A New CEO For Sussex Healthcare

Amanda Morgan Taylor was recently unveiled as the new Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Healthcare. The company specializes in providing services to patients suffering from various types of neurological disorders. Amanda brings to the company more than three decades of experience and is expected to play a role in chattering the future of the company. Before entirely taking on her new role, she arranged several meetings with the management team to plan for the tasks ahead. She seemed to hit the road running by starting with a lot of functions and announcing major plans both for the short term and long term.

Amanda’s contribution

Just a short time after her arrival at Sussex Healthcare, Amanda created a new post that is meant to promote quality of service. She also is focusing on compliance tasks. The company is known for providing innovative services to patients and therefore, this strategy seems to be in line with their position as an industry leader when it comes to the holistic concept of care. Although Amanda is keen on finding better ways to enrich the lives of the resident, there is no doubt that she also wants to preserve the company’s long-standing approach.

An important step

While announcing the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer, Sussex Healthcare said that it was an important step. They said that the arrival of Amanda underlines their commitment to providing quality services to residents. Indeed, her experience and former leadership positions at many other leading companies support this fact. In addition to that, she is a leader who has enjoyed tremendous success in the many positions that she held before joining the company. After taking the job, she made visits to every home location and met the staffs and family members of the residents.

Sussex Healthcare has been looking for ways to improve the lives of residents by helping them with the most important things to manage neurological problems and dementia. Recently, they opened the doors to a state-of-the-art gym facility that will be used for exercises because patients need regular workouts to stimulate the body to produce enough hormones that will contribute to their mental and physical stability.

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Altium Capital’s Jacob Gottlieb And Stuart Watson Poised To Share Office Space Again

The last time Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Watson worked together, they propelled an idea into a multi-billion hedge fund. Their reunion, now that Gottlieb’s Altium capital moved in with Stuart’s Iguana Healthcare partners and plan to operate under one roof may, therefore, turn out to be the best news to most health care industry investors. Even better news is their planned collaborations that hinted might be in the offing. But where did this union start?

Where it all started

In 1998, Start Watson leveraged his educational background and experience in the healthcare sector to start Merlin Biomed group, a hedge fund biased towards investments in biotechnology and medical devices. He would soon invite Jacob Gottlieb to serve as the investment company’s portfolio manager. Theirs morphed into a powerful collaboration that saw the investment company post huge returns, making it one of the most successful healthcare oriented funds in the country.

Their breakthrough in the world of healthcare finance manifested in the periods leading to the biotechnology revolution of 1999 and 2000. During this time, Merlin group posted returns on investments of over one hundred percent. Such success not only earned the company numerous clients, but it also helped them forge formidable career paths that they would pursue long after its dissolution in 2007.

The separation

After close to two decades of success, Merlin decided to close its investment doors and even returned the investor funds. Stuart and Gottlieb would thereby be forced to embrace different paths within the investment industry. Stuart Watson would eventually start a new investment firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners specializing in biotechnology and healthcare IT that he still runs up to date.

Gottlieb on the other had started off with a similar healthcare investment outfit, Visium Asset Management, which he started in 2008. By the time of its dissolution in 2016, Visium had morphed from its $300 million seed capital to an $8 billion hedge fund. He is currently nurturing his new company Altium Capital that recently moved in with Stuart’s Iguana to share office space and roof.

Why Sussex Healthcare Has Remained A Trusted Healthcare Service Provider

If you have been to the United Kingdom, or if you read a lot about this country, you may have discovered that its commitment to the wellbeing of the elderly is amazing. The country has several healthcare companies offering healthcare services to people with neurological problems and the elderly. Sussex Healthcare, however, emerges the best healthcare institution for the adults and aged looking for quality attention. Sussex continues to expand its healthcare services after being in the market since 1985. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina are the two joint leaders who have made this company great. They have used their medical network and vibrant medical experience to make the institution an esteemed leader in the UK.

The elderly have different health problems that require good medical attention. Sussex Healthcare has started some other 20 facilities under its name to improve the quality of life the elderly should have. People suffering from cogent neurological disabilities and dementia require a lot of medical support and care. Although the medical needs of these patients may vary, Sussex Healthcare ensures none of its healthcare services is comprised. Sussex has become a voice in England because of several factors. Hiring competent passionate employees is one of them.

Sussex Healthcare strives to make its services better and its relationship with the community stronger. The institution does its best to ensure the elderly and patients get social comfort, medical attention, and sufficient leisure. Most of the patients and elderly at Sussex say they find life better there. Most of the programs the institution comes with help the patients to stay active. The management of this company also consults the patients when formulating its programs. This ensures the programs suit the needs of the patients in all aspects.

The company knows that the healing process requires proper feeding. It instructs its chefs always to maintain the meals of the patients nutritious and delicious to boost recuperation. The institution has trained employees who offer intense social, physical, spiritual, and emotional care its patients need. Besides proving individualized attention and quality meals to the patients, Sussex Healthcare also offers good accommodation. The company has spa pools, track hoisting, and multisensory rooms to enhance the healing process.

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