Dez Perez Is Pushing Tidal To The Top


These days, music streaming sites are an everyday part of life. It doesn’t matter how young or old, it seems that everyone has a music streaming subscription with one or several sites. If you have Internet, and a mobile device you use music streaming. Streaming is intuitive, fun and easy 24/7 entertainment, it also is a huge money maker. Lately, Jay Z has been getting tons of press as the owner of the music streaming service Tidal, the streaming site that has a mission to connect artists with music lovers like no site has ever done.

Tidal has had a very rocky start trying to solidify it’s spot with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, and even with it’s success Tidal is still struggling to stay afloat. Apparently things have not panned out exactly as Jay Z had hoped, and Tidal is even having issues paying artist Royalties on time. There is talk of Tidal possibly looking to team up with Samsung in an attempt to save the service and with the current business relationship between Tidal, Jay Z and Roc Nation it seems like a win win.

On the bright side, Jay Z has a reliable business negotiator that is ready to stack the cards forever in his favor, and that would be Des Perez. While many don’t get the pleasure of knowing what goes on behind the scenes, and the players that make it all happen, Des Perez is a power player, and a fearless business woman when it comes to making deals that change lives.

Des is the mastermind behind the surprise Beyonce Formation stadium tour deal, and the success of Tidal due to the exclusive album releases of Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna. One thing Dez knows is how to make music lovers want to buy music again, and these days it’s all about having it first.

While there is no sure word on the next move for Tidal in the future, or it’s plans to sell or merge, if Des Perez is in the boardroom, the deals will be a success and Tidal will be in the music streaming driver’s seat.