world.

Alex Hern founded Tsunami XR in January 2011. Apart from Tsunami, Mr. Hern has founded several other companies within his 25-year entrepreneur career. Some of these firms still exist but he sold others to further his entrepreneurial prowess. These companies include; Tags which he started in February 2014. Mr. Hern is also the CEO of the messaging company. The entrepreneur started New Homes in 1996. In addition, he is also a board member of the real estate company. In 2000, Alex Hern founded Arcsight and he was among the board members of the firm. The investment and software incubation company was later acquired by other enterprises to further its business opportunities. The ambitious entrepreneur founded Milcom Technologies in January 1997. He was also the CEO of the technology company that later closed in 1999 after launching several beneficial companies.

Alex Hern has also been the co-founder of several companies. These companies include the following; Silicorn Surf where he also served as a board member. In 1997, Alex Hern co-founded Triton Networks Systems. He was also among the board members of the communications technology company. The businessman was among the co-founders of Yesmail. The successful entrepreneur was also among the board members of the web directory company. Mr. Hern was also instrumental in the journey towards forming Google. This was through being the co-founder of Inktomi Corporation which came up with the software that eventually led to the formation of the renowned search engine.

Alex Hern has played a valuable role in the success of various companies. They include Agiliance, CloudShield Technologies, ZeroKnowledge Systems where he was the board member in the companies.

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Clay Hutson Talks About Trends In Live Entertainment

Clayton Hutson is a business owner, providing services to event organizers as well as musicians, seeking an unparalleled music experience and aesthetic perfection. He attended college for theater design, before starting his career in Nashville. He worked for a number of companies which provided live entertainment solutions, serving as a project manager and sound engineer, and learning the skills necessary that enabled him to start his own business, choosing the path of entrepreneurship and creating his own company.

Most of Hutson’s work revolves around rock music, as he completed a number of managerial and technical tasks for acts such as Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage, and Guns N’ Roses, dedicating his energy and time to managing, designing, producing, and overseeing a large number of live tours.

In a recent interview, Clayton Hutson noted that he amassed a large amount of experience within the area of live entertainment, and tour production for several years before starting on his own. Each of his employment ventures allowed him to perfect his skills and navigate through all the aspects of live entertainment. As a result, he decided to start his own production management company after the recession took a tool on the company that he worked for.

He noted that he brings his ideas to life by envisioning ideas for sound, set designs, and lighting, among others, as he has a core understanding of what works. This foundation of knowledge allows him to build upon a bigger vision. Clayton Hudson points out the fact that he does a lot of CAD design in order to turn his visions into reality, and his practical nature allows him to work out the kings.

A current trend that excites the music entrepreneur is the technological advancement which keeps popping up within the genre of live music. Clayton Hutson mentions the fact that the industry is cutting-edger, so keeping up is imperative in order to not become obsolete. The power and size that moving lights have is incredible, according to Hutson, and the fact that they weight less than what they used to allows them to be more mobile. On the other hand, he considers video to be a dead horse. While he acknowledges the fact that video walls and screens are getting bigger and that there is more pixel density, he hopes the trend will run its course sooner than later, in order to wow the audience without simply projecting an image on a surface.

Steve Ritchie on Rebuilding a Brand

This year has been a challenging year for many businesses in the United States, including the pizza giant Papa John’s. Not only is high quality, efficiency and good customer service important to customers, but customers are also demanding a more inclusive culture and employees are demanding a safe and equitable work environment and Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is ready to personally ensure that his company is embracing equality, while also continuing to adhere to quality and customer satisfaction.

Papa John’s was founded in 1984, and for the last 34 years has produced such quality pizzas that it was able to rise steadily in the market, becoming one of the largest pizza delivery companies in the country. However, it takes more than good food to make a good company, and faced with a crisis earlier this year, CEO Steve Ritchie chose to rebuild the company internally, first by scheduling an outside audit, which was tasked with thoroughly investigated the current corporate culture and its policies. Also under review were the supplier and public relations. Armed with this information, Steve Ritchie and his senior management team began to visit Papa John’s locations around the world, with the goal of gaining the feedback and attitudes of the 120,000 Papa John’s team members.

Steve Ritchie, who was once a Papa John’s customer service associate himself, has decided that a focus on the internal Papa John’s culture will make the most impact in the company’s future image, and, that to rebuild the brand will take more than just producing a quality pizza. By developing an inclusive internal environment, one with proper bias training and a culture of equality will radiate outward. An inclusive internal corporate culture will strengthen not only each individual Papa John’s store, but the surrounding community as well and with patience and a strict “no tolerance” policy, this positive culture will be able to rebuild trust in the Papa John’s brand, and bring the pizza company to greater prominence.

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Matt Badiali: Qualifications as a trader

Are you looking for investment opportunities in the natural resources sector? One of the things that anyone who has tried to invest in them will admit is that they are not the simplest thing to do. If you are looking for opportunities that can make good returns in this sector, you might find none or even make mistakes. Those who have no expertise or experience in these kinds of investments instead look for experts who can help them to make the right decision. When you invest, your money is at stake, and the best thing you can do is ensure that you do not lose it.

Matt Badiali is one of the best professionals that one can work with. To ensure that your capital is preserved, you will follow his advice, and you will never go wrong. For almost two decades now, he has been focusing on opportunities that are created by changes in the natural resources. Just like in the stock market, some changes affect commodities such as oil, marijuana, silver or gold. These commodities can form a great investment source if we can know about them. If you would like to benefit from them, then you need to know everything about the mining industry and the companies that deal with them.

Matt Badiali is a geologist. He has masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Armed with his masters, he can understand anything that happens in the industry. Furthermore, he has an undergraduate degree in Earth Science from Penn State University. Anything to do with mining is not hard to deal with. He has been around the world looking for information that can help him understand the industry better. He has visited numerous countries that have large-scale mining operations to know how the world’s mining sector functions. If a change happens in one country, he will know how the global market will react. It is through such information that Matt Badiali is now able to spot better investment opportunities than other experts. He does not need someone to explain to him what happening in the industry is. He has sufficient knowledge to do that.

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