George Soros: At the front line of positively transforming the world through charity

George Soros is a man who proves that even the wealthy people have big hearts. The eighty-seven-year-old is an American citizen who traces his roots back to Hungary, and George involvement in almost all areas make him an individual who is well known not only in America but also the world at large. His name is a common sight on political headlines thanks to his contributions against Donald Trump and his team and also is a well-known businessman who has his name tied with preeminent business giants. According to the New York Times, George Soros also owns a long string of businesses in almost all areas of the manufacturing sector to the economy. Nonetheless, it is his philanthropic character which makes him even more known. For instance, according to a recent publication made by Forbes, George Soros recently made an eighteen billion dollar donation to the Open Society Foundation which is a charity organization which he started a few years ago to help him reach parts of the world which he cannot be able to reach on his own. Many people who know him questioned his sanity because the donation took up more than half of his fortune. Also, it made him flop from the being the twentieth richest man in the world of the Forbes list of the world’s most affluent people to being the 59th. Not many people are willing to make such a sacrifice, and according to a news article by the New York Times, some people even went to the extent of claiming he did not make a move out of goodwill instead he did so because it would help him escape taxes. Either way, 90% of us know that Soros did so out of sheer goodwill because he is not a new in the world of philanthropy. We have seen him donate billions to charity and today his charitable donations stand at more than 32 billion dollars.

Soros has helped to positively impact the lives of people who hail from humble backgrounds in all parts of the world. For example, in an interview, Laura Silber who is the chief communication officer of the Open society Foundation Soros has been the driving force behind most of the foundation’s activities. He also went ahead to say that the 18 billion donations will help in making the world a better place for more people who live in apt poverty. According to the Open society website, George Soros has helped more people get justice and equal opportunities with regards to education, job opportunities and access to high-quality health care. However, having his origin from a poor background, we can see why Soros wants to help people so much. For instance being of Jewish descent, Soros had to work hard to survive the Nazi government and also had to work two times extra to get through school. He worked as a railway porter and as a waiter so he could get through college and even equally hard to get through university. Having gone through all these struggles of George Soros doesn’t want others to go through that, and maybe that is why he is always on the front line of donating to charity.

Talkspace: What’s Not To Like?

When someone thinks about the app, Talkspace, there is a lot to like about the company, and there is a reason why they have grown in popularity at such an alarming rate. It is because they have truly special people working for them. They have a group of men and women that are committed to mental health. It is their life and it matters a whole lot to them. When someone has dedicated themselves to helping others, it shows they are someone that is unselfish and looking out for others. They want to make sure everyone has what they need to live a healthy and happy life.

They are not in this for the money and that is one of the greatest things that can be said about the company. After all, if someone wants to text a therapist, the cost is only 32 dollars a month, which is incredibly cheap. I would defy anyone to try and find a cheaper price anywhere else. It just does not exist out there. With Talkspace, they are more interested in helping people with their mental health troubles than they are making money. Of course, they have to make money, but they are not looking to rip people off along the way.

The mental health industry needed a change, and this was the right kind of change to give it a good kick in the pants. It really woke a lot of people up and forced them to rethink the way they treat people and the ways in which they can help out others. Talkspace has proven there is more than one way to help people and they don’t even have to meet them in person. It can be done over the phone and it is still just as effective as doing it in person if not more.

Highland Capital Management: Investing In Natural Resources, Healthcare And Community

Since its creation in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management has grown to a worldwide credit manager. Highland Capital Management is worth $18 million combined with its affiliate companies. The investment company specializes in credit hedge funds, credit solutions and collateralized loan obligations. But Highland Capital Management also offers alternative investment opportunities including emerging markets and natural resources. Read this article at


Under the direction of Chief Investment Officer Michael Gregory, Highland Small Cap Equity Fund saw a 32% return from the S&P 500 Index in 2016. With the fund totaling $55 million in assets, investors are expected to acquire large returns from natural resources by the end of 2017. Although its main headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management also has offices in Singapore, Seoul, New York and Sao Paolo. Recently, Highland Capital Management ventured out into healthcare funds. Aligned with the South Korea National Pension Service as an investor, Highland Capital Management is providing co-investment opportunities in healthcare throughout China, Korea and the United States.


Highland Capital Management expanded its investments by partnering with Stonebridge Capital in Asia. The investment in the healthcare sector in Asia has led to gross earnings of over $1.5 billion in assets for Highland Capital Management and its affiliated companies. While investments continue to increase worldwide, Highland Capital Management also invests in communities and employees. In Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital focuses on community outreach through volunteer work and monetary donations for the Dallas communities. Highland Capital Management and affiliates have donated over $10 million to community and worldwide nonprofit organizations. Visit to know more.

Drew Madden – IT Healthcare Professional Welcomes Advanced Changes To Technology

Healthcare has been advancing quickly throughout the years. There are more people in the world today who need healthcare and it’s becoming quite an epidemic. With the trillions being spent on trying to enhance services and increase regulations, companies are also trying to offer exceptional services that are directed towards the patients. Two companies have been making headlines recently with their new services and opportunities.

Amazon is set to offer pharmacy services in multiple states. While looking further into the report, it was revealed that Amazon’s newly acquired license covered healthcare medical equipment instead of prescription medications. However, it’s likely that Amazon will acquire a pharmacy license in the near future.

While Amazon pursues the healthcare industry further, CVS is looking into purchasing Aetna. Aside from their developing purchase options, CVS is also looking to expand their services by offering a nationwide delivery option for prescriptions that will be a next-day service.

While the competition remains high among most healthcare companies and their developing services, it seems that many have a connection. Each company is looking to move forward with their businesses and develop services that are unique in their own nature. Offering pharmaceutical services would be a natural approach to Amazon’s already popular platform. CVS is directing their approach towards a different avenue where they will provide services related to insurance, routine care visits, and of course pharmacy services. Most of the CVS stores are located in convenient locations suitable for their customers. Looking further into the design model for CVS reveals a company that will have insurance services, prescription drug services, and routine care options through their MinuteClinic operations.

Drew Madden is a healthcare professional specializing in the IT department. He currently works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, one of the leading healthcare IT companies in the country. Madden has many years of experience working in the IT department. He began working for Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. He served as the president until 2016 when he joined Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering where he obtained his Industrial Engineering degree with additional studies in Medical Systems.

Organo Gold: Finding a Healthy Coffee Brand for a Healthy You

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world. While there are studies that show coffee’s bad side, there are some which have brought out the health benefits of drinking coffee. Recent studies conducted by researchers in the US and Europe have revealed that drinking coffee can lead to a longer life. These studies show that coffee drinker have a lower risk of dying as a result of illnesses such as cancer.

While these studies hold some truth in them, it is important to remember that not all types of coffee are healthy for the body. In order to benefit more from coffee, choosing a healthy option is advisable. If you do not know where to begin your search, Organo Gold is a good start. Read the reviews at

Why Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is one of the most popular coffee brands in the world, and for a good reason. The coffee manufactured and sold by the company contains properties of a healthy herb known as Ganoderma. The herb was traditionally used to treat various illnesses in parts of Asia. The Ganoderma plant resembles a mushroom. Some of its benefits include reducing blood pressure, and fighting free radicals that might cause cancer. Watch this video on Youtube.

For anyone who would like to start using Organo Gold products, the company’s website is very resourceful. Not only do they have a wide range of beverages on sale, but they also have various programs for their suppliers and consumers. The Organo Gold community has found its roots in many countries around the world. If you want to be part of the OG community, you can easily do so by joining some of these programs, and marketing networks. To benefit more from coffee products, add the Organo Gold range of coffees to your shopping list today.


Sahm Adrangi: An insightful and remarkable investor

Sahm Adrangi has plied his trade along Wall Street for a good number of years. The current Chief Investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management is among the most consistent people to have worked on Wall Street. In fact, he helped in the preparation of my recent article titled, An Ode to Those Who Wander.

Sahm traded credit at Merrill Lynch’s credit desk during the first three years of his career after working as an intern at the same place. His hard work landed him a position at Longacre as a credit trader. Paulson & Co soon came calling, and he did not turn down the opportunity to work with their credit team. In 2015 he bid farewell to NYC after spending his final three years at Bowery Investment Management.

There is hardly any room for creative thinkers in the hedge fund world according to the former hedge fund credit trader. According to Sahm, an intact core thesis will allow you to buy shares at cheaper rates even if the stock moves against you. Our mutual love for research has informed most of our business ideas.

Longacre gave him an opportunity to brush shoulders with the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi. The eight years of the existence of this firm has seen its worth grow from $ 1 million to $150 million. Other than being actively involved in short selling, Mr. Adrangi has made a name for himself by publishing research papers. The topics range from the business prospects of their firm to the misunderstood overhyped shorts and under-followed longs.

Much of Sahm’s research work focuses on specific sectors including biotechnology; an area that Kerrisdale has invested a lot of its resources. Sahm Adrangi has also taken time to study the telecommunications and mining sector. Sage Therapeutics, Northern Dynasty Minerals, Straight Path Communications and Pulse Biosciences are some of the companies that he has published reports.

The alumnus of Yale University has also become an economic activist influencing the appointment of Morgans Hotel Group back in 2014. Sahm Adrangi has shared much of his knowledge in interviews with Bloomberg and CNBC.


Clay Siegall, CEO and Founder of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of Seattle Genetics. He founded the Seattle-based biotech in 1998. The firm is focused on developing therapeutic drugs for chronic illnesses that have not experienced improvement in mortality for several years. Dr. Clay has grown Seattle from a group of few researchers to a big firm dealing with cancers related sicknesses. He believes that the contributions that are being made by Seattle will replace old cancer treatment methods like systematic chemotherapies.

Dr. Clay Siegall talked about how he has overcome challenges in his profession in an interview. When asked about how he started the business He said that he wanted to bring a better treatment for cancer patients. He witnessed people face brutal medical procedures all to do away with cancer.

Seattle makes a profit by selling their products, ADCETRICS is one of the drugs that they make a lot of sales from. They also make revenue from licensing technologies that they produce and from production partnership. Dr. Clay says that he penetrated the market by bringing to board qualified salespeople who understood the product. The drugs were also high quality, and they didn’t need to spend a lot of time adverting. The business has all along been generating new businesses by negotiating with prospective customers.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay received a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland and proceeded to George Washington University where he received his PH.D. in Genetics. He worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for two years before moving to National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute.

He developed Seattle in 1998. His agenda was to help the patients by carrying out rigorous research and performing scientific innovations. He collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to produce ADCETRIS a drug that has been approved by more than 65 countries.

He serves on Boards of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. He has been honored by several awards with include University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Math, Natural Sciences, and Computer which he received in 2013. Dr. Clay has also developed a working relationship with drug manufacturers such as Genentech, Pfizer, and Bayer among others.

Neurocore Sheds More Light to the Depression Disorder for Public Sensitization

Depression can affect anyone irrespective of their age, social status, or gender. While people who seek treatment may gain full remission from the disorder, many who struggle with it do not bother to seek for help. This may be due to stigma that’s often associated with the disorder and mental health, in general. Read more at about Neurocore.

Experts at Neurocore believe that depression is a serious medical condition, and seeking help is not a personal weakness or an issue that one should shrug off. To help educate the public about the disorder, the following are some of the facts that they need you to know about depression:

Depression Has Varying CauseVaried Signs and SymptomsDepression Has Huge Economic ImpactThe Disorder Can Be TreatedAbout Neurocore

  • Depression Has Varying Causes: while many people have higher risk of developing the disorder after undergoing stressful life events such as divorce, unemployment, death of loved one, or financial problems, there is no one single cause of the disorder.
  • Varied Signs and Symptoms: besides common signs of depression such as feelings of emptiness, irritability, and fatigue among others, there are cases where you may seem to be functioning normally, but actually battling with inner negative thoughts and turmoil. This is called high functioning depression.
  •  Depression Has Huge Economic Impact: being one of the top workplace problems in the United States, approximately $80,000,000,000 is spent annually on the disorder due to associated health care issues and lost productivity.
  • The Disorder Can Be Treated: All forms of depression are treatable through a combination of medical and therapy. However, it can be frustrating to even those who understand it. The most important thing to remember, therefore, is the fact that you are not alone. By leveraging on more exposure and education, the society can work together to put an end to the stigma surrounding the disorder and other health disorders.

Neurocore is a brain performance center focused on helping individuals manage stress and improve their concentration through brain-based assessments and data-driven trainings. Follow Neurocore on

The center utilizes technology to identify their client’s problems or symptoms, and based on the assessments create safe and personalized programs that match the client’s brain map and problems. The company has nine subsidiaries in Florida and Michigan.

Know more:

Greg Secker Talks About The Importance Of Forex Trading

Greg Secker believes the time for investors to begin trading on the foreign exchange market is now. According to the financial expert, there are numerous reasons why one should join forex trading. First, with stagnating wage growth, there is need for one to look for additional income generating avenues. Forex trading provides one of the best opportunities for such needs. Secondly, the skyrocketing inflation rates across the globe are continuously reducing people’s spending power. For individuals to continue enjoying a lifestyle that is equivalent to the one that they are living presently, they must increase their incomes. Lastly, increasing interests rates have made loans too expensive to use as a source of money, whether for starting a business or personal needs.

Many people are reluctant to join forex trading since they believe that one needs a mathematical mind to succeed in the business. Although there are graphs that help one to make strategic trades, experts have developed software to help individuals who are not good with graphs and curves. The software tells one when to buy or sell given currencies.

Forex trading has several advantages. First, it is an easy to start business. Most brokers allow one to begin trading with as little as $250. This makes the option accessible to loads of people. Secondly, new traders can practice with demo accounts. These demo accounts enables people to comprehend how to trade without risking their hard-earned cash. Thirdly, provided that one has a trading account, he or she can make trades anywhere and anytime. All one needs is a device connected to the internet such as a Smartphone, tablet or computer. Lastly, unlike stocks where one can make money only when the market is moving up, forex trading provides a flexible system where a trader can make money both from rising and falling market.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a forex trader, financial expert and a shrewd entrepreneur. Secker is a popular name in the world of forex trading. He is credited for creating the world’s first web-based real time forex trading platform.

Secker was brought up in Norfolk, England. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and food science at the University of Nottingham. The forex trading expert began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the company, he learned about trading foreign currencies. He managed to combine his trading expertise with his software development skills to create Virtual Trading Desk. Presently, he manages his company, Learn to Trade. The company is the creator of SmartCharts software.

Wikipedia defines Equities First Holding

There are so many margin loans out there that offer high-interest rates, and they are hard to pay back. Equities First Holdings ahave a different approach. According to Wikipedia, they have figured out a new and innovative way to provide fixed interest rates on the loans they offer. Equities First Holdings can use business stocks as collateral! This is great news because all businesses have a stock value. This way everybody wins. They use a more distinctive funding method. This is why they have been able to complete over 600 transactions since they started this privately owned company in 2002.