Neurocore Sheds More Light to the Depression Disorder for Public Sensitization

Depression can affect anyone irrespective of their age, social status, or gender. While people who seek treatment may gain full remission from the disorder, many who struggle with it do not bother to seek for help. This may be due to stigma that’s often associated with the disorder and mental health, in general. Read more at about Neurocore.

Experts at Neurocore believe that depression is a serious medical condition, and seeking help is not a personal weakness or an issue that one should shrug off. To help educate the public about the disorder, the following are some of the facts that they need you to know about depression:

Depression Has Varying CauseVaried Signs and SymptomsDepression Has Huge Economic ImpactThe Disorder Can Be TreatedAbout Neurocore

  • Depression Has Varying Causes: while many people have higher risk of developing the disorder after undergoing stressful life events such as divorce, unemployment, death of loved one, or financial problems, there is no one single cause of the disorder.
  • Varied Signs and Symptoms: besides common signs of depression such as feelings of emptiness, irritability, and fatigue among others, there are cases where you may seem to be functioning normally, but actually battling with inner negative thoughts and turmoil. This is called high functioning depression.
  •  Depression Has Huge Economic Impact: being one of the top workplace problems in the United States, approximately $80,000,000,000 is spent annually on the disorder due to associated health care issues and lost productivity.
  • The Disorder Can Be Treated: All forms of depression are treatable through a combination of medical and therapy. However, it can be frustrating to even those who understand it. The most important thing to remember, therefore, is the fact that you are not alone. By leveraging on more exposure and education, the society can work together to put an end to the stigma surrounding the disorder and other health disorders.

Neurocore is a brain performance center focused on helping individuals manage stress and improve their concentration through brain-based assessments and data-driven trainings. Follow Neurocore on

The center utilizes technology to identify their client’s problems or symptoms, and based on the assessments create safe and personalized programs that match the client’s brain map and problems. The company has nine subsidiaries in Florida and Michigan.

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