Gareth Henry Followed His Passion To An Exemplary Business Career

Gareth Henry is an expert in actual mathematics, an investor and a businessman. He currently serves a global alternative investment firms the Managing Director. Although he currently lives in New York City, he was born in London. He developed his natural talent and passion for mathematics and financial risk assessment. Eventually, he began attending Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. In 2001, he received his Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor of Science degree. After his graduation, Gareth Henry started working his first job with Watson Wyatt. He worked as an analyst for the manager research team. He eventually started working for the Global Investment Management Services team and remained until 2004.

The same year he became an investment manager for SEI investments. He managed and served insurers, pension funds and consultants. He left the company in 2005 to serve Shroders as the Director. He spent two years with the company prior to leaving in 2007. He then moved to the United States to become the Managing Director for Fortress Investment Group. Gareth Henry raised capital as the Head of International Investor Relations. This included hedge funds, private credit, private equity and real estate holdings. He engaged with numerous companies in the United Kingdom, the Middle Eats and Europe in addition to overseeing distribution agreements throughout Asia. He simultaneously served in the position of Global Head of Investor Relations and managed a hedge fund worth $4 billion.

About Gareth Henry began serving Angelo, Gordon & Co. as the Global Head of Investor Relations and a partner. He raised $4.5 billion in 2016 for the business. He raised an additional $2.5 billion in 2017 for credit and real estate products. He became the Managing Director for an investing company in February of 2019. This is an extremely successful alternative investment firm with numerous locations both internationally and within the United States. He is responsible for the investments and daily operations of the business. In 2018, he was responsible for helping to fund and establish the Gareth Henry Access Bursary for Heriot-Watt University, his alma matter. This is one of the United Kingdom’s leading universities for both industry and business.


Technology Genius Serge Belamant: Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant has paved the way for IT and blockchain technology through years of constant hard work. He has a couple of innovations in his name which have transformed the world of technology greatly. His iconic work, and he is looked up to by many people who are interested in his work. He is a software and applications developer, and this knowledge enabled him to make most of his inventions. Many cryptocurrencies were created from his blockchain technologies invention. The technologies used smartcards containing microprocessors that created transaction ledgers. This invention proved handy to the financial sector as quicker investments and withdrawals were able to be carried out in banks. Banks were also able to protect the private information of their clients by use of the blockchain technology.

About Serge Belamant spent his childhood in South Africa from the age of 14 years after his family relocated from France. He had to learn English to communicate with other students and people in his new home. He was enrolled to Highlands North High School, an all-boys school. Tech expert Serge was a bright and outgoing student who was loved and respected by both his teachers and classmates. He not only excelled in class but also extracurricular activities. He played rugby, athletics, and was also good at chess. He even represented his school in a chess championship and was ranked the sixth position. He was also a leader in his school. He held the position of house captain and even Head Prefect at some point.

After graduating in 1972 from high school, Serge Belamant went to Witwatersrand University. He was initially studying engineering but chose to change to applied mathematics and computer science. He also attended the University of South Africa to study information systems. Due to the constant changing of courses, Serge Belamant failed to graduate and began working. He worked with several organizations and banks in South Africa helping him expound on his vast knowledge and experience. He worked for various companies up to 1989, when he decided to start his company, Net1 Technologies. Like any other rising company, his Net1 Technologies experienced trouble in its first years but found its footing after a partnership with Visa. It has continued to grow since then.

Ted Bauman – Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing where he writes on Plan B Club, The Bauman and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted Joined Banyan in September 2013, and majors in privacy, asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. Bauman writes on a weekly basis in The Sovereign Investor Daily which is a newsletter. He used to work on a full-time basis as a writer and a researcher in 2013. Ted Bauman initially used to be the editor of Smart Money Alert. Before this, he used to work as the director of International Housing Program at Habitat for Humanity International where he served from 2008 after which he extended his business tours to the Caribbean and Latin America.

While in this firm, he did intensive research and wrote in a wide variety of topics that relates to international development. He worked as an investment  consultant in 2000s where he engaged in research and tremendously wrote about various issues such as housing, financial, and urban planning issues for clients as diverse as the South African government, the United Nations and European grant-making agencies. In South Africa, Ted Bauman has 25 years career where he served in an array of prominent and prestigious roles in the non-profit sector where he mainly served as a fund manager for low-costing housing ventures.

Ted Bauman created himself a big name that has, in turn, earned him great recognition and respect from all over the world. He has been featured in a wide range of international journals which incorporates the Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development, and Environmental and urbanization. He has also been featured in the South Africa Press which includes New Internationalist, The Cape Times, Cape Argus and Mail and Guardian. Mr. Bauman is also a famous co author of a book by entitled, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

Randal Nardone’s Roles at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group alongside Wes Edens and Peter Briger in 1998. He has been working as the principal of the company since then and under his management, the company has accomplished a lot of success. He was made the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress in 2013 after serving as its interim CEO from 2011. Mr. Nardone started sitting on the board of governors of the company since 2006 to date. Under the management of Mr. Nardone, Fortress has been given recognition and given several awards like the “Hedge Fund of the Year” award and the “Management Fund Manager of the Year” award among other prestigious awards.

Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Biology. He then moved to the Boston University School of Law, pursued a law degree and acquired a Juris Doctor. He became a partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm where he was also one of the executives. He then moved to BlackRock Financial Management Incorporation and served as a principal for a couple of years. In 1997, Mr. Nardone started working at UBS up to 1998. He left UBS and decided to form his own business after gaining experience from the companies he had previously worked for. Owing to his success and proficiency in the business world, Randal Nardone accumulated much wealth that secured him a spot on the Forbes Billionaire List.

Today, he is the 5557th billionaire in the world with assets and property worth $1.8 billion. He has many investments and he is one of the leading shareholders at Fortress Investment Group. He has earned additional money by working and partnering with other corporations. Most of his employees and colleagues have praised him for his hard work and consistency in the company.Randal Nardone is a member of several boards of directors. He is a member of the Seacastle Incorporation board of directors. Additionally, he is also a board member of Euroscastle Investment Limited, Springleaf REIT Incorporation, Fortress Investment Group, and Florida East Coast Holding Corporation among other multinational companies. In 2017, Softbank Vision Bank purchased Fortress Investment Group. The acquisition was worth $3.3 billion and it was finalized in December the same year. Randal Nardone will still be the Chief Executive Officer of the financial company under the new management. Fortress Investment Group is now a subsidiary of Softbank Vision Bank.

Jeff Yastine: Providing Exclusive Input for Banyan Hill Publishing

Many people would consider financial freedom as a pipe dream. Many would think that opportunities for financial growth, business, and investments only come by for the few. In fact, this is not just a dream, because it can be possible if you seek opportunities to stand on the shoulders of giants.

One of the giants in investment growth is Banyan Hill Publishing. It was originally founded in 1998 named as The Sovereign Society. The company quickly grew as one of the strongest global financial advisers in asset protection and investment organization by teaching their users about self-reliance and financial sovereignty. The website mainly focused on giving its readers investment advice on a global scale, how to diversify their income streams, and show information about international business opportunities. Additionally, they give advice on other finance-related topics such as getting second citizenships, protecting assets and securing privacy. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

The site was eventually named Banyan Hill Publishing, which now focuses on giving financial advice derived from a network of global leaders in many topics in investment. These include, but are not limited to asset protection, procuring investments, and principles of entrepreneurship. These leaders help Banyan Hill readers to gain insights on how to expand their income streams and eventually choose their own financial destiny. By making wise decisions in investments, users are able to enjoy growth with less risk and they are given an opportunity to break free from financial worries.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine, also known as JL in the company, joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor in 2015. Jeff is known for his more than 20 years of experience in stock market investment. Additionally, he has a wide experience in financial journalism as he previously became a writer for many known investment publications.


Jeff Yastine used his years of knowledge and expertise in investments as he writes about several financial markets to help regular investors understand the trends in business, economics, as well as monetary topics. Mr. Jeff Yastine also highlights in his newsletters the value of profitable opportunities available to the readers which are not yet discovered in mainstream media.

Jeff Yastine is also an Emmy-nominated financial journalist. He previously worked with PBS Nightly Business report from the early 1990s until late 2000. He was given the opportunity to interview some of the most eligible investors and top entrepreneurs in the international financial scene such as Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, John Bogle, Sir Richard Benson, Bill Gross, among many others. Visit to know more.

Angelo, Gordon Appoints Gareth Henry as the Global Head of Investor Relations and Managing Director

Angelo, Gordon & CO. is a renowned company based in New York. The firm announced at Business Wire that Gareth Henry has joined the company as their Managing Director as well as their Global Head of Investor Relations. Previously, Gareth Henry worked at Fortress Investment Group as the Global Head of Investor Relations specifically in the Groups Liquid Markets. In his current positions Mr., Gareth Henry will be reporting to Lawrence Schloss, who is the president of the company. Mr. Gareth Henry was also announced to be one of the partners of the company.

According to Mr. Schloss, Gareth Henry is an experienced executive who has a deep and an extensive knowledge of Global Investor Relations. He also stated that Mr. Gareth has proved his competence by providing services which go beyond the expectations of clients. The president also stated that with the partnership created with Henry, they will be strengthening the world-class team found at Angelo, Gordon as the company seeks to deliver the most outstanding and strongest performance on behalf of its investors.

Gareth J Henry said that Angelo, Gordon is a company that has gained its reputation for providing excellent returns across all market circles and strategies. He expressed his excitement about joining Angelo, Gordon and said that he is ready to work with the company’s talented investment professionals and investors.

At the Fortress Liquid markets, Henry led an excellent team of experts that targeted Canada, US, Europe, Asia as well as in the Middles East. Henry oversaw all the marketing, sales and clients services which were delivered by the company. Before this great position at Fortress, he worked as the Head of International Investor Relations outside London. In this position, he formed and implemented all the sales strategies for institutional and consulting relationships which cut across the company credit, hedge fund, fixed income, and private equity businesses.

Gareth J Henrys Profile

Gareth holds a degree from the Heriot-Watt University and he is a fellow of the UK Institutes of Actuaries and the US Society of Actuaries. Before he joined Fortress, Henry was working as the Strategic Solutions Director at Schroders. At Schroders, he advised clients on liability-driven solutions as well as on alternative investments.