Jeremy Goldstein Hosts A Fundraising Wine Dinner In Support Of Fountain Houses

Established over seven decades ago, Fountain House remains one of the most popular mental health institutes in New York City. The facility is dedicated to helping men and women around the city overcome different mental illnesses and transition back to community service.

It achieves this by helping with the treatment and rehabilitation programs that involve treating these individuals and helping them bounce back to their normal life by providing them access to housing and employment services. Having been recently appointed a board member to the institute, Jeremy Goldstein hosted its supporters to a lavish wine dinner that sought to raise funds to help advance the institutes projects.

Fountain house operations and success

Apart from offering rehabilitation services to its in-house patients, Fountain house also partners with several other institutions. For instance, it has come up with community based mental health awareness and treatment programs that it oversees across the New York in partnership with the city authorities. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire and Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House

It also partners with regional and international mental health organizations in advancing research in the field as well as coming up with different rehabilitative and treatment programs for mental health patients.

Over the years, its unique approach to the mental health problem has yielded a lot of success. For instance, its patients report the lowest rates of re-hospitalization compared to others from the rest of the institutions. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein:

According to Jeremy Goldstein, this is made possible by the fact that Fountain House eases the transition back to the society by helping their patients secure jobs and housing facilities in addition to following up on their progress.

More about Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy runs the prestigious Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm in New York that specializes in corporate management affairs.

He is particularly adept with executive compensation, governance, and compensation committees advisory as well as mergers and acquisition. He takes credit for overseeing some record-setting mergers and acquisition deals such as Truven Health Analytics’ take over by JP Morgan Chase.

Francisco Domenech Of Politank

Francisco Domenech is a managing partner at a government affairs law firm. Politank creates strategies for companies wanting their private interests represented to legal governments. The company works to provide an array of consulting services. The company links government and business with mutual understanding and consulting. The Puerto Rico based business works with business and organizations on public policy, knowledge of the law and an understanding of how government affairs play out. Read more about Domenech at

Francisco Domenech leads this minoring owned business. Politank is an instrumental firm in its community as it supports the causes and interests of its people. Francisco has made sure his firm is a big supporter of other foundations that share similar causes and interests of the businesses his firm represents. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Foundation, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and the Washington Center. All of these groups work to see a better future in the relationships between commerce, business owners and government officials.

The University of Puerto Rico has been the university Francisco Domenech has graduated from twice. He has studied comparative law at the University College of London. Ever since graduating, he always been very involved in the community and with politics. He has been apart of the Democratic National Committee. He has been a delegate at the National Democratic Convention. He has worked with major political figures like Hillary Clinton. He has been a campaign manager for the first female and youngest person in Puerto Rico to be the Resident Commissioner.

While Francisco Domenech fights for the causes and missions of his fellow Puerto Ricans, he also makes sure Politank is well involved in philanthropy. He makes sure his firm supports organizations and events that benefit the needs and desires of the residents of Puerto Rico. Additionally, he makes sure Puerto Rico is fairly represented to the United States government. His work with Politank has accomplished many great things for people in Puerto Rico. He plans to continue to serve his community with justice in the courts, by creating lasting relationships and by advocating for the law. Visit:


Ricardo Tosto thinks that the Multi-Jurisdictional Nature of Brazilian Judiciary is Important in Quick Verdicts

Ricardo Tosto, a leading attorney and one of the greatest Brazilian Law entrepreneurs, thinks that the multi-jurisdictional nature of the Brazilian judicial system is playing a pivotal role in on-time verdicts and solutions to the people. He confirms that multi-jurisdictional nature also improves its efficiency and addresses varied legal needs of the people effectively. Ricardo Tosto says that the country follows civil law tradition, and it has state level and federal level operators. The judicial system is again divided into specialized branches including military, labor, electoral, non-constitutional, and constitutional. The court structure is designed in such a way that each citizen gets three instances of appeal.

Interestingly, the cases start from first-level courts and advances to the Superior Court of Justice or the Supreme Federal Court – as the final court of appeals. The special courts also have similar level higher courts as the court of appeals, and that are Superior Labor Court, Superior Military Court, and Superior Electoral Court. Ricardo Tosto states that the high-level officials of the country, including the President, members of Congress, and Cabinet, have a right called “privileged forum.” It helps them to file their cases at the Supreme Court in the first instance. The privilege is highly criticized by various political activists in the recent years. It should be noted that the Supreme Federal Court contains 11 judges, and it has the right to invalidate any state or federal law that is challenging the structure of the constitution.

Ricardo Tosto has more than 25 years of experience in providing high-value litigation services to various clients in the country. He is the founder and partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados, a leading litigation firm based in São Paulo. It focuses on business litigation and consulting with some of the largest public and private enterprises in its client list.

Ricardo Tosto takes care of the recruitment, training, and offers mentorship of its workforce. It should be noted that the firm has more than 300 lawyers and almost 100 supporting staff. Tosto has completed his Law graduation from the prestigious Mackenzie Presbiterian University and earned a Business degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

Attorney Karl Heideck And Laws He Find Humorous

There are times when a person will come across a law for a particular area, and they will wonder why such a law is in place. Some laws seem a little weird, and they don’t fit in with the common rules that everyone knows about and follows.

Attorney Karl Heideck wrote up a list of laws that he found to be amusing. He shared that list of laws with those who were interested. Included on the list were such things as how close a bathroom needs to be to a child’s bedroom in Pennsylvania. The list is a humorous look at the way that some government laws attempt to control individuals’ lives.

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Attorney Karl Heideck is someone who is currently working as a lawyer, but he came through a lot of education to get to the place he is at now. Karl Heideck spent time at Swarthmore College in the past, and he earned himself a bachelor’s degree while he was studying there. He also spent time studying at Temple University, where he earned a law degree. He is someone who put a lot of work into the schooling that he was receiving, and he learned a lot in the time that he spent getting educated.

Karl Heideck has spent seven years working in and around Philadelphia. He currently has a job as a Hire Counsel, contract lawyer. In addition to working the job that he does, he spends time writing blog posts that share some of the knowledge that he has gained through the years in order to help educate others. Karl Heideck is someone who specializes in risk management. He is someone who is talented, and he gives of himself each time that he goes to work for the day. He knows what he is doing, and he allows his education and experience to guide him in the work that he completes.

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Bruno Fagali – Respected Anti-Corruption Advocate

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian attorney, has an exhaustive knowledge of Administrative Law. He developed a “Code of Conduct” policy for an advertising agency that addressed the anti-corruption law in compliance with national legislation. Bruno Fagali lives in São Paulo and has been in the legal field for over ten years.

In 2009, Bruno Fagali received a Bachelor degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. The University of Sao Paulo awarded him a Masters in Law in State, Administrative, and Anti-Corruption Law. He obtained legal certificates from the Brazilian Society of Public Law – SBDP and the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista.

Bruno Fagali native language is Portuguese while he is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. He received a scholarship from the University of Sao Paulo and advocated its program on the improvement of teaching.

Fagali Commenced his legal career as an intern at Office Model Dom Paulo Avaristo Arms in 2006. He also interned with the Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques, Law Firm and at Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers. His internships were in the areas of regulatory law, bidding, and administrative contracts.

Between 2012 and 2014 he was employed by Radi, Cali and Associados Advocacy. In 2015, he was hired as the Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/SB, an advertising agency. Nova/SB has accounts with the Central Bank and the Secretariate of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic.

In 2016, he started his law firm, Fagali Advocacy, which focuses on compliance, anti-corruption, public law, and election law. He has litigated cases before Courts of Account and Public Prosecutors.

Bruno Fagali is well-known for his integrity and professionalism in providing legal services. He espouses the ethical responsibility of companies that receive government contracts. His legal work is in response to corruption scandals.