The Work of Jason Hope

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has made quite a name for himself in the business world. Hope has built a career serving in a variety of roles which include a philanthropist, investor and futurist. He has become an expert at predicting future trends in this space. He i s often sought out for his advice in this area. Jason Hope has a passion for technology and giving back to his community.

Jason Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University where he earned his degree in finance. Hope would go on to earn an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Soon after graduation he would go to start his own mobile communications company. Over the years Hope has focused his energy on causes such as n education, curing disease, scientific research.

Jason Hope has become an avid believer in a concept known as the Internet of Things. The internet of things is a concept that refers to all devices of a house or place being connected. Today there are an array of devices that we can connect in the same place. This list of devices can include tablets, smartphones, home appliances and vehicles. Hope is a believer in this concept and the research that suggest more there will be more than 30 million objects making up the IoT by the year 2020.

Jason Hope has been committed to giving back to the community. His resume includes working with companies like he Boys & Girls Club, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Andre Agassi Foundation,and the International Foundation for Education and Self Help. He has worked closets with the SENS Foundation. This is a group that develop, promote and ensure access to care that can improve lives. They have worked to promote healthy lifestyles in an effort to prevent disease. Hope is a firm believer in this promote and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to this movement.

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Technology Genius Serge Belamant: Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant has paved the way for IT and blockchain technology through years of constant hard work. He has a couple of innovations in his name which have transformed the world of technology greatly. His iconic work, and he is looked up to by many people who are interested in his work. He is a software and applications developer, and this knowledge enabled him to make most of his inventions. Many cryptocurrencies were created from his blockchain technologies invention. The technologies used smartcards containing microprocessors that created transaction ledgers. This invention proved handy to the financial sector as quicker investments and withdrawals were able to be carried out in banks. Banks were also able to protect the private information of their clients by use of the blockchain technology.

About Serge Belamant spent his childhood in South Africa from the age of 14 years after his family relocated from France. He had to learn English to communicate with other students and people in his new home. He was enrolled to Highlands North High School, an all-boys school. Tech expert Serge was a bright and outgoing student who was loved and respected by both his teachers and classmates. He not only excelled in class but also extracurricular activities. He played rugby, athletics, and was also good at chess. He even represented his school in a chess championship and was ranked the sixth position. He was also a leader in his school. He held the position of house captain and even Head Prefect at some point.

After graduating in 1972 from high school, Serge Belamant went to Witwatersrand University. He was initially studying engineering but chose to change to applied mathematics and computer science. He also attended the University of South Africa to study information systems. Due to the constant changing of courses, Serge Belamant failed to graduate and began working. He worked with several organizations and banks in South Africa helping him expound on his vast knowledge and experience. He worked for various companies up to 1989, when he decided to start his company, Net1 Technologies. Like any other rising company, his Net1 Technologies experienced trouble in its first years but found its footing after a partnership with Visa. It has continued to grow since then.

Jojo Heyda Introduces Product That Eliminates Junk Email

Email is a standard form of communication between both individuals and businesses. It has been an integral part of relaying messages and providing information to people in an instant. While email has a lot of benefits, there are also some hassles that are associated with email. One of the most common hassles is junk mail or spam. Many people and businesses often get dozens of junk email messages everyday. As a result, they are likely to be annoyed with this and miss out on getting important email messages. While this has been an issues for many email account holders, a solution has been introduced. Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya co founded a company called Unroll.Me which specializes in gathering and then eliminating all junk email messages.

The 24 year old entrepreneur put together his company after experiencing the hassles of junk email himself. On a number of occasions, Jojo would send emails to his business partner and not get a response. He wondered why this was the case and it was because of a saturation of junk emails. In order to resolve this problem, Hedaya introduced Unroll.Me. This is a product that will allow users to get all of their emails gathered and then choose to unsubscribe to unwanted emails. In recent years, it has been a highly effective methods of getting rid of excess junk email messages.

Unroll.Me would eventually merge with a company called Slice. The two companies would come together to help consumers manage purchases and also eliminate junk email messages. Slice and Unroll.Me would help consumers track orders, organize purchases and also know about all of the available discounts. For a few years, the two companies would work together to serve customers. However, Unroll.Me would eventually leave it up to Slice to handle customer orders while it focuses on handling emails.

In order to help consumers avoid junk email, Unroll.Me and Slice will gather all of the emails on a customer’s account. They then sort out all of the junk emails and analyze them. The two companies then inform the customer and request a decision on what the customer wants to do. In most case, Unroll.Me will erase the junk emails and allow customers to get the emails that are most important.

Serge Belamant’s Innovative Technologies Have Been Beneficial To The Financial Sector

Serge Belamant is a renowned investor, and he is widely known for founding the blockchain technologies. He is very innovative, and his skill set as a software and applications developer has been beneficial to finance industry. The innovations by Serge Belamant paved the way for the creation of many types of cryptocurrencies. Belamant made use of microcontrollers and smart cards to produce a transaction ledger that was independent and distributed. The technology produced by Belamant has been beneficial to financial institutions such as banks. Private corporations, as well as the government, have been able to process financial transactions faster and in a secure manner.

About Serge Belamant and his Innovative Technology

Serge Pierre Belamant hails from France, but he relocated to South Africa when he was still a young man. Belamant acquired many skills while in South Africa such as learning about reading and writing in English. As a young man, Belamant was fond of sports such as rugby and chess. He also used to excel in his academics. Additionally, he held various leadership positions such as being a house captain while in school. Belamant was also a participant in the African Chess School Championship that was held in 1972. He was playing on behalf of the Sothern Transvaal. Fortunately, he acquired the 6th position at the end of the chess tournament.

At the university, Belamant studied computer science and applied mathematics. This was after he studied engineering for one year before deciding to switch courses. Although Belamant did not complete his studies at the Witwatersrand University, he was privileged to join UNISA, and he completed his studies in information systems successfully. Thereafter, Belamant began working, and he was offered a job at Matrix. He was in charge of handling finite element analysis software, and he would use his expertise to develop applications that would even carry out an analysis of the water levels in dams. Such an application came in handy since it would even help in the prediction of drought in the future.

About Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a list of records that are brought together through cryptography. Each list has some transaction data and an encrypted timestamp. Blockchain technology was initially used to help financial institutions in increasing their transparency. Serge Belamant has been utilizing this form of technology, and financial institutions are now benefiting greatly from his innovations.

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Perseverance With Alex Hern

Alex HernAlex Hern, CEO, and founder of Tsunami XR says that at the end of the day, we are all visual creatures. Non-verbal cues are as crucial to human communication. They give the speaker an opportunity to view facial expressions and subtle gestures. Natural elements that would otherwise, be easily missed using conventional messaging systems. With Tsunami XR Company, Alex Hern believes that his company is the answer to this problem.

Launched in 2011, Tsunami XR is proving itself, to a leader in immersive science, technology, and engineering. The San Diego-based company is finding itself on the cutting-edge of the most advanced technologies, especially in Virtual and Augmented reality software.

In his early career, Alex Hern founded fruitful technology businesses, many of which that have gone to bought by larger industry corporations, such as Hewlett-Packard, Google Inc., and Goldman-Sachs. Hern says that he and his team, use the technology as their source, and then plan and add on to the idea. Alex Hern’s first company, was Inktomi, a kid-friendly search engine, that was used as the dominant search engine for Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN. What made Inktomi unique at the time, was its advanced Enterprise Security Management software, or ESM. The technology was helpful and the first of its kind. Hern adds, that ESM was initially supposed to be used for missile tracking, or air traffic control but he merely altered its usage to fit internet searching.

The path has not been easy for Hern and his team, they have managed to stay afloat despite periods of technological disinterest, spurred by 9/11 and the 2008 recession. Regarding customer technology solutions and security, Alex Hern believes that it is better for computer engineers to practice proactive problem-solving, rather than reactive. Throughout the last decade, technology has gone from bringing us closer together, to bringing us further apart. Alex Hern hints that future technological advancements are going to strive to fix that problem.

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Entrepreneurship World Of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a successful entrepreneur who has been in business for more than two and a half decades in a line of creating companies. Hern specializes in developing companies that are in their early stage and the ones dealing with science and technology. Currently, his pulse of the finger is in the startup incubation technology companies.

In his career, Hern has cofounded and worked in many companies at different high ranks including serving as director of Inktomi, a company that was fundamental in powering search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and even AOL. He co-founded and served at a position of a director at Yesmail, which provides marketing and web directory services. After managing it for less than a year, the company was sold to ModusLink Global for $650 million. Alex takes pride in his ArcSight Company, which he regards as the best business ventures. The firm was offering cyber security services and was later sold to Hewlett-Packard at $1.5 billion.

The conception of Tsunami XR started when Alex Hern made a transition from a CPU driven era to GPU-driven computers and mobile phones. This transition made him realize the gap of new software applications and program platforms. He considered these ideas to be effective in leveraging the capabilities of superior graphics cards that are built in today’s PCs and hand Gadgets. Tsunami is focused on creating a powerful collaboration arena for engineers and scientists that will be based on the advancements of graphics technologies.

Many current trends inspire Alex Hern in the industry; AI and machine learning mark the most exciting ones considering the kind of tasks they teach computers to take and perform. Also, the cloud-based computing that supports graphic intense applications is also incredible as they are compatible with what is done at Tsunami, including other endpoint devices in sectors such as augmented reality.

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The Blockchain, Serge Belamant and Net1

When discussing the revolutionary changes facing our society with regard to technology, we are living in another golden era of new tech development and adoption. During the past few decades, the information technology revolution did a great deal to connect the world and change the way we live and do business. The next great leap forward in internet technology is the blockchain. This form of tech was most popularized in the media in relation to things like bitcoin, ethereum, and other similar cryptocurrencies- however there are many other uses of blockchain tech that have gone unnoticed by most people in society- Serge Belamant and Net1 have developed tech that changes the way we do transactions- forever.

Their technology, which is patented, uses the blockchain instead of a central processing server to process and verify digital transactions. Unlike other POS systems, there does not need to be a connection to a main server, nor does the POS system even have to use a plug in power source- it can run entirely on a battery. Serge Belamant was one of the founders of bitcoin technology, and this tech is above board.

Their application includes the proof that this company will likely be able to earn heavy free cash flows once their tech is deployed in the financial industry. Serge Belamant and Net1 are likely to be able to buyback the remaining shares on the open market well before the projected 2023 finalization date. This means that currently the stock is under market value, which has the potential to allow it to grow into a major fintech operation.

Serge Belamant understands that this technology is going to change the world forever. No longer will digital payments be restricted to places that have a solid internet connection on top of power they can be processed anytime, anywhere in the world. Blockchain technology is incredibly versatile, and does not have to be used just in cryptocurrency uses- there are many different ways that this technology can be deployed, and Net1 is on the forefront of that serious deployment and will influence the industry for years to come.

About Serge Belamant:

Analysis of the Shervin Pishevar’s Tweets on the state of the U.S economy

Shervin Pishevar ranks among the most exceptional entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He was among the brains that helped to create the modern-day Silicon Valley. He assisted in the establishment of many business ventures that have turned out to be multi-billion dollar enterprises. He was an early investor in the Uber Company that has already opened offices in other countries outside the United States.

Shervin Pishevar has never been shy of speaking his mind on any platform. The accomplished venture capitalist mostly uses his Twitter account to reach to his numerous followers. He lastly posted on his Twitter account in 2014. However, earlier this year, he decided to come back with a bang. Shervin started unloading his thoughts in a series of tweets where he predicted the future of the American economy, expressed his opinion on cryptocurrencies, the bond, and capitalization.

In the Tweetstorm that lasted for 21 hours, Shervin Pishevar predicted that the country is about to experience a sharp economic decline whose effect will be felt by everyone in the country. While the warnings represent one man’s opinion, Shervin’s advice on economic matters is a valuable one. For the time that he has been at Silicon Valley, Shervin has gained immense experience in financial issues, which has helped him in establishing successful business ventures.

In one of the tweets, Shervin Pishevar predicted that the stock market would drop by close to six thousand points in the coming months. Shervin pointed out that the banks have already increased lending rates while the government continues to increase the national debt. According to Shervin, the recent move by the government to approve tax giveaways to the rich could be disastrous to the country’s economy.

In another tweet, Shervin Pishevar noted that the crumbling bond market is another sign that investors have nowhere else to run to. Shervin fears that the national government will soon start introducing new money to the economy in a bid to stimulate growth.

According to Shervin Pishevar, this strategy is not likely to work since it has already lost its edge. With the decline in the bond market coupled with increasing interest rates, the investors are expected to go into panic mode thus withholding their investments.

Upwork and How a To Do List Can Help With the Day

One thing that people come to understand is that not everyone is able to get a lot done. There are a lot of factors that affect each person’s ability to get stuff done. One of the largest factors in a person’s life is how organized his life is. One thing that clutter can do with a person is slow him down. For one thing, he will have to look through everything over again in order to find something important. However, it is not just stuff that can get cluttered. People can be cluttered in their activities and their minds. Fortunately, Upwork has something that can help people get organized.

One of the best things that people can do according to Upwork is make a to-do list. One of the reasons this type of list is useful is that it helps the individual organize his day. When a person’s day is organized, he is better able to focus on each task that he has to do. This can help him get more done for the day. This is good for the confidence of the individual. This can also help him get even more done the next day because he is going to gain the confidence that is needed for productivity.

For people that are looking for ways that they can organize their day, they can look to Upwork for advice. This company has a ton of articles released on various topics that involve the improvement of life. People could learn some very important skills that can improve their lives and their efficiency. For people that are struggling with every aspect of their lives, Upwork offers tips that can help them get on top of everything and then live a life that has a little less stress for them. One thing that helps is getting organized.

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How NGP VAN is Revolutionizing Political Campaigns

Running a political campaigning is demanding, and without the best minds in your team, things can work out for the worst. NGP VAN has been in the successful campaigns running business for quite some time now. This progressive and democratic campaigns technology solutions provider has been helping the campaigners manage their campaigns successfully. This solutions provider has been part of Sanders, Clinton, and even President Obama campaign teams.

NGP VAN’s technology solutions have helped revolutionize:

  1. CRM data management

Proper data management is very crucial to the success of a campaign. Through the course of the campaign, it is apparent that one is going to interact with supporters that are interested in receiving email updates from their team. Having good and well-organized records of these emails is very important. Collection of supports emails is an ongoing process which starts on campaigns’ launch day to the end of the campaign period. NGP VAN offers you the Digital 8 CRM management tool to smoothen out this tedious process for your campaign team. Here you can directly copy your My Campaign VAN database to Digital 8 database. With this powerful tool in your hands, online actions and targeted emails are fully covered for you.

  1. Seamless integration with mobile campaign platforms

Mobile phones are still the most common gadgets around the globe. Having a mobile-based approach as part of your campaigns will surely win you hearts and minds. The best place to start this is SMS. It is essential that you have an SMS number through which you can receive and send SMS updates. An SMS is much more effective than email because of its accessibility. NGP VAN campaign technology offers seamless integration with some of the most popular mobile tools like Hustle and Revere Mobile.

Phone calls are also a big part of campaigns, and NPG VAN technology offers propriety call management ability. You can as well interact with your donors and supporters through calls.

  1. Proprietary integration with Facebook Ad Manager

Social media and especially Facebook is a big part of campaigns thanks to its numerous users. The NGP campaign technology seamlessly integrates with your Facebook Ad Manager giving you more ability to grow and reach your supporters.

NGP VAN leadership

Stu Trevelyan founded this firm in 1997. Stu is also its current Cheif Executive Officer. The firm also has competent leaders such as Michell Stephenson who is the current CRO, Amanda Coulumbe who is the General Manager, Organizing and John Lee who is the CTO.