Sparks of Change

Timber Creek Capital, LLC is a private equity firm that was founded by Marc Sparks. Through Timber Creek Capital, Sparks has sought to provide an environment where start ups and entrepreneurs can come and grow their business under the advice and guidance of the expertise of the Timber Creek Capital Team. In order to make this business model more effective, Sparks recently had the whole office space of Timber Creek Capital relocated and redesigned.

As Sparks explained in a PR Newswire article, “[S]tarting a business begins with building a business model and acquiring the resources to ensure success”. Being a serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks has had years of experience learning what it takes to succeed in this increasingly globalized and competitive market of entrepreneurship. He knows that a work environment that is conducive to strong output and collaboration between employees is one of the key components to any successful business.

This was the idea behind the most recent relocation and redesign of his Timber Creek Capital space. Spark’s cites his experience in the entrepreneurial world as the reason Timber Creek Capital is so well equipped to help aspiring businesses to get their start in the right direction to success.

They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” is Marc Spark’s first book which outlines his unorthodox path to the top of business. In “They Can’t Eat You”, Spark’s recounts the experiences he had going from a C+ average student and only a high school graduate to becoming an incredibly successful serial entrepreneur.

In fact, in Spark’s also chronicles how he lost it all only to have to start over again, yet proving that he has what it takes to stay at the top. Spark’s also shares his “50 Sparks” of wisdom to offer readers advice and lessons he has learned on the way to the top in hopes that they too can use them for their own path to success.

Despite Spark’s continuous success in business, he takes time and money to invest into philanthropic endeavors as well. In fact, Spark’s has his own philanthropic drive that goes by the name of Sparkey’s Kids. The program is based in Spark’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.

The mission of the Sparkey’s Kids program is to provide laptops to financially disadvantaged youth. The program’s mission is to allow these children access to knowledge and education via the internet even if they can’t afford it. Since it’s inception, Sparky’s Kids has donated hundreds of computers and continue to do so in the future.