Renovia Is A Medtech Startup By Marc Beer That Is Soaring To The Top

Marc Beer has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than two decades now, working to improve health care for everyone, especially women lately with Renovia. Renovia is a medtech startup that is specifically focused on finding treatments for women at the moment for pelvic floor disorders since more than 200 million women from around the world are suffering from this disease. That being said, Renovia is dedicated to research and there is much more to come in the treatment department once the research is completed. Marc Beer has developed other treatments in the past to help people with their illnesses, such as high cholesterol, but the FDA gave him trouble while he was trying to get it out to the public, questing his motives. This is what inspired Marc to start up Renovia, a medtech company dedicated to helping people and developing treatments. After a couple years of research, Renovia developed the product Leva, which has already gone on to be approved by the FDA and is ready to enter the market for millions of women.


Marc Beer co-founded Renovia with two other people passionate about healthcare, Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Together, Renovia is quickly rising to the top and becoming and well-known company throughout the region. Women from all over are extremely supportive of Renovia’s research, as they are specifically dedicated to researching diseases affecting women. So far, Renovia has done extremely well with their funding rounds, pulling in more than 42 million dollars in their last funding round alone thanks to many support organizations and individuals that want to see new treatments enter the market. There is still a lot of work to do and research to do for Renovia and their scientists to improve Leva and create new treatments as well. According to Marc Beer, Leva could be improved with more funding to make it more sophisticated and even portable, but that may take a couple more years. There is much more to come from Renovia and with Marc Beer leading the team, they are sure to help millions of people around the world with their treatments. Learn more:


Gareth Henry: Jamaican Badminton Player

Searching For Truth With Gareth Henry

When he is not absolutely dominating opponents on the badminton court, Olympic star Gareth Henry is advocating for the rights of LGBTQ people everywhere, but most specifically in his home country of Jamaica. Henry knows all too well the fear that they suffer from as he actually fled Jamaica to the welcoming arms of Canda as a refugee, where he was harbored under political asylum laws.

Unfortunately, Jamaica is a country that still does not recognize the rights of LGBTQ people but Gareth Henry is working tirelessly to overturn existing laws and come up with laws that are more progressive in nature.

Gareth Henry came up with this idea due to the fact that he has personally witnessed the fatal beatings of his friends at the hands of people irate at the simple fact they were gay. He states that 13 of his friends were the victims of such attacks. He has helped people still living in Jamaica who has survived such attacks to report them to the appropriate authorities. While it has not always helped, it at least gives the victims a sense of empowerment.

Gareth Henry actually has a long and storied history with the Jamaican police as he was the victim of a near-fatal beating in a pharmacy by an angry mob that he claims was stoked in part by police who were irritated with him for advocating about gay rights. It was this violent encounter that actually convinced him to leave Jamaica for the more progressive social attitudes of Canada before it was too late.

Mr. Henry is obviously a beacon of light and truth in the lives of so many in the LGBTQ community and many of them consider him a bit of a savior, advocating for them in the stereotypical “macho” world od sports.

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