OSI Group Providing Hamburgers to McDonalds

McDonalds is a global franchise known for its fries and hamburgers. The McDonalds hamburgers are the fastest selling fast food in the world. While many love and adore the McDonalds hamburgers, they are not free from scrutiny about the ingredients it contains. There is a lot of worry about what food products contain because more and more people are becoming obese and facing life threatening conditions because of food products. The ingredients that foods contain that cause so much worry include preservatives, additives and sugars. Many people are worried whether McDonald’s hamburgers contain preservatives or not. David Whipple decided to confirm this theory by testing a McDonald hamburger. He placed the hamburger in a cupboard and left it locked away for a total of 14 years.

Whipple came to, later on, check the hamburger and identify whether it had rotten and it still looked the same 14 years later. This caused a lot of worry because it showed the McDonald’s hamburger contains a lot of preservatives. McDonald’s disapproved this experiment stating their hamburgers do not contain any traces of preservatives. A scientist also backed up McDonalds stating that the hamburger stayed the same because it was not provided with the necessary conditions to rot. Some of the conditions for rotting include moisture, warmth and sunlight which were not present in the cupboard. Therefore, the hamburger did not rot because it had preservatives but because it was not in the right environment. To know more about the company click here.

The Gunzburg factory is the franchise that is responsible for providing hamburgers to McDonalds. The factory belongs to OSI Group. OSI Group has worked with McDonalds for decades now. At the factory, one of the main concerns is hygiene. No one is allowed on site without protective clothing. Also, any sick staff members are asked to take a few days off till they get better. This ensures they do not contaminate the meat. Before being shipped out, all the hamburgers are tested in the lab to ensure they are safe and clean to use. The fat content is also tested to make sure it is the right amount. This goes to show the care taken in ensuring the hamburgers are not contaminated.

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OSI Industries Is A Company With Big Dreams And Strong Ambition

Most people don’t think about where their food comes from but it might be in their best interest to find out. OSI Industries is a food conglomerate that does not shy away from people knowing who they are and what they are about.

The company has been around since 1917, starting out in the Chicago suburbs. They have expanded to providing food and jobs around the globe. They operate in seventeen countries and are looking to expand their reach.

The company’s main focus is on meat production, providing meat to supermarkets and restaurants. Despite their growth, OSI Industries is still a privately owned company, the CEO is Sheldon Lavin and their President is David McDonald.

One of their more recent purchases was a Dutch company named Baho Foods. At the time of the acquisition, Baho Foods was distributing foods to eighteen countries in Europe. With the help of OSI Industries, the CEO and President hope to ramp up what Baho Foods was already doing.

Their takeover of Europe doesn’t end there. Instead, they purchased Flagship Europe– a company that focused on frozen poultry, pies, and condiments. Naturally, OSI Industries wants to help continue the growth of their newly purchased company and they intend to use the same tactics they do in the United States and Asia.

While it may seem like they are taking over, this can be a good thing. Tyson Foods was about to shut down a plant in Chicago and OSI decided to give them an offer of seven point four million dollars, saving jobs for people who needed them.

Part of the reason they have been able to expand is that they place high importance on safety and quality of their food, using metal detectors to make sure that nothing has gotten in the foods. This might not make sense until it is explained that no plastic is allowed in and the pens used to keep track of items are made of metal.

The company also prides themselves in being personable within the communities they operate in- volunteering with Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. This is a company with big dreams and a strong ambition.

OSI Industries: Acquiring A New Plant

When it comes to buying a facility to expand what they already have, OSI Industries knows what to choose. In this case, they took over a closed Tyson meat facility. This would be a good move on their part and it would bring about more jobs.

OSI has been around for over several decades. They started out as a butcher shop and went into the wholesaling business. Once David Mcdonald started using them as a distributor for their meat, things took off from there. Things have not been the same since OSI Industries became global. They are seeing plenty of success and being able to purchase other buildings or get other businesses have been part of their effort to stay competitive. It works well for them. They can count themselves as one of the dominant food distributors in the industry. No one comes close to what they do in terms of bringing fresh quality meats to the stores and restaurants. So it isn’t a surprise that they bought the Tyson plant and plan to use it as their facility. It would not surprise anyone if they called up the workers to give some of them back their old jobs. Having this plant means they can distribute more goods to the people and help the company bring in more profit. The best part is that this facility is back home in Chicago where the butcher shop got started. This plant is going to be a big deal, especially when there also acquired Flagship Europe and can now distribute other food goodies that consumers use on a regular basis.

More than likely OSI Industries will expand again. If they are going to remain a huge player in the food distribution industry they would have too. This is what keeps them in business because through expansion, they can reach a wide range of people. In buying this property, they have got a gold mine in being able to make their business bigger and better than before. OSI Industries is leading the way in bringing fresh quality meats and good to the people.

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OSI Food Solutions Utilizes Viable Tools to Expand its Operations in the World

Strategic positioning refers to the positioning of a business in the future while evaluating the changing environment and the systemic realization of the positioning. The strategic position of a business includes creating the desired future positioning in relation to the present as well as foreseeable developments. The strategy determines the character of the company’s activities. One such business that has strategically positioning itself in the food industry is OSI Food Solutions. Visit bloomberg.com

OSI Food Solutions is a competitive value-added food products company. Over the years, it has positioned itself in the industry through the purchasing of invaluable businesses that have primarily increased its responsiveness to client demands by expanding their operations to advantageous locations. One major acquisition that OSI prides itself in making is the purchase of Baho Food in 2016. The acquisition will enable OSI Food Solutions to expand its operations to 18 states in Europe. This includes Netherlands as well as Germany where the company also acquired Baho Foods.

Baho Foods has five additional processing plants besides its five affiliates. In addition to the financial windfall, the plant will help OSI expand its client base and product line. The acquisition is also a move towards expanding the company’s service portfolio. The strategic move to expand its operations was further catapulted by the purchase of Flagship Europe, a UK based plant that specializes in a broad spectrum of value-added products including sauces, frozen poultry and pies among others. The transaction was sealed in 2016 and it meant Flagship Europe and its major affiliates were part of OSI Group. To improve its global presence across the world, OSI Food Solutions doubled its chicken production in Toledo Spain to meet the growing demand.

OSI Food Solutions has embarked on an ambitious plan to become a leader in the market of not only processed foods but value-added and high quality food by implementing viable business strategies for the brand. The company implements polices that make it possible to provide environment friendly practices for clients and the surrounding community. For that reason, OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honour Award that is conferred to companies that observe environmentally friendly management policies.

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