Free Calls in Flooded Areas

The southern portion of the United States has been facing more than their fair share of hardships over recent years. The most recent has been the severe flooding that has been forcing a deeply negative impact on southerners and their pockets. A seemingly countless line of storms have dumped an enormous amount of rain causing flooding in areas that were already suffering from poverty, leaving them completely stricken with poverty. Watch more on


One of the largest companies to recently make a generous contribution to help ease the financial hardships of those that have been affected by the flooding is Securus Technologies, a communications and prison supply company that is based out of Dallas Texas.


An article was recently published by the writers for PRN Newswire discussing the surprise donations of free phone calls from Securus Technologies to prisoners that currently live in one of the more than 3,400 different facilities that they contract with. The CEO issued a statement saying that the company will be allowing each of the prisoners to make a single free phone call every day until September 7th, so that they will be able to stay in touch with their loved ones during this difficult time.


Although the article says it outright, it is clear by the announcement of this more than generous donation, that the CEO Rick Smith and the company as a whole understand that providing high quality communications and support to prison inmates and their families is a very important part of the overall culture and success of prisons and detention facilities. The company has estimated that the overall value of the free calls will reach $350,000.


IAP Worldwide: Distinctive High-Tech Operations Unlike Any Other in Way of Airfield Operations

IAP Worldwide is unlike any other highly sophisticated high-tech organization. IAP makes relative use of its vast resources, expert personnel and highly sophisticated, technology in order to provide its customers with solutions that easily resolve some of the more complicated issues, with regard to governmental projects and projects within the public and private sectors. It does not matter whether an area is located in one of the most remotest places on earth, or the need is within a war-torn region, or in an area where a great deal of natural devastation has occurred: whatever the challenge–the expert personnel, along with their highly sophisticated technologies, at IAP, are willing to rise to the occasion. The text that follows, next, involves the Air Services component of the well-reputed, IAP, organization

IAP is quite capable of providing its client with impressive, reliable services as it applies to that of air operations and maintenance facilities. In example, IAP Worldwide was involved in the re-construction of the highly ravaged air traffic control system in Afghanistan. The organization, too, has quite handily, managed a vast range of operations pertinent to airbases within Asia and the Mid-East.

IAP is motivated by demonstrating to its client, its expertise, knowledge, and highly refined and sophisticated technologies, which summarily translates to high-end performance. IAP easily meets the most challenging situations with respect to the aviation requirements of the military and its civilian client population.

The Necessity of Airfield Engineering Cannot be Underscored Enough when the Need Arises: One subject, IAP addresses well, is that of airfield engineering. Places which are quite remote; and nearly untouched, many times, require a tie-in to other parts of the world. IAP is capable of providing a remote region with an airfield, that is wholly operational, within a very brief period of time, when it is the client requests it–and, within the precise location where the airfield is required.

Operative Efforts and Relative Management Provided by IAP Worldwdie in Way of the Airfield is Superior: The airfield, it is correct to state, is a very complex establishment. It is comprised of various experts and personnel teams. The personnel at IAP assures that the scope of its engagement, as it pertains to operations and management of the airfield is addressed–completely. In example, IAP makes it a point to provide its customer with features such as the planning of flights, maintaining electronics, providing operations of the work areas, issuing the necessary security to the venue, handling operations with respect to the air terminal; taking care of ground activities, and providing de-icing capabilities as it applies to the aircraft. Material, for the aircraft, and support, is naturally provided by the high-tech team, at IAP, on a 24 hours per day, seven day a week basis.

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Safety and Fire Management Offered by IAP is Highly Reliable: The expert personnel at IAP, know full well, the importance of safety on the airfield. Proper safety control provides prevention of fatalities; and preserves life. The organization provides protection to its clients by way of providing proper firefighting equipment and personnel, a medical crew in case of possible air disasters, and other necessary rescue operations and services. The experts at IAP, as well, provide the client with weather forecasts, in real-time. The company assures that a great deal of careful, secure monitoring goes into its observation of aircraft landing and taking off from the airfield.

IAP Assures its Customer with Expert Air Traffic Control Operations: The staff at IAP properly plans, provides its customer with equipment installation, and then maintains all of it, making use of communication devices and navigational tools, in assuring that aircraft is guided safely and securely, to the ground. Some examples of highly-sophisticated items, used within the preceding scenario, include terminal radar approach controls, known by the acronym of TRACONs. IAP, additionally, assures that an expert ground crew is put in place at the airfield. The experts at IAP, as well, include extremely small aperture transmission networks as part of the setup.

The preceding service is just one of many substantial high-tech services offered by IAP. The high-tech organization make use of its vast resources, highly-trained and knowledgeable personnel to provide its client base of private and public clients, and governmental venues with sophisticated technology and solutions that are nearly unrivaled within the industry. There is no challenge that is too complicated for IAP to resolve; and ideally and realistically, to the complete satisfaction of the client. Whether it is necessary to quickly construct a research facility in a remote location, an airfield, in the middle of nowhere, or provide support and provisions for a military campaign, conducted overseas: the experts at IAP are capable and ready to rise to the challenge and resolve their individual customer’s issues.


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Dez Perez Is Pushing Tidal To The Top


These days, music streaming sites are an everyday part of life. It doesn’t matter how young or old, it seems that everyone has a music streaming subscription with one or several sites. If you have Internet, and a mobile device you use music streaming. Streaming is intuitive, fun and easy 24/7 entertainment, it also is a huge money maker. Lately, Jay Z has been getting tons of press as the owner of the music streaming service Tidal, the streaming site that has a mission to connect artists with music lovers like no site has ever done.

Tidal has had a very rocky start trying to solidify it’s spot with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, and even with it’s success Tidal is still struggling to stay afloat. Apparently things have not panned out exactly as Jay Z had hoped, and Tidal is even having issues paying artist Royalties on time. There is talk of Tidal possibly looking to team up with Samsung in an attempt to save the service and with the current business relationship between Tidal, Jay Z and Roc Nation it seems like a win win.

On the bright side, Jay Z has a reliable business negotiator that is ready to stack the cards forever in his favor, and that would be Des Perez. While many don’t get the pleasure of knowing what goes on behind the scenes, and the players that make it all happen, Des Perez is a power player, and a fearless business woman when it comes to making deals that change lives.

Des is the mastermind behind the surprise Beyonce Formation stadium tour deal, and the success of Tidal due to the exclusive album releases of Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna. One thing Dez knows is how to make music lovers want to buy music again, and these days it’s all about having it first.

While there is no sure word on the next move for Tidal in the future, or it’s plans to sell or merge, if Des Perez is in the boardroom, the deals will be a success and Tidal will be in the music streaming driver’s seat.

Rocking It Out For Autism Awareness

A couple from Dubai is trying to raise awareness worldwide about autism. Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark are the proud founders of Autism Rocks, which launched in 2014. The festival consist of live performances from artist all over, as well as charity donations, fun games, barbeque and family activities.This years festival included performances from U.S. artist Tyga and Flo Rida who were asked to come because of their ability to appeal to a younger crowd. Usha and Sanjay were inspired to create Autism Rocks by their autistic son Nikhil. The couple says that while they appreciate all of the support offered through several organizations, but felt the need to bring more awareness to the condition as well as raise more money toward autism research and treatment. They would like to see more research into the causes of such conditions, and ways to treat and prevent them.Sanjay has invested millions of dollars in events to help raise awareness Since its launch, Autism Rocks has raised more than £600,000 towards autism research.

Sanjay Shah is a British Businessman and the CEO and co-founder of Autism Rocks. He was born in 1970 and raised in London in a close knit, financially-well-off family. Shah attended medical school at King’s College, but during his study he realized that his heart was not in medicine. After taking a position at Merrill Lynch, Shah quickly learned that the typical office job wasn’t so much his style either. Rahter than take another position with a different company, he decided to start his own. Solo Capital is a well off and established international financial service company.

After sponsoring children in India for over a decade, Shah began to wonder what more he could do to help kids in need. When his son Nikhil was born, he got his motivation. The love Shah has for his son, and children worldwide affected by the same condition fuels his desire to find better treatment.


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Philip N. Diehl Chats About Gold at EPN

A host of big names in the world of finance are buying gold. Worries about global currencies have definitely moved many into putting their dollars into the precious metal. Those who are not followers of the gold market may be wondering why gold continues to be a popular investment vehicle. Read more: Why Buy Gold and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

The current conditions that existed now were in place decades before. In prior times, gold investing ran hot and cold with buyers. For the past 15 years, gold has been hot and hotter with buyers. EPN spoke with U.S. Money Reserve’s President Philip N. Diehl about gold buying. He had a lot to say about gold and his own career.

U.S. Money Reserve is a top seller of gold coins. The company distributes its coins to buyers all over the globe. Under Diehl’s leadership, the profile of the company has been raised. As a former Director of the U.S. Mint, Diehl does garner media attention. In his podcast interview, he shed light on the current super-high interest in gold buying.

Diehl suggests gold is a preferred option to those who worry about monetary policy. The Federal Reserve in the United States doesn’t have a clear monetary policy, which has worried scores of investors. Bulking up a portfolio with gold is one way to address the situation.

Also, when movers and shakers in the world choose to take a certain path, others follow. If a world-famous investor or hedge fund manager is buying up a lot of gold, people take notice. They also duplicate the steps.

During the interview, Diehl does cover a few other points related to gold investing. Interestingly, he gives several credible reasons why gold coins are better options than bars and bullion. U.S. Money Reserve mainly deals in U.S. government-backed coins.

The podcast also includes some background information on Diehl’s career. He spends time discussing the necessity for good leadership and customer service, traits he developed while running the U.S. Mint. Those traits are guiding the way U.S. Money Reserve operates, a good thing for both customers and employees.

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The Best Part Of Investing With Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital

I knew that I had a lot of options for investing when I decided to put my money into the markets, but I had no idea if I was going to be able to understand them. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

That is where Stephen Murray comes into play, and his whole team at CCMP Capital was really great to us.
I did not know all the specifics, but I did talk to him personally about it before we started.

I got a call one day that he had died, and that made me feel bad because I never got a chance to really get involved in what he was doing. I waited with the rest of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital before they could trade again, and then I was all in on the mutual fund.

It made me feel really good to be involved with something that people on Wall Street were excited about, and we started making money right away. I know that Stephen Murray is not around to see the success, but I think that he has done marvelous work.

His team was all trained to make the best decisions for all of us clients, and they kept in touch with me as much as they could. I never felt left out, and I have learned a lot about the fund as it has gone along.

I am a much better investor because of Stephen Murray, and I know that CCMP Capital will always have my back. I have no reason to go anywhere with my business, and I have learned that I am stable with just a few investments at CCMP Capital.

The Midas Legacy and Self-Improvement

The Midas Legacy is a firm that specializes in research services relating to wealth management. It’s located in Winter Garden, Florida. People who are looking for ways to increase their luck in life often depend on The Midas Legacy’s advisory assistance. Investors looking for financial management suggestions regularly depend on The Midas Legacy’s wisdom. People who want to perhaps open their own businesses someday often depend on The Midas Legacy’s guidance as well. The Midas Legacy doesn’t solely concentrate on giving out financial guidance to others, however. The company also aims to help people who want to improve themselves. It even aims to assist people who are searching for natural methods that can help them recover from medical ailments.

The staff at The Midas Legacy includes Jim Samson, Sean Bower and Mark Edwards. These professionals are the company’s publisher, chief editor and natural health expert respectively. Samson, first and foremost, is a seasoned real estate professional, entrepreneur and trader. His expertise has even been mentioned by The International Business Times. Bower, secondly, is both a journalist and a financial guru. His knowledge has also appeared in The International Business Times. It’s been in Yahoo! Finance and Nikkei from Japan as well. Edwards, lastly, takes care of health matters at The Midas Legacy. He’s the firm’s top health specialist. His goal is to share information about natural cures. It’s also to give people insight regarding typical foods and things about them that may not exactly be pleasant health-wise. Samson pens the Retirement Calculator, Real Estate Riches and Best Business Blueprints columns for The Midas Legacy.

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The Midas Legacy’s informative columns discuss a broad range of topics. Some of these columns talk in detail about bailouts in foreign nations and things people can do to plan for speedy retirements. Other columns by The Midas Legacy team talk about reliable natural remedies and ways to strengthen real estate skills. The Midas Legacy’s topics are indeed diverse.

People who want to get in contact with The Midas Legacy staff can email them. They can also call the company’s head office in Winter Garden. The Midas Legacy has presences on a handful of well-known social media websites. These sites include Facebook and Twitter. The Midas Legacy strives to help people become exactly who they want to be.

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